Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


68. Survie Versus Zanto.

Survie would run alone through the forest. No one would follow him:
"This...seem was like at least one follow everyone or something. Why am i alone?" Survie said as he slowly began to walk having his mace ready:
"You not alone." A voice would echo though the part of the forest he was in:
"Who is there?" Survie said as he took a good grip of his mace. He would look around and began to walk slowly:
"I know you here!" Survie said. As he would hold his mace up:
"I do!" The voice echo once again. A spear came flying with unnatural power. Survie just dodge it and look where it hit. His eyes widen as the spear had cleave the tree in two and continue into the forest:
"Show yourself!" Survie shouted. Something move in the trees as a silhouette would jump over him and into the part of the forest the spear was in. Survie follow the silhouette movement:
"Who are you?" Survie said as he ready his mace:
"The guardian of the oasis." The voice replied as the man jump forward and kicked Survie back. Survie hit up the tree he look up and just barely got to move before the spear came flying again. Survie move up his mace and block the spear. The spear flew back and someone grab it. The silhouette ran into the woods again unseen. Survie got up:
"Guardian of the forest huh? You one of the Red sun?" Survie asked:
"Red sun...No...As i said. Im the guardian." The voice said as a wave of arrows came flying. Survie dash around the tree and hide behind it. He would hear the tree get pierced by the arrows:
"You hide like a coward. Face me!" The voice said as Survie could hear running footsteps. Survie dash around the tree and swung his mace. The silhouette would jump and place his foot on the mace and jump up. He would plant his other foot on the back of Survie and push him into the ground. Survie fast got up:
"So coward have spine to face me...I see...This will be honorable battle." The voice said. Survie got up:
"First honorable when you show you" Survie said. The man could be heard laughing:
"That prize...No one seen Zantos face. You must earn it." The voice said. Survie took a good hold of his mace and prepare for the next attack:
"Then i will." Survie said as he look towards the woods he last saw Zanto. Silence would fall down over the woods. The only thing there broke the silence was the small sound of fighting around the woods. Something would move in the bush as the silhouette came running from the bush. Survie swung his mace once again. The man would go low and slide under Survie. Survie would get tackle and fall down. The silhouette would push himself off the ground and be above Survie. He would force his foot down into Survie smashing Survie body first into the ground making small crack in the ground. The silhouette would jump into the bushes again. Survie would slowly get up:
"Ah....What...a blow." Survie said looking around:
"You swing with might...but no speed." The voice said. Survie breath out as he look around:
"Shut up..." Survie said with anger in his voice. Survie would slowly breath and look towards the bush he ran from. Zanto would dash from behind Survie. Survie would turn around fast and this time swing his mace. Zanto would widen his eyes and smile. He would raise his palm and push the mace hardly back. The mace stick would get forced to hit Survie chest. Survie would grunt in pain. Zanto would jump and kick Survie with his foot. The foot would hit Survie face and shot him into the ground:
"You nearly got me..." Zanto said. Zanto would stand up from his crouch and look at Survie. Survie look up and saw the warrior. Zanto would have bare body and dark green painting all over it. Zanto hair would be green and long. His eyes would look with happiness at Survie. There was paint on around his eyes. All of the paint was dark green. He would have skin pants on. There was fur on it and chains hanging from it twisted around his legs. He would have a giant bow on his back and a spear on his hand. His skin pants would have many weapons knifes and blow dart shooter. A bag with something it at his side. Survie got up and smiled:
"Finally you show yourself." Survie said. Zanto smiled:
"I am Zanto guardian of forest. Only man of my race." Said Zanto as he smiled:
"You earn to see my face. But who say you gonna survive to tell the tale." Zanto said grabbing to his spear. Survie grab his mace. Zanto charge forward his speed was amazing. Survie swung his mace. Zanto jump up and stood perfectly on the mace head. Survie eyes widen as he saw the smile on Zanto face:
"Primal powers....Hunter." Zanto said. As he kick Survie in the head and Survie fell backwards. Zanto would not rest and move forward trying to impale Survie:
"No!" Survie shouted as he would see Zanto. Zanto would not hesitate and impale Survie to a tree:
"There two kinda men in this world....The hunter...and the prey." Zanto said as Survie would cough up blood looking at Zanto:
"Well...You hunted me from the start i left my friends." Survie said. Zanto laughed a bit as he twisted the spear:
"Yes...You been my pray all along." Zanto said with a smile:
"Why doe...Why me?" Survie asked with a smile back:
" are a survivalist. You love survival. You keep you friends alive...Food...Supplies. Without you...They will die....This is a wilderness...And you are my prey." Zanto said. Survie grab the spear to stop him from twisting it:
"You are truly a hunter...You like a tribal hunter from...the real world...but you not human...I don't know what you are...but you more like a demon then a man." Survie said coughing up blood. Survie said:
" me demon in my own woods." Zanto said as he push the spear more in. The sound of wood slicing over flesh would be heard. Survie would shiver more and more as he could see his procent fall quick:
" me...Furov..." Survie said low:
"Begging for help....How cowardly....You have no SPINE!" Zanto say as he twist the spear quick making Survie scream in pain. Zanto would look up:
"No...I can hear my forest....crashing." Zanto said as the earth began to rumble a voice would be heard:
"World shatter!" The earth under them would crumble and fall. Earth would fall and smash down all around them. Everything would turn dark.

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