Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


78. Salthemor versus Skyswiper.

Salthemor would jump from tree to tree with Skyswiper after him. Skyswiper would begin to talk: "Why you running boy!" Skyswiper said with a laugh: "I don't run i just get you far enough way from the others so i can go all out and kill you fast." Salthemor answered: "That the spirit boy i nearly sad that i need to kill you." Skyswiper answered with a laugh: "Lets begin then." Salthemor said as he jump at Skyswiper and they blades collided. The two of them would trade blows fast. Both of them was inhumanly fast. Salthemor would sometimes use a opening and cut him and he would sometimes use a opening and cut Salthemor both of give it their all. Suddenly would Skyswiper smile:
"Take this!" Skyswiper rocket leg would hit Salthemor with rocket boosted power so he would fall down into the ground:
"Ouch.." Salthemor said and wiped some blood off his face:
"Seems like you not that fast huh!" Skyswiper laughed. Salthemor teleport fast up to him with his speed grab his shoulder with his hookblade and threw him into the ground hard. Skyswiper would get up and wipe the blood off his shoulders:
"Maybe im not that fast. But you slower then me." Salthemor said. Skyswiper laughed:
"good one boy!" Skyswiper shouted before flying up with a lot of speed. Salthemor and Skyswiper would begin to trade blows once again. The two of them would be fast and parry each other attack not letting one thing trough. Skyswiper would try the leg thing again. Salthemor would grab his leg and hold on to it. He would then jump up and try to set the hook into his shoulder but Skyswiper would fly away. Salthemor would fall to the ground but he would grab a branch and land safe on the earth. They looked at each other. Skyswiper laughed as he looked at Salthemor:
"Well seems like we both quiet fast." Skyswiper said with a evil smile. Salthemor grab his hookblade and twisted his hand so it would whirl around the air:
"Well are we gonna talk or are we gonna fight." Salthemor said as he ran up a tree jump from it and began to trade blows with Skyswiper once again. Salthemor would smile and begin to whirl his blade around in the air:
"Now lets see how fast you can react." Salthemor said as he began to spin both blades around:
"Whirlwind blades!" Salthemor shouted as the blades would hit Skyswiper axe and make sparks fly out to every side. Salthemor would place his foot on Skyswiper stomach:
"Die.." Salthemor said as he twisted his hold body around. Kick Skyswiper right arm again and hit the two blades right into his upper body. The blades whirl would keep going drilling into his flesh and after a few seconds would he shot Skyswiper into the ground. Salthemor landed on a branch and stop spinning his blades. He looked down at the dust cloud. Salthemor grab his hat and place it down on the branch as he let a hand slide through his hair. He would grab to his green stribe and smile. He then took his hat back on and focus his gaze on the dust cloud again. Skyswiper would get up blood flowing from his wound:
"Damn...That was a nice trick." Skyswiper said with a smile. Salthemor grab a tight grib on his blade and sighed softly. Skyswiper smiled as he twisted his shoulder:
"Now lets see how you survive this." Skyswiper said as he threw the axe on the ground and lean down. He took of his shoes and open his inventory. He summon a new pair of shoes. These shoes would have sharp blades on them. He put on the shoes and smiled as he would look up at him:
"Ready?" He asked softly. Salthemor gave a small nod. Skyswiper torpedoed up towards Salthemor and swung his feet with inhuman power and speed. Salthemor nearly didn't have time to act. He would keep swinging his legs with amazing speed at Salthemor. Salthemor would try to dodge all but sometimes would he get small cuts on his upper body. Salthemor would try to parry with his blades but the force of his feet would smash the blade to the side. Salthemor would just barely dodge and jump down from the trees. But before he could even react would Skyswiper already begin to kick after him again. Salthemor would keep dodging:
"I need to find a opening something...Just something." Salthemor though to himself. Skyswiper laughed manically as he twisted his hold body and slam his foot down into the ground. Salthemor jump back in the last second as the earth under his foot would shatter and shot out to all sides. Salthemor would get hit by the stones as he would get off balance. When he finally get up he would get a rocket power blade leg into his stomach. Salthemor eyes would widen as blood would leave his stomach and mouth and he would fly back. Salthemor would grab to his stomach in pain. Skyswiper would remove the blood from his foot by tarring his foot through the ground. Salthemor slowly get up as he took a good grib of his blade. The blood would stream from Skyswiper shoulder and Salthemor stomach. They looked at each other with a calm look:
"You have a good speed." Skyswiper said:
"You have a good kick." Salthemor said. They kept their eyes on each other. They charge at each other and began to fight again. Salthemor regret it as soon as he got close as the Red sun would swing his legs once again. Salthemor would keep dodging. Skyswiper would laugh and twist his body around and launch his foot down into the ground again. Salthemor would smash all the rocks and jump forward grabbing Skyswiper by the neck with the hook and launch his head into the ground. Skyswiper would grunt in pain and get up fast smashing his foot into Salthemor back. The blade would cut right into his bones and the power of the kick would shatter the bone a bit as Salthemor flew forward and into a tree face first. Salthemor cough up blood up and get up once again. Skyswiper would levitate slowly above ground as he smiled:
"You fast Salthemor but not fast enough." Salthemor place his hookblades on his back and look at him:
"Give me a second." Salthemor said as he took off hit hat and place it with his hookblades at a tree. He smooth his vest out and remove som blood from it:
"Im tired of playing around." Salthemor said as he tighten his fist and look at Skyswiper:
"And what you gonna do. Just die?" Skyswiper said with a laugh:
"No...Im gonna kill you." Salthemor said as he his his knuckles together and shouted:
"Hirikari!" Salthemor arms would begin to glow as both his arms got the runes and claws. the red orb chain twisted around his arms as he looked up both eyes pure darkness and he now got some small fangs instead of teeth. His hair would turn from brown to black and his green line would light up in a green flame:
"Hirikari...10%" Salthemor said with a dark voice as his red eye lock on Skyswiper. Skyswiper took a step back a bit scared:
"What...are you?" Skyswiper asked scared:
"You nightmare...and you death." Salthemor answer and charge forward. He began to swing his arms at Skyswiper. Skyswiper would launch backwards and try to dodge the claws. He swung his bladed leg at Salthemor but Salthemor would parry it with his arm. The power in Salthemor arm would be as powerful at the rocket leg maybe even stronger. Skyswiper eyes widen as he looked at Salthemor:
"Your...arm..." Skyswiper only got to say before Salthemor launch his foot back and jump up setting the claws into the skin of Skyswiper. Skyswiper would scream in pain. The orb would glow as the small holes in Skyswiper chest would light on green fire:
"Die!" Salthemor said as he would kick him into the ground. Salthemor jump back and hold his hand up into the air:
"Demon flame!" Salthemor shouted as a green flame would burn right into Skyswiper body. Skyswiper would scream as he got up:
"Enough!" Skyswiper said as he drank a potion of healing and looked at Salthemor:
"Your a demon but not even a demon can withstand the power of a impact." Skyswiper said as he took of the shoes and grab a new one in his bag. This one look identical other then the small layer of black metal around the end:
"This is gonna kill you. This is a nerve impact. This one hit directly at the nerves and bones. Killing in one hit." Skyswiper said as he charge forward swung his leg and shouted:
"Nerve impact!" The blade hit Salthemor said and a big sound would echo over the forest. Alexn and Mirrei would run towards the sound:
"Come on Salthemor survive..." Mirrei said. Alexn nodded and they kept running. They ran into the field of battle a giant bubble of steam would cover the area. When it finally vanish would Salthemor lie on the ground in blood and Skyswiper would laugh:
"Seems like i won." Skyswiper said as he turned his attention to Alexn and Mirrei:
"What do we have here. Two other players. Die!" Skyswiper said as he flew towards them fast and swung his blade towards them. In the moment he was about to hit it. Came Salthemor in front of them and grabbed their blade with his hand:
"Nerve impact." Again a giant cloud of steam but Salthemor would still stand:
" die." Salthemor said as he crush the metal and pierce through Skyswiper heart with his hand:
"Ahh.." Skyswiper coughed up blood and looked at Salthemor. They eyes meet Salthemor eyes was pure red:
"You dare to attack my friends...Then your dead." Salthemor said as the orbs would begin to glow and green flames would start inside the hole in his chest. Skyswiper would scream in pain as Salthemor slowly twisted his hand around. The blood would slowly go down his hand as he looked right into Skyswiper eyes. The orb would glow more as The flame would start on his hold body. The screams slowly vanish as the man would fall to the ground dead. Salthemor would turn around and  look at Alexn and Mirrei. Salthemor more demon then man right now. Salthemor smiled:
"You safe..." Salthemor said and fell to the ground.

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