Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


64. Salthemor and Mirrei

Salthemor would wake up. He would look around it would still be dark. He have had some sleeping problems the last time. He would walk down and grab a cup of tea. He drank it slowly looking outside into the dark. It was scary that it was Oktavius Zandro who was the blood drinker. Salthemor would sigh at the though of his name. The name was well known though out the cross bane because of what Zandro had done. He had killed Mirrei mom in front of her eyes. After that Mirrei went into depression and more. She would not talk or do anything only flee into her fantasy until she found the video game world where she could hide. Where she was strong and where she finally could become a new person. She was always alone didn't like to play with others only play with herself but that all change when she met us. Its a strange past but it is ours. Salthemor would look up and see Yuki come down rubbing her eyes:
"huh...You already up?" Yuki said. Salthemor nodded and finished his drink. Yuki sat down and look at him:
"What was it about. Why did you know Oktavius Zandro?" Yuki ask. Salthemor would sigh:
"Well for a few months ago i met Mirrei for the first time." Salthemor said.


It was a afternoon and the friends was playing the old game where Salthemor met Lothrilla. Salthemor and the gang would just come home from a raid and they would laugh:
"That was really amazing Salthemor. You really did good commanding us!" Lothar shouted happy:
"Yeah im happy i join you dude. Its really amazing." Alexn said happy. Salthemor laughed a bit:
"Don't worry guys. As long as we work together we can do everything." Said Greyben. Salthemor would look around town enjoying the nature of the virtual world. Salthemor would look towards some houses as a girl with blond hair would look sad. Her gear durability would be low and her sword nearly broken. Salthemor stop and walked up to her:
"Are you okay?" Salthemor asked. The girl looked up without saying a word she stood up and walked away. Salthemor looked at her leave. Lothrilla walked up to him:
"Why did she leave?" Lothrilla asked. Salthemor shrug his shoulder and kept walking. The next day it would happen again. Around four o' clock would Salthemor and his friends come walking now the girl would have less armor as some of it would be broken she would look even more sad hiding her face behind her hands. Salthemor once again walked up to her:
"Now tell me whats wrong?" She looked at him. Her mouth would open but no words come out. She quickly close her mouth and ran away. Salthemor sighed as he would smile a bit:
"Why smile shes crying!" Greyben would shout. Salthemor would look at him:
"Its nothing." Salthemor said leaving. The friends would follow him. Next day Salthemor would not hesitate to walk up to the girl. The gear was all broken her sword turn to dust. She was just sitting lost in her lose. Salthemor smiled and sat down next to her. She look at him:
"You doing the fifth raid on the seventh floor. You stuck there because you work alone. You don't trust any around here do you?" Salthemor asked. The blond girl eyes widen:
"Wh-what?" She asked. Salthemor nodded:
"All you done the last three days is look at me. You might think i didn't see the sign for help. But im here." Salthemor said. The girl sighed:
"Just leave me alone." She said softly. Salthemor would smile and look at her:
"Its because your not meant to fight." Salthemor said. The girl eyes widen:
"You meant to heal. You can't fight. Grab a staff and a book and use healing." Salthemor said:
"What do you know!" The girl screamed. Salthemor sigh:
"More then you do." Salthemor said leaving. The girl would sigh and then get up:
"Why mean when you try to help me?!" The girl screamed:
"Who do you think you are to lecture me!" The girl screamed after. Salthemor smiled:
"Who i am? Im Salthemor the dark flash. Top tier player of this game." Salthemor said. The girl eyes widen:
"Who are you?" Salthemor asked. The girl eyes was tearing up:
"Im Mirrei...." The girl said. Salthemor look at her:
"So when you ready to pick up a book and staff. I will help." Salthemor said before leaving with his friends. Mirrei would look at them leave. Salthemor next day would come walking alone this time. Mirrei would get up draw her new sword and look at Salthemor:
"I challenge you to a duel!" Mirrei shouted. Salthemor look at her:
"Don't do it...You won't like a fight you can't win." Salthemor said. Mirrei sighed and still press the duel button. Salthemor press accept and look at her:
"Fine then." The timer countdown was begun and then:
"Fight!" The game said as Mirrei charge to Salthemor swinging her blade wildly. Salthemor would slowly step from side to side dodging every swing. Mirrei would be more and more mad as she swing with more and more power:
"Just get hit!" She scream out. Salthemor use his palm to push her back. She sighed in rage and took a hold of her sword again. Salthemor would look at her. The other Cross bane would come around and look at it. Mirrei would keep in anger swing her blade at Salthemor. Salthemor would keep dodging:
"Why do you fight?" Salthemor ask:
"Because i want to grow strong!" Mirrei shouted:
"Why do you want to grow strong?" Salthemor asked. Mirrei would keep shouting in anger:
"Why do you wanna know!" Mirrei shout. Salthemor break her blade with one swipe of his hook blade:
"Because you seek power in sadness not in happiness?" Mirrei eyes widen in fear as she see the power Salthemor wield. She fall down to her knees breaking into tears. Salthemor place his hook blade back on his back and begin to finally walk over to her:
"Now. The dark within you. I know such eyes. You lost someone." Salthemor said. Mirrei would sadly say:
"How can you read me like this. How can you tell it." Mirrei say crying. Salthemor sat down in front of her with a smile:
"Just something i can do girl. Now tell me. Whats wrong." Mirrei broke into fully tears and shout out to him:
"My mom was killed by a serial killer named Oktavius Zandro!" She shout before crying. Salthemor let her hug him before she cried more and more.



"After that she join us and pick up healing." Salthemor said to Yuki. Yuki eyes widen:
"So the serial killer who killed Mirrei mom is in this game as one of the red sun." Yuki says a bit scared. Salthemor nods and look at Yuki:
"Its truly scary but we can't let Mirrei know this for now." Salthemor says before the sun finally rise and the birds could be heard outside.

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