Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


14. Salthemor and Lothrilla

Everyone sat silent. Lothar broke the silence:
"Their name was Sakrador." Salthemor nods:
"High player versus player gamers. They were useless in this world where you advance by doing player versus enemy or us versus the computer." They all sat at the inn. There were now eight players less. Salthemor would stand up and walk upstairs. The other would leave him alone. Yuki walk into the inn:
"Is Salthemor here?" all of them were silent. Lothrilla broke the silence:
"His upstairs. Alone." Yuki headed upstairs. She knock on Salthemor door:
"Salthemor?" No answer. The rules are you can't walk in before you knock and someone say the words "Come in". She knock again:
"Salthemor?" A weak voice says:
"Come in." Yuki opens the door and sees Salthemor sit in bed. His just sitting:
"Are you okay?" Yuki move a bit closer:
"Its at these times.. I think why i made Cross bane and how i meet my friends. Right now i think about how i meet the first member." Answer Salthemor:
"Who was the first member?" asked Yuki and sat down next to him:
"It was all started back four years ago." 


Salthemor was playing a role play game. He was working with a mysterious girl for a mission. Her gamer tag was Lothrilla. Salthemor charge into battle and kill a monster. Lothrilla shot down a demon from the sky with her powerful elite hunter bow. They were fighting demons:
Remember this is only a one time thing!" She scream out to Salthemor who just fought with his two hook blades:
"Sure i don't need anyone else help." Lothrilla sighed:
"Why am i here then?" Ask Lothrilla. Salthemor sighed:
"Im a solo player but to make my item drop i need a powerful hunter with me!" Salthemor answered. The battle was over and they kept going. Salthemor was in legendary items from top to toe. Only his hook blades was normal power. Lothrilla scan his item set:
"You after the legendary hook blades?" Salthemor shake his head and kept walking. They finally got to the boss a giant level nine hundred and eighty five demon. Salthemor prepared his weapon and charge at it:
"Take this you fire scaled monster!" Salthemor hook blades his the demons legendary blade. Lothrilla eyes widen as she saw Salthemor blades could hold to the power of the demons blade. Salthemor twist his hook around the demons and threw the demon blade away:
"Shot now!" Lothrilla shot a arrow at the demon. The pure light arrow melted the demon. Salthemor item drop. Lothrilla read the name out loud:
"Basic cape of the moon?" The item was nothing worth. He grab the cape and took a picture of it and put it into his inventory. Salthemor got hit by something from behind he fell down and landed in the dirt. He look at his health bar:
"Its paralyses!" Lothrilla walk up to Salthemor:
"Sorry kiddo but i need some new items." She began to steal from Salthemor took all his legendary items and look at the hooks:
"They worthless keep the hook and you stupid basic cape." She left Salthemor with nothing left but his hooks and his cape. Later would Salthemor got back to the main city in the game. Everyone laugh at him as he was a level nine hundred with only two basic weapons and a cape. Salthemor saw Lothrilla talk with two guys. He was about to go up to her to fight her up stops as he sees something. The boys laugh take the money out her hand. He could hear them:
"Only one million and two thousand gold left Lothrilla before you free!" Lothrilla sighed:
"Just...give me more time guys." Said Lothrilla. The man laughed:
"No no no. Every week it goes up with a in debt to us!" Said one of the men:
"Now go out there dog!" The man push Lothrilla so she fell down on the ground. One of the man walked away. The other turn around and was about to kick Lothrilla. At a split second would the man legendary gear be broken and his avatar would fall down dead. The other man would charge at him and Salthemor would destroy his weapon then kill his other avatar. Lothrilla looked up and saw Salthemor:
"You!" Lothrilla got scared:
"You killed two legendary wielder with those basic items." Salthemor hold down his hand to help her up:
"Get up..." They sat in a inn a bit after:
"Why did you help me?" Ask Lothrilla. Salthemor smiled and look up:
"I could not let them beat you. Tell me what all that was about." Said Salthemor:
"Well im in a debt. When i started this game i ask for a loan from this guild called "Dark hand" They have a lot of gold and i got so many good items. But now i am in a big debt and they beat me....keep raise the debt and more so i never got free. So they can use me for as long as i play this game. They...hurt to scared to move outside the street. but that's why i to steal from players. So i can repay my debt and finally go free." Lothrilla hand tighten around her glass of water. tears start dropping:
"They...don't only muck me...They muck my little brother." Salthemor eyes widen:
"They know my little brother in game and. Muck him because of me...i just want him to go free." Someone smack up the door into the inn they were resting at:
"Where is she?" The man look at Lothrilla:
"Resting using money. You know its our money right Lothrilla!" The man was about grab her shoulder but Salthemor eye glow as he suddenly was behind the man. The man avatar died. Salthemor leaves the inn. Salthemor open his menu:
"Search player." The menu came up:
"Dark hand." Many players pop up at the side of the map. The map showed there base. Salthemor headed on his way there. He came to a old warehouse in the game. He knocked on there door:
"Who's there?" Salthemor smilled:
"Just a travler a new player like to join." The man open the door. Salthemor headed into the building he was escort up to the top floor where he was put into a room with the leader and the officers of the guild. The leader smilled:
"My name is Dark hand. Whats you name newbie." Salthemor open his menu and spawned one million and two thousand gold:
"This is to pay for the debt Lothrilla is in." The leader got up and look at the guild:
"Who are you!" Salthemor smiled:
"Im Just a player." The leader became angry:
"Guys he got a lot of gold take him!" The officer got up and charge at Salthemor. Salthemor stood still. The officer swung his blade at Salthemor. The moment it hit him it would break:
"Don't mess with me last warning." Said Salthemor. The leader got up:
"What you waiting for take him!" The other officer swung his axe. The axe broke at contact:
"That's it." Salthemor eye glow as he become a flash of darkness the two officers avatars lied death on the ground after a second. The leader grab a microphone. The sound went over the hold city:
"All Dark hand members to base a player in dark cape with two hook blades attack our base!" Lothrilla eyes widen in the inn. She knew who that was. The dark hand leader slowly moved back:
"Stay back!" He was scared:
"Take the money and leave Lothrilla and her little brother alone!" Answer Salthemor. Dark hand clan storm into the building charging at them:
"Just accept the money and i leave." The microphone was still on. Lothrilla began to tear up. She shiver was about to cry. Lothrilla shiver in the inn. Salthemor would slide the money over to him:
"I'm not here to hurt anyone. Im just here because i want her to be free." The leader would take the money:
"Fine double the price and shes free." Salthemor sighed:
"Sure." Lothrilla could here Salthemor acces his inventory and summon more gold:
"We have a deal?" Salthemor said:
"Yes she and her brother free to go." Salthemor sighed:
"Good if i ever see you thugs around her again. I come here myself and ruin you clan." The leader got up:
"Who are you!" Salthemor smiled:
"Im just a player...a flash of darkness." The ledaer look at Salthemor:
"One more question. How can you beat us full legendary gear. With only common gear." Salthemor smiles:
"Im level nine thousand six hundred fifty five. This game have no level cap you stats can keep growing. My common hook sword is double as strong as any you weapons and my Health points is on seven million. Try to touch me and i ruin you clan." Salthemor left the room. All the guards outside was trampling in fear. Salthemor walk down the stairs into the inn in town again. He took of his cape off finally and smiled to Lothrilla:
"You safe now."


"And that's what happen how me and Lothrilla meet and become the first two members of cross bane." Yuki eyes was widen:
"You are a hero Salthemor." Salthemor shake his head and got up:
"No i'm just a player." Salthemor tighten his fist:
"Yesterday i promise all we were gonna leave together. But now a group die maybe because they got to reckless because of my speech. I...killed them." Salthemor grab his head sadly. Yuki would warp her arms around his arm and hug herself into his arm:
"No Salthemor... You gave us hope and as you said it yourself. You need to be prepare to sacrifice your life to let the other survive. You a hero..." Salthemor look at her. She rest up his arm:
"You maybe right." Yuki open her eyes wide as she released his arm looking at him:
"So-sorry!"  She blush and got up leaving. Salthemor smiled to himself:
"Why..." Salthemor said to himself:
"Why is it to hard for me." Salthemor lied down to sleep.

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