Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


37. Salthemor and Lothar

Salthemor friend would slowly head out. Yuki would look at him:
"You stil can't move?" Said Yuki. Salthemor gave a small nod:
"Yes that Hirikari took a tool on my body." Yuki would look at him:
"I saw it myself. You turn evil." Said Yuki a bit scared:
"Don't get scared. Im me now. I know i turn evil back there. Just all the darkness." He would take a hold of Yuki hand:
"You don't scare me. But so many times have it happen. That you more darkness then light. You like the hero why not use light?" Salthemor eyes tensen:
"Don't call me that..." Said Salthemor cold:
"Im not a hero. Im just a player..." Salthemor said. Yuki eyes widen:
"Im sorry..." She said. Salthemor would grab her hand softly:
"No im sorry. Should not said that but im not a hero. I don't want to be a hero. The light is more for Lothar. He always wanted to be one who wielded the light...A so called Paladin." Yuki look at Salthemor:
"After we picked up Greyben. We found him." Said Salthemor. Yuki would tilt her head:
"Who?" Salthemor would look at her:



Salthemor would play a knights game. Salthemor would be a death knight. Lothrilla a duelist and Greyben a spell blade. They were protecting their castle. Salthemor would sit by the gate:
"This is so boring i though you said they were gonna come!" Shouted Salthemor to Lothrilla:
"im sorry but they said they were gonna raid our castle!" Shouted Lothrilla back. Salthemor look forward and saw someone come walking:
"They here.." Said Salthemor. Lothrilla would grab her rapier and prepare. Salthemor grab his hook blades and smiled. Greyben grab his glowing sword and crack his neck. It was nine men lead by a man in shiny armor. A paladin. The paladin point his sword at Salthemor:
"Death knight lie down you weapon and give up you castle!" Salthemor laughed:
"My name Salthemor not death knight and please tell me your name sir!" The paladin lower his blade:
"What?!" Said the paladin. Salthemor sat down in the grass again:
"Its rude to attack me without i know you name. So tell me it!" Answer Salthemor. The paladin grab his weapon:
"Im Lothar paladin of first class and leader of the destiny clan!" Salthemor nodded and got up:
"Thank you. Now im Salthemor leader of the Cross bane clan!" Salthemor pointed his hook blade at em
"And we don't give up without a fight right guys?" Said Salthemor to his two followers:
"No those guys look weak. We can take them." Said Lothrilla:
"Truly a worthy fight. Lets see how long they can go." Said Greyben. The three of them grabbed their weapons and close their castle gate behind them. Lothar raised his sword and yell out:
"Charge!" The nine other followers of Lothar charged. Salthemor smiled and place a hand on his friends shoulders:
"Lets do this." Salthemor eye turn black as he charge forward. He would suddenly stand in the middle of the nine knights. He would twist his hand and hit all of the knights with his hook blade. They would fall to all sides. They would get up and charge at Salthemor. Lothrilla would dash forward and hit them with her rapier. She would hit all of them with one poke but all of them would fly up in the air. Greyben would raise his sword to the air:
"Blizzard!" Would Greyben yell as giant ice bolts would rain from the sky hitting the nine men. All of them would vanish. Salthemor look at the paladin:
"Seems like you nine followers lost." Said Salthemor as he point his blade at Lothar. Lothar charge at him. They would cross blades. Salthemor would dodge all of the hits and sometimes need to parry with his hook blade. Lothar would swing his two handed sword in rage as he would try to his Salthemor. Salthemor would keep dodging. Then suddenly smash the paladin down:
"I give you the chance to leave." Lothar got up and ran away. It would continue day after day. Lothar would come with bigger and bigger army and always lose to the three of them. After some time would Lothar begin to come alone and always lose to Salthemor. One day while fighting would Lothar collapse in a black out. Salthemor look at him:
"Its the ten time he attack us today. He might...blackout....We better take care of him until he wake up." Salthemor would take him into the castle and Lothar would wake up to a sight of Salthemor looking at him:
"Where am i?" Asked Lothar. Salthemor would get up from his chair:
"In our castle... I treated you wounds and you ready to leave or stay as you want." Salthemor said to Lothar:
"Leve or stay as i want? But we enemy's!" Said Lothar:
"No we not...Its fun dueling you...Im happy to see you okay." Salthemor said with a smile:
"" Lothar was confused. He never been smiled to before by a enemy:
"I see that destiny clan is fallen." Said Salthemor. Under Lothar name would there be no clan tag:
"No they still out there. They just kick me out because of this...fighting with you." Answer Lothar:
"I see. You truly a great fighter." Salthemor would leave the room. Lothar would use the rest of the day with the three of them. He had fun. Lothar next morning in the game would prepare to leave. He walked out the gate and slowly walk up the hill:
"Where you going?" Said Salthemor to Lothar. Salthemor would sit on the top of the castle smiling. Lothar look at Salthemor:
"Oh i was about to leave...Thanks for everything. Hope we meet again soon!" Salthemor shake his head and jumped down:
"What you talking about?" Said Salthemor as he walked up to Lothar:
"Well i don't want to use all you things. You so nice to me but i will take my leave before im in to much of a debt." Salthemor look at Lothar and then laughed:
"What so fun!" Said Lothar as Salthemor laughed:
"Come...Lets walk in again...My mate...You not in debt you in a guild." Salthemor said as he invited Lothar to Cross bane. Lothar eyes widen. he smiled as he press the accept and became a part of Cross bane.


"That how i got to know Lothar. He never gave me a break with those attack. That how we kinda got close." Ended Salthemor the story. Yuki look at him:
"I see. That kinda funny you to started as enemy's but turn out to be friends." Said Yuki with a smile. Salthemor nodded and slowly lied back into bed:
"Ah i just want to walk again. Hirikari is something huh." Said Salthemor laughing:
"Yes i wish that we can use it again but without this damage." Answer Yuki. She smiled to Salthemor. Salthemor smiled back. 

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