Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


23. Salthemor and Greyben

It was afternoon. Salthemor sat with Yuki in his room talking:
"Every time we lose someone in this world...i just think about how much those guys downstairs mean to me." Salthemor talked about the players there died under their date:
"Their name was Cocolala. They were a powerful team of death quest players...but they just didn't survive the minotaur boss." Salthemor shake his head. I remember the first and Lothrilla try a boss.


They were playing a mage game. Salthemor was a powerful rune mage he was strong. Lothrilla was a druid. A mage of the nature. They were doing some dungeons and fought some monsters. Salthemor use a light spell to blind the enemy's. Lothrilla cast a plant spell. Roots came up from the ground smashing the enemy's. They were walking while talking:
"You so fast with those spells Salthemor." Salthemor laughed:
"Im use to fast thinking its kinda my thing. You really good at aiming those spells you casting." Salthemor said smiling:
"Im a sniper what can i say?" They laugh while continuing there walk. They ended up in the core of the dungeon a giant green scaled dragon look at them. Salthemor move forward fast:
"Rune prison!" The dragon got caught up in a prison made of magical stones:
"Now Lothrilla!" Lothrilla step forward launching a spell forward it went right between the stones and hit the dragon. A tree grow around the dragon its roots holding it down:
"We caught it now use the spell Salthemor." Salthemor begin to read out strange words from his book:
"Ukta melo zinik kota tsrus!" Salthemor launch a giant beam of energy at the dragon. Its scales absorbed the energy and fired it back. It hit Salthemor and he vanished. Lothrilla got it to by the nova. Both of them woke up in the town:
" now we try everything but can't beat that damn dragon." Said Lothrilla. Salthemor laugh:
"There must be a way." They heard something from the end of the street:
"HEY thief!" A boy with gray hair came running with a sack of gold. A man came running after him. The boy would seem to be seventeen years old. This is back when they only know each other for a year. Salthemor was fourteen and Lothrilla was sixteen. Salthemor would get up:
"Wanna help me catch him?" Said Salthemor. Lothrilla shake her head:
"You much faster." Salthemor nodded and charge forward. He suddenly stood in front of the gray hair kid:
"Move out of the way!" Scream the boy. Salthemor cast a rune prison spell on the boy. The boy would be caught. The man would get his gold back and leave the gray haired kid to Salthemor:
"Why do you steal?" Salthemor ask the kid in the prison:
"To become the best." Said the gray haired kid:
"Why you want to be the best?" Ask Salthemor. Lothrilla step up to Salthemor side:
" show of that im more then a loser!" Said the gray haired kid. Salthemor eyes widen. Then he smiled:
"You don't need to steal to do that. What about this. You tell me you name and i give some food at the locale inn?" The gray haired kid sighed:
"Im Greyben." Salthemor nodded:
"Im Salthemor and this my friend Lothrilla." Lothrilla wave her hand softly and smiled:
"Hello." She said softly. Greyben smiled softly. Salthemor took him into the inn as they eat Salthemor ask questions:
"So you one of those arcane mages aren't you?" Lothrilla eyes widen:
"Arcane mage those are bad aren't they." Greyben sighed:
"Yes people say that..i didn't know and now im stuck with this magic. People in my school bully me and keep mucking me here in game because i use arcane magic. That why i steal to. To become stronger so i finally can beat those bullies." The door to the inn get open as three mages came in. A fire, A ice and a lightning they walked up to Salthemor and his friends and the lightning mage began to talk:
"Isen't it little Greyben and his bad magic." The man look at Salthemor and Lothrilla:
"I see you got friends now. How adorable... lets see how long these can hold out you bad magic." Greyben sat in silence. The lightning mage place a hand on  Greyben shoulder:
"What cat got you tongue...Come on say something you moron." Greyben took a tight grib of his glass. He kept being silent. Lothrilla look at Salthemor who just sat and enjoy his tea. Lothrilla shrug her shoulders and began to eat her food. The lightning wizard released his shoulder grab him by the shirt and force Greyben up the wall. At that moment Salthemor got up:
"Put him down!" Salthemor said while tilting his head with a smile. The lightning wizard slowly released Greyben. The three of them look at Salthemor:
"So you want to take his beating today?" Salthemor shrug his shoulder grab Lothrilla and Greyben arm and took them outside.The three others wizard follow the moment they got outside they would hit Salthemor in the back so he fall forward:
"Salthemor!" Scream Lothrilla while Greyben eyes widen. Salthemor slowly got up and laughed:
"Well well. That was a surprise." The wizards walk up and surrounded Salthemor:
"You think this is fun huh?" Said the fire mage. Salthemor just smile and spread out his arms:
"Yes kinda." The three wizards used a spell as they would hit Salthemor with a powerful combo attack. Salthemor would fall down. The three wizards left after:
"Haha loser!" Scream the ice mage. Lothrilla walked up to Salthemor and help him up:
"Are you okay?" Salthemor smiled to her:
"Yeah im fine. You got any healing potions." Ask Salthemor. Greyben shouted out:
"Why didn't you fight back!" Salthemor look at him as he took off his mage coat showing his fine vest and white shirt:
"Because i didn't wanna take the pleasure from you." Greyben eyes widen:
"You can beat them. You a arcane mage. Those aren't bad. You just need to find the right spell." Lothrilla walk up to Salthemor with a smile. Greyben eyes widen:
"You think...i can do it?" Salthemor nodded:
"Yes easy. Just show them next time they come." Greyben shake his head:
"No i can't Salthemor!" Salthemor smiled:
"We need help at the green dragon boss. Wanna help us?" Greyben eyes widen. Salthemor open his menu and selected the "Party" Menu he then ask Greyben to party. Greyben hesitated but then accept with a smile:
"That boss is easy. You need to hit it when its flying there it can't absorb magic." Salthemor nodded. They fought the dragon as it lift off Salthemor would use a rune prison. Lothrilla would make giant vines hit it and Greyben throw a arcane bolt at it. Its health drop zero and it vanished unlock the next chamber of the dungeon. Salthemor smiled:
"Finally we can continue." Said Salthemor to Lothrilla who just laughed. Greyben stood a bit away from them sighed and were prepared to leave:
"Hey wait up." Salthemor said. Greyben stop:
"What is it?" Salthemor grab his shoulder and smiled:
"Come i got a thing i want to show you." Greyben look at Salthemor. Salthemor would smile:
"You know the arcane spell. Called spell thief?" Asked Salthemor:
"Yes i do..its useless you can't use it to damage most arcane mages don't use it." Salthemor laughed:
"That the problem the arcane Specialization is build around that spell:" Greyben titled his head at Salthemor words:
"It is." Salthemor nodded:
"Arcane mages are not meant for dungeon clearing fast. They meant for the strongest player versus player class." Greyben eyes widen. Salthemor smiled:
"I want you to duel me and use that spell on me. Okay." Greyben nodded. Time would go and Salthemor Greyben and Lothrilla would eat some food at the inn again. Greyben would smile the same the two others. The three mages kick open the door and walk up to Greyben:
"Hey its the useless group again." Said the ice mage. The two other laughed. Greyben look up:
"I want to duel you Chris!" the lightning mage look up:
"Fine then. A good joke is always fun." After a minute they would stand outside. Greyben would ask the lightning mage for duel and he accept it. The count down would start:
"3..2..1..go!" The lightning mage shot out lightning at Greyben. Greyben use spell thief on the lightning mage. The lightning mage lost all his power to use spell for ten seconds:
"What the?" Greyben threw a arcane bolt at the lightning mage. The lightning mage would take all the hits his health drop fast. Greyben then unleash a powerful shock wave of lightning. The lightning mage fell to the ground. He eyes widen:
"Guys now." The two other unleash there power. Greyben eyes widen. Salthemor jump in front of Greyben:
"Rune shield!" Lothrilla slide under the shield:
"Wild vines!" Small green sharp leafs shot out of Lothrilla hands and cut down the two other mages. Greyben eyes widen:
"W-why did you save me?" Said Greyben. Salthemor turn around and smiled
"Because you one of us now...a Cross bane." Greyben look at there group tag and saw it:
"Cross bane." He smiled but then turn silent in anger:
"Why do you want useless and you know it!" Salthemor place a hand on Greyben shoulder:
"You not just prove that...and even if you were i didn't want to let you already one of us." Salthemor said. Greyben teared up and laughed:
" of you." The three friends head out."


Salthemor would end his story:
"And that's how Greyben join the Cross bane." Greyben open the door to their room and smiled:
"And That's why Salthemor is our leader." Salthemor smiled:
"You ear dropper." Greyben shake his head:
"I actually came to tell you something Salthemor." Some have taken the job of newspaper. They get info on next update and who's in lead and more. I just read something i think you would be interested in." Salthemor got up and grab the newspaper out of his hand. Salthemor eyes widen as he saw it:
"Next update. Makes a rare mob spawn around the forest. The one who slay it gets a free call to the real world." Salthemor eyes widen:
"I...can call my sister." Salthemor said happy. Greyben nodded:
"Yes but first next update." Answer Greyben. Salthemor smiled:
"Wow its..amazing we need to find that rare creature." Greyben nodded:
"But look at the thing under the call. That a problem." Salthemor look down as his eyes widen:
"Group clear will be disbanded. You now don't need to kill the boss to get to next area. But the boss will be buffed a lot. Town stones will be actives and friend list. Town stones let you teleport from town to town. While friend list let you make you own groups. So no more team groups." Salthemor smiled at what he then read:
"When someone kill the last boss a portal while be open witch let you leave my game if you want...if not then just welcome to." Salthemor gave Greyben the paper back:
"I many changes its...kinda creepy." Said Salthemor. Yuki grab Salthemor arm:
"Don't worry Salthemor...its gonna be okay." Salthemor smiled and nodded. Salthemor and Greyben looked at each other and then smiled. 

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