Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


45. Salthemor and Alexn

Salthemor would lie in bed and relax. He was thinking on how he would get pass the mine:
"We have sixty minutes to get to the boss and maybe even to defeat the boss... But there keep coming sharks and monsters how should we ever get past that." Salthemor gave out a little sigh and lean back. Suddenly someone would knock on the door:
"Come in." Said Salthemor. Yuki would open the door:
"Hey. Are you okay you haven't got breakfest yet." She asked as she move slowly towards the bed:
"Im fine im fine. Just thinking on the new wilderness." Salthemor answer. Yuki sat down next to him:
"Whats wrong with it?" She asked. Salthemor gave out a sigh:
"Its the monsters and timer we have. Im not sure i can get us trough it on that timer." Salthemor said. Yuki place a hand on his shoulder:
"You are gonna do it don't worry." She said. Salthemor sighed:

"I Haven't been this worried since i meet Alexn." Salthemor said softly. Yuki look at him:
"Wait why should you be worried when you meet Alexn?" She asked. Salthemor smiled:
"Because maybe he would not even be here now." Salthemor answered. Yuki would look at him curious:
"Why that?" Yuki asked. Salthemor would cough a bit and then look at her:
Well it because he nearly went homeless."



Salthemor and his friends had joined a fighting game. They trained a lot and soon a tournament would be hold for money. Salthemor and his friends would have signed up so it was a one for all. They agreed to that the person who won would get the money. Salthemor as always use his hookblades. Lothrilla would use her fists. Greyben a metal staff and Lothar a small blade:
"May the best man win!" Salthemor said with a smile to his friends. They would look at the tournament blanket. It would seem that they would not fight until later. The tournament would go quite fast. Many fighters would quickly fall out. Salthemor was not that great at fighting games but his use of the the hook blades was amazing and made him win. Lothrilla would win her two first fight but then lose to Greyben. Greyben would go to the semi finals. Lothar to would get to the semi finals. Salthemor to and someone named Alexn. The next rounds were Salthemor versus Lothar and Greyben versus Alexn. The friends would talk before the semi finals:
"So sorry for beating you that bad Lothrilla." Said Greyben with a smirk. Lothrilla would turn her back to him:
"Don't even start Greyben!" She pouted her cheeks. Salthemor place a hand on her head and she blush:
"Easy now girl." Said Salthemor. Lothar would grab his mini blade:
"Ready to fight chief?" Said Lothar. Salthemor nodded. They both step into the arena. Salthemor grab his hook baldes and took a fighting position. Lothar grab his mini blade and look prepared. The countdown would begin:
"3....2....1....FIGHT!" The two of them charge at each other. Salthemor swung his hookblade. It would collide with Lothar blade. Salthemor would spin around. The hook of the blade would grab Lothar leg and he would fall. Lothar would jump up again and begin to swing hus blade:
"Just...Stand...Still!" Lothar said while swinging. Salthemor would laugh softly:
"Why should i?" Salthemor said the moment he fired his knee up into Lothar chest and Lothar would fall back. Salthemor would charge at him. Lothar would sit up but the moment he did the hook would grab his neck and slam his back head into the stone floor. Salthemor would laugh and look up. The health point bar was flying above them. Lothar would have lost twenty five procent of his health. Salthemor would look out into the crowd. He could see Greyben and Lothrilla wave to him. Salthemor raise his hand but right before he could wave back he would be shoulder smash into the back. Salthemor would fall forward. Salthemor would get up fast:
"Really i was waving to our friends!" Salthemor shouted softly. Lothar would laugh and take a battle position again. Salthemor tighten his hand on his hookblades:
"For how long have we played this?" Salthemor asked:
"Around a year now?" Lothar answered. Salthemor nodded:
"How much have i trained for this tournament?" Salthemor asked:
"Around last three months." Lothar answered. Salthemor smiled:
"Prepare!" Salthemor said as he suddenly was in front of Lothar. Salthemor would hit him again and again:
"Time for my 55 hit combo!" Salthemor shouted as he smash and smash Lothar. The combo counter on the side of the field would keep moving up. Twenty....Thirty....Forty. Lothar health would drop to low as Salthemor would end his combo and Lothar would lose:
"I train so much to do this on one of you guys." Salthemor said laughing. Lothar would grumble a bit angry. Salthemor and Lothar would meet with Lothrilla and Greyben:
"A fifty five hit combo!" Greyben shouted at Salthemor. Salthemor would only laugh:
"What a powerful attack!" Lothrilla said with a smile. Lothar sat down on a chair:
"Finally i though i could beat you and then a fifty five hit combo." Lothar said. Salthemor place a hand on his head:
"Don't worry Lothar you are strong trust me." Lothar smiled:
Well good luck out there Greyben." Said Lothrilla as she pat his back. Greyben would nod. Alexn would come walking. He would have red spike hair and a bandanna on. He would wear no shirt and bandage around his two fists. He would look at Greyben:
"Good luck out there...dude." He said and walked out. Greyben would follow. Salthemor and the other would walk to the watchers stand. The fight would already begin. Greyben would swing his staff at the man. Alexn would dodge all attack. That would keep going for some time. Suddenly Alexn would begin to talk:
"You hit twenty five times in a minute you get exhausted fast dude..." Alexn would say cold. Greyben eyes would widen as he would speed up the hits:
"Now you only!" Alexn would break the staff with one punch and hit Greyben so he fell off the arena and lost:
"What...the?" Greyben said as he would sit off the arena. Alexn would walk away. Salthemor would look at Alexn. Salthemor would begin to walk. Lothrilla would be focus on Greyben:
"What happen Salthemor?" She look to her side and see Salthemor gone. Salthemor would walk towards Alexn:
"Why the mask of sadness?" Salthemor said. Alexn look at Salthemor as his eyes widen:
"Leave me alone dude." Alexn answered:
"You hiding who you are. I can sense that you not this serious normally. I see forward to our battle." Salthemor said. Alexn would look at him:
"How much do you even know dude?" Alexn said angry:
"I know nothing. But soon i will." Salthemor said. The gong would be heard and the two of them headed into the arena again. Salthemor grab his hook blades and look at Alexn. Alexn would tighten his fist and prepare for a fight. Salthemor would not stand ready only have his arms lowered and his hook blades in his arms. Alexn would sigh angry and prepare:
"3...2....1...FIGHT!" Alexn charge forward. Salthemor would dodge slowly all of the hits. Lothrilla Greyben and Lothar would cheer for him. Salthemor would not fight back as he kept dodging:
"Why you seek this money?" Salthemor asked emotionless. Alexn eyes widen:
"Shut up!" Alexn shouted and hit Salthemor. Salthemor would fly back get up and look at him again. Alexn charge at him and the dodge began again:
"Why do you hide yourself beneath the anger?" Salthemor asked. Alexn eyes widen more:
"How do you.....Shut up!" Alexn try to hit him but Salthemor step to the side and smash his knee up into his jaw. Alexn would fall forward and get up slowly. Salthemor would look at him. Alexn charge at him and began to attack again:
"You know...I got a sick sister in the hospital. I hide my emotions to. It hurts i know." Salthemor said. Alexn would stop attack for a moment:
"What? You....Stop distracting me!" Alexn would say as he smash Salthemor to the ground. Salthemor would get up slowly:
"You know. She cries when im not there. She miss me. I get her through the day. Whats your problem?" Salthemor said. Alexn would lower his guard:
"its complicated i just need to win." Alexn said as he would try to hit Salthemor. Salthemor would grab his arm with the hook blade place his foot on Alexn back and force Alexn into a lock. Alexn life would drop fast into a zero. Alexn would have lost the fight. Alexn eyes widen. After the fight would Salthemor talk with his friends Alexn would pack his things in the game and leave the arena. He would walk off the road of the village and talk with himself:
"I lost. Now we lose home. This was my last chance to stay in house." Alexn said as he walked:
"So that is it?" Salthemor said walking behind him:
"You followed me?" Alexn asked. Salthemor nodded:
"Come lets sit." Salthemor sat down. Alexn would hesitate but sit down at his side:
"My sister is really young. She been in hospital for a while. I needed the money for her trement but..." Salthemor grab the paper of money and handed it to Alexn:
"Be sure to use it well." Salthemor said. Alexn would look at the money. He would be speechless:
"I know it much to take. But please i can't let you go from house." Salthemor said and got up. He would begin to walk away. A day would pass and Salthemor and his friend would prepare to leave the city. They would open the gate and begin to walk:
"Wait up dude!" Alexn said running to them:
"What now?" Greyben said. All of them would look at Alexn. He would run up to Salthemor with a smile:
"The money was use well...I will not get away from my house." Alexn said. Salthemor smiled:
"Good." Alexn would smile more:
"Do you need help around here i know the place." Salthemor smiled:
"You welcome to join us....dude." Salthemor said as they began to walk with now a happy active fighter like Alexn.



"That how it was. I was worried for Alexn from the start i saw Greyben battle. I knew he was hiding his true self. So i found out that about his house and helped him." Salthemor said. Yuki eyes widen:
"You sacrifice a chance to help you sister to save a mans live?" Yuki asked. Salthemor nodded:
"I explain it to my sister she was happy that i help him." Salthemor said. Yuki would lean up Salthemor:
"Im proud and happy to. Because without him that would never happen." She would point out the window to a hill where Mirrei would giggle as Alexn would jump around like a idiot. Salthemor and Yuki would laugh and then close the window before going downstairs.

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