Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


63. Osiris and All most.

Salthemor after two days had announced that Osiris was now open to the people. The biggest city was Lotus after that it was Everdale valley and Osiris was the smallest. Still it could house over thousand players if they came. Salthemor enjoy the new area it was so much more exotic. Trees flowers and bushes leaving a trail around the small village and water flowing in streams around the houses. Salthemor lied down into the grass and relaxed. All would be so peaceful here. Salthemor would take some time to relax as someone walk up to him:
"Lazy as always." Says Lothrilla as she sit down next to him. Salthemor laugh:
"Lazy as always." He repeat. Lothrilla giggle and smiles to him:
"Funny i didn't know you guys had become so strong while i was gone." Salthemor said. Lothrilla giggled and said thereafter:
"Well after Greyben....Died we realized how weak we were and pick up our weapon finally to train." Lothrilla answered. Salthemor smiled as he sat up and look over the small oasis. He was lying on a hill a bit away from the village and could now see over it:
"This is so beautiful." Salthemor said with a smile. Lothrilla nodded:
"Its all new. Its not like Lotus." Lothrilla said with a smile. Salthemor would fell the grass:
"Its so full of life and nature...So fresh." Salthemor said. Lothrilla nodded and look over the landskab. You could see a dessart in the distance:
"I guess we going through dessart now." Lothrilla said with a laugh. Salthemor nodded. They look over the landskab together:
"Something bother me doe." Salthemor said. Lothrilla look at him:
"What is it?" Lothrilla asked as he suddenly say such thing:
"We have just killed humans. Those Red sun was real humans. How can they be so mercy less?" Salthemor asked remembering the runes of Blood drinkers eyes. Lothrilla nods:
"We kill people when we kill red sun members. But....we can't just die." Lothrilla say sad. She tighten her fist. Salthemor would smile and hold up his hand grabbing hers. Lothrilla eyes widen:
"Well then let me kill. I don't want you to have the life of another on you hands." Salthemor said. Lothrilla smiles to him:
"Thanks." Salthemor release her hands and look at the others there coming walking:
"Enjoying the view?!" Lothar shouted. Salthemor nodded as he saw them coming. All his friends. Lothar, Alexn, Mirrei, Ariena, Tojo, Furov, Survie, Yuki and Batt. Salthemor smiles as he see them come running:
"Salthemor!" Yuki shouted. Salthemor smiled:
"Yes?" Salthemor asked:
"The walrus rider is in town his down at the fountain." Yuki shouted. Salthemor got up and rush down. The friends would slowly walk down again but Tojo who walked up to Lothrilla:
"One more moment with him to the pile?" Tojo ask. Lothrilla nodded tears rolling down. Tojo smiles and hug her. Lothrilla hugs back. Salthemor charge down to the square where he saw him. His face turn confused when he saw him. The walrus rider in game name was The all most. The guy would be tall and really slim with long hair covering his eyes only a yellow glow comes from the hair. He would walk around with a cane and his cloth would be tore apart some places. He would have a baby walrus at his side. A cute little ball. The man would laugh and use his rough and warm voice:
"That right Honky. This is the new city." Says The all most would smile. Salthemor walked up to him:
"Are you the Walrus rider?" Salthemor asked. All most looked up at Salthemor and smiled:
"Maybe i am for a price. What do you wanna know?" All most said. Salthemor smiled:
"I want to know who the blood drinker is and how to kill him." Salthemor asked. All most sighed:
"Well that's two question. Will be around two million gold." All most said. Salthemor eyes widen:
"Two million!" Salthemor shouted. All most nodded as he petted his pet walrus Honky:
"Yes two milion." All most said. Salthemor look at his gold. Salthemor would have three milion but so much for a chance of infomation. Salthemor made a sack of the gold and hold it out:
"You can see i got the money. But infomation first!" Salthemor said courage full. All most nodded:
"Fine. His real name is Oktavius Zandro." Salthemor eyes widen as he know that name. He look at Mirrei then swallow some spit before he look back at  All most:
"His powers driven by his eyes. I don't know how to beat it but i think you know Salthemor. I will only take one milion as i only knew the answer for one." Said All most. Salthemor would take one milion back from the sack and hand the rest to All most who laughing:
"So Salthemor. I know you can figure it out. Now bye." All most said as he walked away with his Walrus. Salthemor sighed as he would head home with the others. Later he would talk with Lothrilla:
"Its worse then i though." Salthemor says. Lothrilla look at him:
"Oh whys that?" Lothrilla asked:
"The name of blood drinker is Oktavius Zandro." Salthemor said. Lothrilla eyes widen:
"You mean the man there..." Lothrilla said before she get interrupted by Salthemor:
"Yes. Keep it a secret from her for now. We don't want her to rush after him." Salthemor answer. Yuki would come walking:
"Hide who from who?" Yuki asked. Salthemor sighed:
"I tell you tomorrow. But blood drinker is not more scary then ever." Salthemor said before he head upstairs with Lothrilla. All most would walk around the town with a smile:
"Good luck Salthemor. Blood drinker secret is yours to crack." All most said as Honky would urf and they would vanish from sight. 

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