Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


59. No sound of sins

Salthemor would wake up. He would look around his home. He remember the dinner and smiled. Koska was telling them the hottest news in town and Yuki would cook. Batt and Salthemor would talk about training and apparently would Prideia help with cooking. Pride would sit in the forest and look at her own hands:
"What was that...Felling?" Pride said out:
"I don't know." Greed said sitting the side of her:
"Remember Pride you one of us. We are all we are one." Envy said as she was on lookout for players. Pride would breath out and remember the night. She was cooking with Yuki for the first time didn't she think it was a drag and below her to be there. She felt like she wanted to be there and that they wanted her there:
"Well sorry. Just i was not prepared for it. For felling's." Pride said. Greed sighed:
"Should i remind you who you are. You a part of us and we a part of you." Greed said as he poked Pride arm. Pride nodded:
"I better get going." Pride said as she got up and walked away. Greed would sigh:
"We better keep a eye on Pride." Said Greed. Envy would laugh:
"Well sure." Envy answered. Pride would walk up to Salthemor and Batt who was still at first part of training. Batt would move faster now and dodge some of them and turn some to water. Pride would tighten her fist as she sat down and smiled:
"Hello friends...Im back." Said Pride. Salthemor and Batt stop and looked at her with a smile:
"Welcome back." Said Batt. Salthemor threw a rock and hit Batt head:
"God damnit Salthemor!" Said Batt. Salthemor was laughing. Pride would loosen her fist and laugh a bit. They would end training early:
"Koska said there would come some new news today. So if Yuki and Pride could make food then Koska could tell us it?" Salthemor said. Batt nodded and Pride smiled:
"Sure i love to help you guys out again." They would walk inside. All of them would prepare for Koska would arrive:
"You really good cook Prideia." Yuki said as she was cutting some vegtables. Pride was cutting some potatoes into slices. Salthemor and Batt was talking about her training. Koska would smash open the door:
"Big news..." Koska said as he walk up:
"The death buzz is gone. You can't hear if people die now as more and more come we can't keep count anymore." Said Koska. Salthemor eyes widen:
"So no more death buzz if people die?" Batt shouted. Koska shake his head:
"No. We can't. Other news is i found some info about the so called Deadly sins." Pride eyes widen. Salthemor got up and look at Koska:
"Speak out then." Salthemor said. Koska would nod:
"Well a player group was attacked earlier and only one survived. He was attack by a black armored nine sword man there called himself Wrath and a thin spit dripping boy who called himself Gluttony. Another thing is who they are. In the real world was they not criminals. They were a government project. They took one single man and use science on him. They were trying to create a super solider but ended with a mess of emotions and fear. The project man was to unstable and died but they didn't want to let the research go to waste. So they use a new machine a so called mind splitter. The machine was meant to split a mans mind from its body but this turned bad. It split the seven sins from his body. Turn into seven super solider. They were lock up until we knew they were safe but one day they just vanish. I guess Sitradoreh rent someone to get them out of prison and now he use them as underlings." Koska said. Pride would swallow some spit and his eyes would shiver:
"Its true...Im just a creation of man. Me and the others are the same person. Its so scary." Though Pride to herself:
"Im the only one of us there gender less. Wrath Greed and Sloth turned male. Gluttony was a girl but the science turn her male because of some bone things there prevented the swallow beam. Then there Lust and Envy who girl. I was the only one of us there turn gender less or not really gender less but i can change gender as i want." Pride though to herself. She look at the arm the rings was at. It was always hidden. Salthemor eyes would widen:
"So you say. These seven things not even human?!" Salthemor said angry. Pride eyes widen:
"Not human..." Pride though to herself. Yuki would place a hand on Pride shoulder:
"Are you okay Prideia." Yuki asked. Pride smiled:
"Yeah just chocking news aren't it?" Pride said and continue to make food. Salthemor would look at Koska:
"How do we know this is true?" Salthemor asked:
"Its true because i remember to here seven military weapons was stolen right before i enter the game. Right before the Red sun. Was formed. I join just a few days before the Red sun. I then remember that i heard about the super soldiers and how they were set into prison and then i should plus one and one together and realise that the weapon there was stolen was these solider's and then i just realise that they were seven sins." Koska said. Salthemor look at him with a raise eyebrow:
"That don't explain how you knew they were from one man and it was the sins." Salthemor said. Koska eyes widen and then he sigh:
"Fine you got me boy. I was a scientist who worked on the a other project but at the same facility the seven sins was held." Koska admitted. Salthemor nodded:
"Fine. Well then. Lets eat." Salthemor said. As the food was place on the table. Batt Koska and Prideia would later stand outside after dinner it was late:
"Bye bye!" Salthemor said as him and Yuki close the door. Batt looked at the two:
"Well what now. Im going home myself." Batt said:"
Im going home too. What about you Koska?" Said Pride:
"I need to train a bit before bed so i might go kill some low level boars." Koska said. Pride wave to them before she left. Koska smiled and began to walk. He walked for a few steps into the forest before he grab his hammer:
"You know. You should not wave with that arm...Pride!" Koska said as he turned around. Prideia would have follow him:
"You know to much Koska." Said Pride. Pride press her finger on all of the rings and turn into his own self. His blond hair would be low and his muscles would come back. Koska would turn around and look at Pride:
"You wave to me with that arm on purpose you knew i would regionise the rings on you arm." Koska said. Pride nodded:
"Yes and you would go into the forest knowing i would follow to fight me a one on one."   Pride said. Koska charge forward. Koska was a big really strong man. If he could he could lift a tree up from the ground with roots in the earth. Pride was small and not even that strong. Koska swung his hammer with full force at Pride. The hammer would shatter into piece at the touch of Pride. Koska eyes widen:
"What the?" Koska said. Pride would charge forward and with a straight hand smash it through Koska. Koska would cough up blood and fall down. Koska would bleed on the ground:
"So you didn't soften up huh Pride?" Said Greed as he jump down a tree. Pride shrug his shoulder:
"I did my job even if it was below me." Pride answer before turning into the girl again. Greed laughed:
"Why...Why could i not harm you!" Koska said in anger. Pride smiled his red eye glows up as he become the girl:
"Because you can't hurt my Pride." Answer Pride before Koska would black out of blood lost:
"Get Gluttony and remove the corpse." Pride said as she walked toward the city. Greed would laugh at the sight of the dead man:
"What you gonna do?" Said Greed:
"Put on a act!" Pride said. She would press the rings. The cloth would get smash a bit dust around her skin. Blue marks and blood stains and her hair rough up as she run towards the city. She knocked on Salthemor door. Salthemor open up:
"Yes....Prideia! What happen to you?" Salthemor asked. Pride would cry:
"I tried everything i could." Said Pride crying. Salthemor would let her in:
"Tell me what happen?" Salthemor said. Yuki would wrap a blanket around her. Pride would fell a warmth it had not felt before:
"Well i walked after Koska to make sure he was safe. When i got there we was fighting a sin. He got killed outside city and was devoured by a thin boy...I try to save him and then....He died so i ran away." Salthemor eyes widen and Yuki would hold a palm up to her mouth in chock. Yuki would hug Pride and let her cry out. Pride would smile but still act the crying. The smile would vanish fast as she would fall asleep in the arms of Yuki. 

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