Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


47. Matter of seconds.

The friends would appear in the mine. Everything was dark:
"Okay guys. We are eleven in all. Alexn i need you as healer today. So team one you are. Alexn, Lothar, Greyben, Furov and Survie and team two is Me, Yuki, Lothrilla, Tojo, Mirrei and Ariena. Is it understood." The people nodded and said:
"Yes." Salthemor would breath out and slowly say then:
"Fine guys put on the torch." Alexn, Lothar, Greyben, Furov and Survie active the torch grab the arm of five of them as Tojo jump up on Lothrilla back and they began to run:
"Time to fight!" Shouted Furov as he began to fight. The frined would slowly move through the mine. the five of them there could see fought there life battle:
"There no so many this time chief. I think we can make it." Shouted Survie. Salthemor would be unable to see but hear could he:
"I can hear the fight is not that tense. this is so dark." Salthemor said. As he walk slowly forward. He could hear the noises. His friend were fighting the creatures while they slowly moved forward but as Tojo told them would the monsters not attack those without the effect. The five of them would fight the monsters while slowly guiding the friends through the mine. They were unsure if they could make it in times as the mine was a really big place. It was like a labyrinth of tunnels. Lothar were in charge of team one. They were sure there were most men on team two if it came to the boss would have the same effect. The sharks would travel over the walls and floor and every time they came close would one of the four fighters kill it while Alexn would use his new found healing powers to keep them alive. It was scary. This was not only challenging but also time based. Salthemor could fell his heartbeat become faster and faster. His breath would become faster too. But he would not give up. He would keep moving forward with his arms stretch out in front of him to be sure he would not hit a wall or a stone. Sometimes would team one grab one from team two arm to guide them on the right path again. That was the scary part. Team one didn't only have to find they way through the mine and fight off monster but also guide their friends so they not would get lost. Salthemor would talk slowly to who ever was at his side:
"Who is there. To my right?" Salthemor asked:
"Its me." Answer Yuki:
"Are you scared?" Salthemor asked:
"A bit yes. Its kinda scary know that you could die. But at the same time you actually blinded." Yuki answered. They would keep slowly moving forward. It all would be silent suddenly:
"Whats happening." Salthemor asked. Furov voice would answer. Furov would be out of breath:
"They stop coming. Maybe we clear the area. No matter let take the time to move." Furov grab the arm of Salthemor and they would slowly move forward. The mines would be big. They would keep turning corners without knowing if they already been this place before. Nearly every corner look the same of the mine. After forty five minutes would the friends have arrived in front of the gateway:
"We are here." Furov said slowly. It would be in the deepest corer of the mine and it would not glow up like the others so it would be nearly invisible:
"What now. Should we wait for fifteen minutes and let you get the buff. Should you just take the buff now and we all should charge in or should we walk in and when were done you use the buff?" Lothar asked. Salthemor would think:
"I think we all take it and go in now!" Salthemor use the torch and the others would to. They would charge in. The room would glow with crystal light. Salthemor would not hesitate and just press the button. The room would rumble as two giant crystal in the middle would rise up to the sky under it a mountain of stone. A giant crystal golem would stand in front of them. Salthemor eyes widen. It was a giant. It was the largest foe he would have fought. The other seem to be more calm:
"Its large but not as large as the stone leviathan." Greyben said. Salthemor would shiver just to imagine the size of stone levithan. Furov would step forward and charge at the golem. He would swing his metal glove at it hitting it hard dealing damage. The health bar would be on four hundred and ninety five procent. Furov would run backwards. The golem would swing its arms at the friends. Salthemor would charge at it hitting it. It would only drop five procent again:
"Lothrilla use focus! See if you can find anything on it!" Lothrilla would kneel and begin to scan it. Her eye widen at what she found out:
"The golem might be slow. But it have a shield. It can only take five procent of damage at all. We need to be fast or we might not be able to kill it in time!" All of the friends gasp:
"Then charge!" Salthemor scream and ran towards it. His friend would join him to. They would charge with full force hit it and try to hit it many times but as Lothrilla had seen would the boss health only drop five procent. The golem would suddenly scream as it would become of pure crystal. When they hit it. It would only lose one procent:
"What the!" Furov scream as he saw it:
"We only have two minutes back and it have two hundred procent health!" Furov screamed. The golem laugh and swung its giant arm towards the players:
"Its impossible. There must be another way!" Shouted Salthemor as he hit it. Tojo would jump up and smash the golem with his shield:
"Salthemor we could use it!" Tojo said. Salthemor shouted quickly back:
"We could but we can't unlock it by yourself!" Tojo would nod:
"That is true chief!" Tojo answered. The golem would scream out in rage and swipe it arms quick. It would hit the friends. They would fly back. Everyone would hit the wall. Furov would get up. Suddenly the effect went off and all turn dark:
"I can't see!" Furov scream. The other from team one would have the same effect:
"Tojo get those five together and protect them. All other with me!" Salthemor shouted. The people would do as they were order. Salthemor charge forward and slash the golem. As seen before would the golem only lose one procent. Its health was around the hundred and fifty. Tojo would stand and guard the friends. He would look around and then at the golem. Tojo eye widen as he saw in the other end of the area would someone stand in the shadow. A red sun would glow from his shoulder. He would watch the friends fight. Tojo begin to shiver. The man would see that Tojo spot him and vanish into the shadows. Tojo would keep it to himself for now as he had other things to worry about. Salthemor would scream in rage as he kept hitting the golem only for one procent.  The golem would stomp on Salthemor and then kick him so he flew back:
"!" Mirrei would heal him. Salthemor vision was blurry as he could see the golem health around the hundred now and only thirty minutes back on his vision:
"Thirty minutes! And hundred procent..." Ariena would dash forward and slash the golem:
"We gotta go faster!" She yell out. Salthemor eyes widen:
"Faster..." He said slowly:
"Everyone close to me!" Salthemor said. All came over to him:
"Tojo keep protect the others. Yuki Lothrilla and me will keep the monster at bay. Mirrei will heal us. You Ariena need to put all focus on to yourself. You the fastet hitter of us." Ariena eyes widen:
"But chief! Im not that fast." She said. Salthemor shake his head:
"Never doubt yourself. We believe." The friends would charge out. Ariena would lower her arms:
"Believe." Ariena whispered to herself. Time would tick. Salthemor and the friends would sometimes get a hit in. The golem would sometimes shot them back but every time they would fall back would they get healed and charge in again right past Ariena:
"We believe." Salthemor said every time. Ariena tears would fall from her face. The tear would hit the ground:
"Hey wait up!" Tojo screamed. Furov would walk forward and up to her side:
"I can't see...You...But i believe to." Ariena eyes widen as she look at him. He would look blankly out into the air but he would know she was there:
"The tear....why you crying?" Furov asked. Ariena would tighten her fist:
"I can't...Do miracles but everyone still believe." Ariena answer. Furov would place his hand on her shoulder:
"Then...Lets do it together." Furov said. Ariena eyes widen:
"But you blind!" She shouted out:
"Maybe. But its a giant how can i miss?" Furov said. Ariena would look on her effect:
"Around two minutes." She said. Furov would laugh:
"Its only a matter of seconds." Furov answer and grab her arm charging with her in:
"Salthemor move!" Furov shouted. Salthemor turn around and saw them come running:
"Okay sir!" Salthemor said and move to the side with Lothrilla and Yuki. They would move back to Tojo:
"Don't i can't Furov!" She screamed:
"No you can't. But we can!" Furov said with a smile:
"We....can." Ariena said. Furov would realase her arm and she would run on her own now. Furov would prepare his fists:
"Ready!" Furov shouted:
"Yes!" Ariena shouted:
"Matter of seconds!" Ariena shouted and begin to slash the golem with indescribable speed. Furov would have stopped not even hitting it. He smiles hearing her slash it again and again. It would drop five procent a second. The golem would scream. Salthemor look at the effect:
"5...4...3....2..." The golem would vanish:
"1..." All vision would vanish from the friends. They would use a teleport stone. They vision came back. Ariena would gasp for air. Furov walked up to her place his hand on her shoulder:
"See you could do it." She realise that she did it alone:
"Did...i really do that?" Furov smiled:
"Yes." Furov answered. Ariena fell to her knees speechless:
"Thanks for carry me by the way." Said Tojo to Lothrilla:
"No worry." Lothrilla answer with a smile. Salthemor walked up to Tojo and look at him:
"Good plan. really good plan." Salthemor said before walking slowly back to the inn. Tojo smiled. Ariena would cry softly:
"Wow..." She said. Furov sat down in front of her:
"Come on smile. You did it." She nodded happy. Furov would carry her on his back. As they walk back to the inn. Tojo would jump up on a barrel and lean up the wall of a building:
"One more down...Lothrilla?" Lothrilla look at Tojo:
"Yes?" She answered:
"I saw one. A red sun member." Tojo said. Lothrilla eyes widen:
"Where?" She asked:
"It was in the boss chamber. He was in the shadows. I knew it was one because his red sun mark glowed from his shoulder. He vanish when he spot me." Tojo explained. Lothrilla would gasp:
"They...can be in boss chambers?" Tojo nodded:
"But he didn't attack so he might not be able to in a boss chamber." Tojo said. Lothrilla nodded:
"Lets come back." Lothrilla said. Tojo would jump down and walk by her side. 

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