Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


34. Lotus.

Salthemor would walk with his friend towards the portal stone in Everdale Valley. Salthemor would still fell a bit heavy. Yuki would need to help him stay up. Everyone got told what happen and how he manage to do it. All of them now got more respect for Salthemor:
"Im sorry you need to carry me Yuki." Said Salthemor weakly:
"Its just i can't really fell my legs right now." Continue Salthemor with a small laugh:
"Don't worry. Its okay for you to be weak after that show you pull out yesterday. You save all of us." Salthemor look around and saw his other friends giving him a soft smile. Salthemor would think back to the moment. He could fell his power grow with a unthinkable haste. The overmind would even be scared of him. Salthemor would say it in a low voice:
"Hirikari." They would get to the stone. All place their hand on it and said out loud:
"Lotus!" They would be teleport to the new town. They had bought a inn at the side of a blacksmith and combine the buildings to make their base. Many people already move out of Everdale valley but some chose to stay. A new job had come witch was trader. Someone who travel from town to town to deliver resources. Salthemor would be put down on a chair in the inn. He would get himself a cup of tea and drink from it. The others would head out to see the new town. Salthemor was stuck in the chair. He would smile as he look at his legs. Lothrilla would be prepared to leave but then see their leader:
"You know...I might be bored out there wanna come with me?" She asked Salthemor. Salthemor look up with a smile:
"Was that a joke..i can't move my legs at all." Answer Salthemor. Lothrilla gave out a little giggle:
"Well is that a no?" She said teasing. Salthemor smiled and use his hook blade to stand:
"A small walk wound't really hurt but i need you for balance." Lothrilla step to his side. He would place a arm around her and begin to slowly lift his body with the hook blade swinging himself forward:
"Maybe they broken. My legs..Think about it. I move with such intense speed and when i stop suddenly my legs would not could survive that?" Said Salthemor. Lothrilla would shake her head:
"No. Mirrei already try to heal you legs ten times. They should been fix if it was that." Lothrilla answer. Salthemor nodded:
"You maybe right. What could it be then?" Said Salthemor. Lothrilla would sigh:
"Salthemor...I saw it." She said. Salthemor would look confused at her:
"Saw what?" Lothrilla would breath out and begin to talk:
"Your power. I didn't tell you but. I saw you scared all power just hiding in you body. But in the moment you shouted that word. It unleash. Not into you body to make it focus. No all around you...Like a storm. You must just..have destory you own body doing such a wild power trick." Salthemor look at her after her speech:
"You can see mana?" She nodded lightly to Salthemor question:
"Something i could do for some time now. After my focus hit fifty i can now see mana. You know focus is to see the unseen but mana is truly unseen and now i can see it." Salthemor laughed:
"Truly a power Lothrilla. So you say i use Hirikari but could not control it?" She nodded to Salthemor question:
"Yes you were unable to control such massiv power." She said. Salthemor would not have a hold of her anymore but keep himself up by his hook blades. Lothrilla would smile to him:
"This city is so beautiful." She said suddenly. Salthemor look around with a smile. It was a nice town. Many flowers everywhere and more. Trees on every corner. Shop beautifully decorated with lights and flowers. Salthemor smiled as he would keep moving forward slowly. Lothrilla would smile to him:
"We grow a lot the last days. Tojo, Ariena and Yuki." Lothrilla said with a smile. Salthemor would shake on his head:
"No Yuki still have her group. So she back there again. But true that Ariena join us and Tojo to." Salthemor smiled at his own words. Lothrilla would stop and look at him:
"I want to ask a favor of you." Lothrilla said out of nothing. Salthemor would let himself drop on the ground and sit and look on her. He could fell the grass between his fingers and a light wind:
"The day...i confess my love to you...please forget that." She said. Salthemor would crawl to a wall and sit up it:
"I can't do that." Salthemor said. Lothrilla would look at him:
"Why?! Just forget it..." Salthemor look at her carefully. He could see it really bugged her she confessed and bugged her since:
"Is it so hard for you. Fine...But tell me why?" Salthemor said. Lothrilla would sit down next to him:
"Because...You and Yuki...its just bugs me. Sometimes i wish it was me." Lothrilla said. She seem to tensen up:
"What do you mean about me and Yuki?" Salthemor asked as he would smile:
"You and Yuki are in love right?" Salthemor smile:
"I care for her...That true...And yes we have something. But you will find someone trust me." Salthemor said as he would push himself off the ground. He would stand on his legs. Lothrilla eyes widen as she look at him. Salthemor would turn around with a teasing grin:
"I think Tojo like you." Salthemor said with a grin. Lothrilla laugh:
"A bit to young sometimes i think." Lothrilla answer. They both laughed. They would begin to head back to the inn. Salthemor walking on his leg with difficulty. He would come back to the inn sit down and drink more tea. Lothrilla would look around the inn as people would return. She would smile at the people walking in. She now finally accept fully that Salthemor not hers. 

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