Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


77. Lothrilla and Tojo versus Pride.

Lothrilla would run backwards as fast as she could while she fired arrows at Pride. Pride would be on his male form. The arrows would break on contact with him. Tojo would run at Lothrilla side:
"We in trouble!" Lothrilla shouted. Tojo nodded:
"Yes he won't even flinch!" Tojo answered. Pride jump forward trying to hit them but the two of them jump to the sides to dodge. Pride would place his hand on the ground and kick both of them to the sides. Lothrilla hit the ground hard but Tojo would place his shield under him and slide on it. Tojo spikes on his shield would slowly slow him down. Pride would smile and rush towards Lothrilla. Tojo would sigh and throw his shield at Pride. The metal shield hit the back of Pride head so he flew forward. Lothrilla would get up and catch the shield before she tossed it back to Tojo who catch it on his arm and look around. Lothrilla grab her bow and rushed up behind Tojo. Pride got up and rub his back head:
"Ouch...That hurt a bit." Pride said as he smiled and the wound on his back head would heal. Tojo sighed and hold up his shield:
"I got you don't worry." Said Tojo:
"I know that." Said Lothrilla. Pride would dash towards them. He would swing his arms wildly. Tojo would catch the hits with his shield while Lothrilla would dodge and sometimes shot a arrow at Pride. Pride would clearly try to hurt Lothrilla but Tojo fast protection would help her survive. Pride would slide down and kick Tojo up the chin as Tojo would fly into the air would Pride stab his fist out trying to stab Lothrilla. Lothrilla would jump back quickly trying to dodge this spear hand. Pride would smile as he would move his other hand in the other direction:
"Impact push!" Shouted Pride as the glove on Pride left hand would unleash a impact into the air shooting him forward so his right hand would stab Lothrilla arm. Lothrilla would fall back and land on the ground. A small cloud of steam would come from Pride left hand. Lothrilla gasp for air as blood shot out her arm. Tojo would land on Pride shoulder and smash his spiked shield into the face of Pride. Pride would move backwards and fall down to his butt. Lothrilla fell to the ground as Tojo rush to her:
"Rilla are you okay?" Tojo asked. She hold to her arm:
"That was close if i haven't move back that was right trough my stomach." She answered. Tojo help her up and they grab their weapon. Pride slowly got up the small holes in his face would vanish. He tighten his fist as he look at them:
"You seem unfamiliar with the concept of Impact metal." Pride said as he show his glove. The glove would be white but you could see a small piece of metal at his palm. Tojo and Lothrilla looked at each other:
"Impact metal?" Lothrilla asked:
"Yes its a metal you can mine around the Lotus mines. Its a metal witch collect pressure from the air and atmosphere. It can be active on command. It will unleash the force to all sides making a impact of pure deadly force. I now used it as a boost for me to launch forward. There many different kinda of impacts...Mines call a boost impact. To make yourself move faster in a direction. My pal Wrath use a breaking impact. More to break a special part of the bone then the hold body. Not all impacts are know and i know other kind of metals inside the locked areas of the game have a lot of power too. But today you meet the impact metal...Deadly as it is." Pride said with a smile as he show the small black metal under his glove. Lothrilla gasp:
"The black knight who followed Alexn and Mirrei..." Lothrilla said. Pride nodded:
"Truly yes." Pride said evil. Tojo grab his shield:
"New metal.....Meh i don't care. Time for a beat down." Tojo said:
" sorry....Take my shield." Tojo said and handed her the shield. Lothrilla eyes widen:
"No...Tojo no!" Tojo walked slowly towards Pride:
"You immortal and can't be harmed i figure that... and you harm her." Tojo point at Lothrilla:
"So if you want a fight. Here you go." Tojo said before he move his hand up into the air. Pride raise a eyebrow:
"Hirikari!" Tojo shouted as his shield break in Lothrillas hand and the metal would melt around his arm making it a holy glowing metal arm. The two wings made of light shot out his back and he looked up at Pride with a mad look:
"No one harms Lothrilla." Tojo said as he move forward and began to swing his arm at Pride. Pride arm would collide with Tojo's and the light would shine up blinding Lothrilla. The two of them would trade blows trying to make a opening but every time a place open they just parry. Lothrilla would sit down grabbing her head:
"No...please Tojo....Please don't harm yourself for me again." Lothrilla said to herself as she looked up at the two men trading deadly blows:
"Impact push!" Pride shouted. But as his hand would collide with the light arm nothing would happen. Lothrilla would hear something behind them as Alexn and Mirrei would came running:
"Is...he on Hirikari again?" Mirrei asked. Lothrilla nodded. Pride would use impact push one more time as he would fly forward and the two fist collide into a brofist and a giant thunderclap could be heard and the wind would hit all the trees nearly breaking the roots in them. Alexn would sit down:
"That...push. Its like Wrath dudette." Alexn said and Mirrei nodded. Tojo would scream in rage as he dueled Pride. Alexn would grab his knife:
"Should i help?" Alexn asked:
"No. You would only indanger yourself if you walk closer." Lothrilla said. Tojo would growl more as finally found a opening. He hit Pride right in the gut the light would shot out. Pride skin would break and his bones and organ too as he flew back and hit a tree. Everything would heal a bit:
"Damn...That hurt." Pride said as he slowly got up. Before he could react would Tojo smash him up the tree again and then again and again. Then in one big hit would he hit him right through the tree. Pride would keep breaking more and more. Tojo shot forward and smash him into the ground. He would keep punching Pride face:
"You..." One more hit:
"Will..." One more hit:
"Die..." One more hit:
"You..." one more hit
"Piece..." one more hit:
"Of..." One more hit:
"Shit." One more hit as Pride face would not even be able to be seen. Tojo raise his fist and unleash a giant hit. A giant light golden fist came flying from the sky into Pride:
"DIE YOU MONSTER!" Tojo shouted and killed Pride. Pride body could not regenerate fast enough to keep him alive. Tojo jump up the hole and went back to his normal form without blackout. He walked up to Lothrilla and smiled to her:
"Thank you." Tojo said before he fell down. Alexn sigh and pick up Tojo:
"You two should watch out for more fighters and see if you can help. I will take Tojo to town." Said Lothrilla. The two of them nodded and handed Tojo blackout body to Lothrilla. Before they ran off. 

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