Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


72. Lothar versus Lust.

Lothar Mirrei Alexn Tojo and Lothrilla was running:
"Where did the other go?" Lothrilla shouted:
"I don't know!" Shouted Tojo back as they ran. They look behind them. Following them was Lust Pride and Wrath:
"Alexn Mirrei you left. Lothar continue forward me and Lothrilla will go right!" Tojo said as they came to a crossroad. They ran to each direction. Lust follow Lothar. Wrath follow Mirrei and Alexn and Pride follow Tojo and Lothrilla. Lothar turn around and swung his blade. Lust smiled and jump up she shot red darts of poison from her fingers. Lothar just in time raise his shield and protected himself from the attack. Lothar look at Lust. She would have long blond air and a cheeky smile. Her red dress would cover her body as she would have high heels on. She look at Lothar with a smile:
"So so called challenge. A knight in a shiny armor and a maiden huh?" Lust said. Lothar nodded and charge towards her and swung his blade with rage. Lust jump over him and shot the the poison darts at him. Lothar raise his shield and shot a projectile of light out from his shield towards her. Lust smash the light to piece with her foot and then spin around shooting more darts at Lothar. Lothar destroyed the darts with his sword before he look at the lady:
"You fast lady." Lothar said. Lust laughed:
"You slow!" She said as she ran up to him and planted her heel in him. The heel would go right through the armor and make a perfect round hole. blood would flow from the armor. Lothar would push her back with his shield. Lust jump up and point her fingers towards Lothar. Lothar would sigh:
"You damn...boy...Actually hit me and i though you were a knight." Lust said with a tone of evil. Lothar charge forward and slash his sword at her. The would dodge and she slash downwards with her sword. Lust used her heel to block the sword:
"Don't even try." Lust said as twist her heel and the sword broke. Lothar took a step back looking at the iron powder from the sword fall. Lust jump forward and try to impale Lothar with her foot. Lothar blocked the strike and shot her backwards with his shield. Lust landed on a branch and began to shot toxic darts towards Lothar. Lothar shield would get more darted. The dart would vanish after a few seconds. Lust laugh as she look at him:
"Don't try...You nothing knight!" Lust said. Lothar sigh and hold his shield tight:
"Come at me witch!" Lothar shouted. The two of them charge towards each other. Lust slide under him and shot him right into the back. A massive felling of pain would go through his body. Lothar move forward before he could do anything would Lust wrap her legs around his neck and bring him down. Lothar would look at her as she place her hands at his neck and shot. Lothar eyes widen as then he would lie still. Lust would get up and begin to walk away. Lothar charge up and slash her back with his sword:
"What!" Lust said as she fell down to the ground bleeding from her back. Lothar would raise his shield and look at her his neck would glow:
"The light protect me from you damn poison witch!" Lothar shouted before he shot a light at Lust. She would get hit fall a bit back. Lothar would charge forward and smash her down with his shield. Lothar would keep hitting Lust with his shield. Lust would fall slowly back. Lothar jump forward and slash her over the stomach. He would not give her a moment to react and then shot one more light at her shooting her back. Lothar kneel down and launch himself forward he would hold forward his shield hit her with it and force her down into the ground between the earth and his shield. Her arms would tighten then loosen. Lothar would get up and look at her:
"See you nothing to me." Lothar said as he saw the lifeless Lust. He turn around but then he got shot in the back by a lot of darts the pain would be massive he would cough up a lot of blood. More shots would hit him. Lothar would fall to the ground he could not fell his legs. Lust would slowly walk closer to Lothar and point her fingers at him shooting the darts making the pain more and more painful. Lothar would try to get up but only fall a bit down again. Lust would laugh and shot him one more time:
"The poison will kill you with time...I think i will let you suffer." Lust said as she took her leave. Lothar would lie trying to breath he would move his hand up:
"He-help." Lothar said as he would try to look around for his friends. He would not fell his legs at all. He would pull himself over the ground slowly:
"He-help..." Lothar weakly said as he look up and someone would stand there. The person would pick him up and take him with it:
"Who are you?" Lothar asked:
"Its me don't worry." Answered Furov:
"Come Ariena!" Furov shouted. Ariena would come running from the woods and help him at they kept walking. 

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