Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


30. In the face of the flaws.

The sun would rise over the town of Everdale valley. Today was the day. Today was the day Salthemor and his friend should face of against the last boss of the forest. A new city and new adventures lie on the other side of the beast. Salthemor would get up and drink some tea. He would relax all morning. Alexn and Mirrei would sit on the roof and prepare that they both could die today. Lothrilla would sharpen her arrows with a flint. Lothar would be with Tojo. Tojo would teach Lothar how to properly use his shield. Furov and Survie would sit and talk both nervous. Greyben and Ariena would talk. Ariena would be to hyped to stand still. Yuki would come down and sit at Salthemor side leaning up him. Salthemor would drink up:
"Okay guys! Lets do this." All of them headed for the bell. Salthemor walk up to the bell and begin to make it sound. Players would surround them Salthemor would take a big breath and then talk:
"Today we go to war...Today me and my ten followers will walk into the woods. We will go past the dark woods and try the boss. We gonna face death only us eleven. I want you all to stay around here. If the stone begins to glow in town means you can teleport to the next town. If not then you might be prepared to hear eleven death buzz. Then we dead and been a pleasure to be here. I Salthemor join by my ten friends. Lothrilla, Greyben, Survie, Furov, Ariena, Tojo, Lothar, Yukitara, Alexn and Mirrei. Will today maybe die. But we did it with a smile as we know we will give hope you guys. So now...I will say. Hope i will see you again one day. Either on the other side of the forest or the other side of life. Because all of you helped us. The shop owners there sell us items for cheep. The small adventures who clear the forest of the small mops so we quick can pass through. The newspaper writers. Who leak us the newest infomation on the game and last but not least. My friends." Salthemor would turn around and look at his ten followers:
"Lothrilla the archer. My dear friend and first one to join me on my adventure. Greyben the mage. The logic user and second tactic maker of my guild. Alexn the rouge. Our second fastes and always the happy guy. Mirrei the healer. She who wield the light and healing close to her as she don't want to harm anyone. Lothar the paladin. A sword and shield user who bares the strenge and courage of a true knight. Furov the monk. His iron fist always hit the mark the right spot to deal massiv damage. Survie the survivalist. He who gather and bring to the guild survival and help. Tojo the blacksmith. Crafted and repaired our weapons. Youngest blacksmith out there but clearly the best. Ariena the wild. Her fighting style and moment clearly match her strenge in battle and last but at least not for me least is. Yukitara the samurai. She who helped me here from day one and she who gave me a promise about survival. The promise might be broken today. But we can say we survived so long. But she keep up her smile and she keep up mine. That why i grew love to her. So today friends and followers will we match into the corrupted woods to fight of the corrupted humans. Today we face our true enemy and we will bring victory or death into this. So we say goodbye or no...Not goodbye but see you all later!" Salthemor ended as he jumped down. His ten followers would follow him. All of them had a tear in his eyes. They would end in the corrupted forest they would kill the ants and the corrupted humans slowly getting to a mountain. At the foot would the portal rest. They would walk up to it preparing for their last battle:
"Its now..." Said Lothar:
"Yes truly this is exiting and frighting." Said Greyben:
"Never doubt chief!" Said Furov:
"His gonna bring us to victory." Continued Survie:
"Yes his a great man." Said Lothrilla:
"His not only our chief but our friend." Said Tojo. Salthemor would hold up his arm:
"Will you guys be silent!" Said Salthemor and turn around:
"Im no other but a player. Im not a savior and you all know that. We gonna do this but please...don't think i can do everything. Im only human." The friends eyes would widen as their look at their crying leader:
"Im so scared right now!" Said Salthemor:
"I can't do this...But i need to...every time we go out here i get a coward we all know that. So will you shut up already about that savior crap. Im just a player. With stats!" The friends would go silent and look down. Salthemor would get a hold of himself:
"Sorry. Lets just do this." They would step through the portal. Their would appear in a ring of trees. In the middle would the button rest. Salthemor would walk a step forward but his shoulder would be grabbed:
" okay?" Said Yuki holding him back. Salthemor gave a small nod as he look behind him. The morale was all gone. He would have remove all hope from their eyes. Salthemor would take a a second to breath before turn around:
"Yes im a coward...Lothrilla a scared of spiders...Greyben a pessimist...Alexn to childish...Mirrei to scared of battle...Lothar sometimes act to adult...Furov to aggressive...Survie to cold sometimes...  Tojo to young to die...Ariena to scared of people fate...and Yuki is to weak to be here." Yuki eyes widen. All of their eyes widen:
"We all have our flaws. But we need to face them as we all do sometimes...I man up to do this...Lothrilla fight the spiders...Greyben look on the bright side...Alexn try to be helpful and learn healing...Mirrei fight for her friends...Lothar only try to be adult to show his mature...Furov only aggressive because he wants to protect...Survie cold because he don't want to care for someone he might lose...Tojo might be young but his brave...Ariena only care for others...and Yuki only want to protect me... We all face our flaws and yes i might be a coward but im gonna step up today so lets do this!" The other cheer at him. Yuki hug his arm as he would use the other to smash the button. All would turn silent as corruption would start drip from the sky. Salthemor would draw his weapon all would be ready to do this.

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