Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


13. Illusion

All eight of them walked in the dark woods:
"Man i kinda miss the open warm forest now." Said Lothar prepared with his giant shield and sword. Giant spiders came running at them:
"Spiders!" Scream Lothrilla. Lothar jump forward and swung his sword at it. Furov slam his metal fist into it. Survie slide under Furov and Slam his mace up into the spider. There were more spiders:
"Hey let me guess there a fifty procent chance for poison attack from these bastards." Said Salthemor. Alexn jump around:
"Woo dudette why so scared." Alexn look at Lothrilla:
"You know why Alexn. Lothrilla have arachnophobia." answers Greyben:
"Oh yeah that's right dude!" Alexn spin around in the air:
"Wooo!" He slam down into a spider as a torpedo:
"That was fun dude!" Spiders came coming. Salthemor look around:
"There to many. Split up and meet back here in five minutes don't stop running!" Salthemor ran with Greyben. Alexn and Mirrei. Survie and Furov. Lothar and Lothrilla:
"Come on Lothrilla!" He grab her by the stomach and place her on his shoulder as he ran." Soon after had they lost the spiders:
"Where are we?" Said Lothar. Lothrilla looked around:
"I don't know." Answer Lothrilla. She crawl down from his shoulders and look around. They could hear something move in the woods. Out of the bush jump a lizard it look at them and suddenly vanished. Lothar look at where it was:
"What...was that?" Lothrilla sighed:
"it vanished faster then i could focus scan it." Lothar shrug on his shoulder:
"We should go that way." Lothar walked slowly back. They walk into a bush and ended right back where they started:
"What the?"

Furov and Survie ran:
"Why run we could see how many spider teeth would could collect?" Ask Survie:
"No! We got our orders." Answer Furov. They both stop up:
"Did they stop follow us?" Ask Furov:
"Looks like it!" Smiled Survie:
"They must be intimidate by me!" Laugh Furov. Survie hit back head so i lost a half procent of his health bar:
"You mean intimidated by me!" Said Survie. The two look at each other mad. Then laughed a bit. They heard something in the bush. Something jumped out and they scream.

Salthemor and Greyben ran:
"Wait up chief you to fast!" Salthemor laughed:
"I am the dark flash after all." Greyben laughed:
"True thing chief." They stop up:
"Its like they stop follow us." Said Salthemor. Greyben look behind them and answered:
"Yeah there spiders gone." Salthemor shrug and began to walk:
"Lets walk back then." Greyben walked after him:
"Can i ask a thing Salthemor?" Salthemor nodded:
"Yeah ask away my friend." Greyben look at him:
"Do you like Yukitara?" Salthemor shiver and blush a bit:
"No...shes just a friend." Greyben shrug:
"Hmm she likes you." Salthemor look at him:
"Do you think so?" Salthemor said exited. Greyben just nodded. They heard something in the bush out of it jump a lizard. The lizard look at them and just vanish.

Mirrei and Alexn ran fast the spiders were following them:
"Run dudette!" Mirrei laugh:
"Yeah run dude!" Alexn look at her. She was laughing while getting chased and call him dude. He smile:
"You become like me dudette!" She nodded:
"I am not shy and scared anymore. I am Free!" She turn around and slam her staff down into a spider. Alexn jump over her:
"Woo!" Scream Alexn out as he twisted around:
"Moon slash!" He hit a spider and the others was turn to dust by the light. Alexn laugh out loud:
"I love the ability man. Its like the moon just help us!" Mirrei laugh:
"True dude." Mirrei charge over and hug Alexn. Alexn hug back for once:
"Hey...dudette?" Mirrei gave out a sound:
"I think i care for you dudette." She smiled:
"I care to...dude....i care to." Alexn and Mirrei headed back. They were back where the other should be:
"Where could they be Dudette?" Mirrei look at Alexn:
"They not dead. The sound haven't played. We should search first Salthemor." They ran the way Salthemor was.

Lothar and Lothrilla keep going ended the same place again and again:
"This is strange Lothar." Said Lothrilla while walking:
"Its a endless loop." Said Lothar:
"Something bust have hit us with some kinda spell." Said Lothrilla:
"Can't you use you detect spell Lothrilla to detect magic?" Lothrilla nodded sat down:
"Focus!" Everything was calm she just focused:
"We in a illusion spell and the creature there made it is right there!" She throw her dagger and hit a invisible lizard. She walk closer and use focus on that:
"Its called a Ilusinate. You need a focus skill of two to detect its magic. Everyone should have that." Everything around them turn into the forest they lied on the forest floor:
"If we wake up like this means that the others might get hit by the illusion to and might be captured in a dream!" Said Lothar:
"That means that they vulnerable to the spiders! We need to find them." Said Lothrilla. Lothar and Lothrilla ran into the middle of the forest where they were before. Suddenly something could be heard. The sound there made all players eyes widen. A buzz sound in the sky then again and again. Until eight sound was heard:
"A team...just died." Said Lothar. Lothrilla grab his arm and pull him with her:
"We don't have time we need to find the others before we hear there buzz." Said Lothrilla while pulling him with her. They found Furov and Survie lie in the grass asleep. The lizard was looking at them just looking. Lothrilla shot it down with her bow it died instantly. It woke up the two:
"What just happen!" Said Furov:
"What the hell!" Said Survie:
"I just had the worst nightmare...we fell..asleep in the...dark....woods?" Said Furov. They look around and realise they here:
"Okay so no dream. But we alive right?" Lothrilla and Lothar grabbed them and got back to the middle of everything. Alexn and Mirrei came running with Salthemor and Greyben:
"Don't worry we all here now aren't we?" Said Salthemor:
"Lets get back then. Teleport Crystal Everdale valley!" Salthemor shouted and vanished all of his friend did the same.

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