Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


20. I realized

Lothrilla would firstly look sad when she saw Yuki lie at the side of Salthemor. But then smile. Greyben place a hand on Lothrilla shoulder. Lothar would stand at Greyben side then head out of the room. The other four would sit outside looking at Salthemor. All of them would head downstairs. Greyben would take Lothrilla with him:
"Does it hurt?" Greyben ask:
" start i was a bit in chock...but after we talk...i i can leave Salthemor in Yuki hands." Lothrilla answer happy. Greyben would walk around town alone for a bit. He would smile at the other players who were finally filled with hope after Salthemor speech. Greyben nodded he knew today was the day they need to face the next boss. Mirrei and Alexn would sit on the roof of the inn:
"So we wait to see what next zone is...and if we like it we buy house there dudette?" Alexn said as Mirrei nodded:
"Yes we do and i think all of us do so we have each our house." Alexn would grab Mirrei hand:
"I know this might sound crazy but i realized im happy to be trap here dudette." Mirrei look at him with widens eyes:
"What?" Alexn smiled:
"Think about it. Its like the real world...fell the sun...and air...the npc is not a part of the real world but help to fell we not alone. This like the real world but better. Because there nothing called robbers. Only in the wilderness. We can die in the real world but here we can fight back...Like...maybe Sitradoreh not that crazy and knew...we would like it here?" Mirrei look at Alexn and then smiled:
"You are right..." She answered. Furov and Survie had a challenge on who could cut most lumber. They were talking:
"Did you hear that?" Furov said with a smile and Survie nodded:
"Alexn is right...We stuck here. But we still live our lives." Said Survie:
"Yes...I enjoy this...its like...we super heroes...we can do magic and kill monsters." Said Furov. Survie smile to him:
"Well thanks for the briefer but because you day dreaming i got in front." Said Survie. Furov snap out of it and cut down wood faster. Lothar and Lothrilla could hear Alexn from the window inside the inn:
"Alexn and Mirrei are the perfect example on how we should live." Said Lothar:
"Yes they plan the future...plan they life...we stuck in a game...but they still found love and Alexn just enjoy this trip rather then focus on coming out." Said Lothrilla. They smile to each other:
"And chief...haven't mention his sister in the last week. Like....he just happy." Salthemor would have waken up. His window was open and he heard Alexn speech. Yuki was still sleeping her head on his chest:
They are right...Maybe this is not that bad...Now we can get house...and married. Salthemor though glided around as he smiled at the sleeping girl. Greyben returned. He saw them all. He knew something was up because for the first time he could see all of them smile. Alexn was sitting on the roof Mirrei resting her head on his shoulder. Furov and Survie trying there best to win but both just..laughing smiling and talking. Lothrilla and Lothar talking like nothing was wrong anymore. Salthemor saw Yuki wake up her eyes open a bit she smiled at the side of the green stribet hair:
"Morning." She said Softly rubbing her head on his chest. Salthemor laugh a bit silently:
"Slept well?" Yuki nodded to his question and got up. She got herself armor up and smiled to him:
"I better get back to my group." Salthemor nodded and got up himself. All of them met in the inn:
"Okay guys today we gonna face the boss itself." Said Salthemor. The others smiled:
"First off whats with you guys?" Said Greyben look at them:
"He didn't hear it did he?" Said Mirrei. Alexn step forward and smiled:
"We all accept we stuck here and gonna live life as we want to. Its not game anymore. This is our life now dude!" Greyben look at them if they all was like that. All of them smiled and nodded. Even Salthemor. Greyben smiled:
"Even if Alexn is right i still want to get out." Salthemor nodded and answer him:
"We all want to. But we don't want that to be all we think about because then we go crazy. Lets just live our life!" All of them were talking when the door went up and in came Yuki:
"Do i interrupt?" Salthemor shake his head:
"No its fine we were about to leave anyway:" Said Salthemor with a smile. Yuki look at him:
"Where are you going today?"  Salthemor move forward and place a hand on her shoulder:
"We going after second boss." Yuki eye widen:
"Already...Salthemor if you continue like this you out of this village before me..." Salthemor smiled:
"Maybe i am but i come visit here everyday then." Salthemor left with his group. Yuki would stand in the inn she was crying. She fall to her knees:
"Why am i so slow?"

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