Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


40. Guardian

"Everything is so dark...Where am i?" Said Tojo as he would lie in the darkness:
"Is this death?" He said and look at the only light in the room. It was a screen showing what Tojo body would look at. He could see Twist laughing while kicking Tojo:
"Im not dead....Something keeping me alive?" Said Tojo and look at the screen he could see at the background would all of Cross bane stand. All of them would scream he could not hear anything. Tojo would smile at the screen and place a hand on it:
"This...was it?" He ask himself:
"You die today...for you friends." He said to himself. He suddenly could hear a voice:
"Don't die!" It was Lothrilla voice. He look at the screen of all the cheers and scream he could only hear her voice:
"Please don't die! Come on Tojo get up!" She scream from the crowd. He smiled:
"I would love to if i could." Said Tojo to himself. He would look at the dark:
"I can't move my body...Its like...i have no control anymore." He said looking at the screen. He could hear her scream again and again he needed to survive. He could see Twist foot hit him again and again. For every hit would Tojo fell more weak and weak. Tojo look at the screen tears falling down his eyes as he saw the vision of the screen begin to be more and more blurry. Tojo smiles at the screen:
"Salthemor...Alexn...Mirrei...Furov...Survie...Ariena...Greyben...Lothar...Yuki........Lothrilla." Said Tojo. A heart beat could be heard in the darkness:
"I won't give up." Said Tojo. Tojo would wake up and grab the foot of Twist:
"I won't give up!" Said Tojo more mad:
"I won't give up!!!" Scream Tojo out. Tears rolling down his eyes:
"Are you crying...How ADORABLE!" Said Twist as he kick Tojo head with the other foot and he roll up a house. Tojo would take a hold of his shield:
"Lothrilla....Salthemor...Ariena...Alexn...Mirrei...Furov...Survie...Greyben...Lothar...Yuki........Lothrilla!" Said Tojo as he begin to glow:
"Enough!" Tojo got up. Twist charge at him and swung his metal spike:
"Die!" Tojo glow up and in pain and anger scream out:
"Hirikari!" He glowed more the spike would break at the touch of something. Tojo would stand up. The shield would broken down and melted on his arm making him get a yellow holy metal arm. He would have two glowing light wings. The wing would protect him from the spike. Tojo would look at him. He would move forward fast and slam his metal fist into Twist. Twist would fly back hard. He smash into the wall of the building. All of Cross bane would look at him. Tojo would look at Lothrilla. A small smile spread on Tojo face. Lothrilla eyes widen at the look of him. Twist would look up:
"What is this?" Tojo would look at him:
"The end of you!" Tojo dash forward with good speed smashing his hand into the witch doctor. The witch doctor fell backwards smashing the ground. Tojo would walk slowly towards him:
"This strenge...Wow!" Said Tojo. he smiled over to Lothrilla. Lothrilla look at him. She could see his lips move and now exactly what he says. The crowd was to loud to hear it but he said:
"Thanks...This...Strenge...Is...Because...Of...You." Lothrilla eyes widen. She return his smile. Tojo charge at Twist again slamming his fist on him again and again:
"You...Stop...Hunting...Us!" Twist fall to the ground. He look up at Tojo with fear:
"Please don't kill me.." Twist cried out. Tojo grab him by the throat:
"I won't do it..." Tojo would hit him. Twist would fall to the ground and drop to 1 procent health. Tojo would release him:
"I won't do it...but a dark duel a dark gonna die no matter what." A dark tune start playing as bone shot up the ground and twist around making a gate. The gate would open. Twist would look with horror all of the people around them look at horror as two pure white claws grab Twist and pull him in:
"No! Please...NO! I don't wanna diiiie!" More did he not say before he was gone into the gate. Tojo would walk forward and fall to the ground knocked out. Tojo would wake up. His body would be heavy he could not move his arms. Lothrilla would sit at his side:
"You woke up..." She said Smiling. Tojo would try to smile but was to weak:
"What...happen?" Said Tojo. Lothrilla would look at him:
"You grew so strong that you used Hirikari." She said. Tojo smiled:
"Me use Hirikari... That i never knew i would do." Tojo said with a smile. Lothrilla would suddenly ask:
"Was it true?" Tojo look confused at her:
"True?" Tojo asked confused:
"What it true i gave you such powers." She asked. Tojo eyes would widen for a second before he would smile:
"In the middle of the fight when he began to kick me i kinda vanish. My mind were there but my body would not respond. Every time he kicked me i felt the death come closer. But in the dark and pain in all the silent i could hear you voice. You scream for me to fight up and for me to continue. You voice gave me strenge and then i unleash it in the Hirikari i think." He said smiling. Lothrilla would look with widen eyes:
"Why?" She asked:
"Why do i give you power?" She then said:
"Because i heard how sad you were. It was like you...cried right into my soul and the last thing i want is to see you cry...any of you. But you Lothrilla been the person to be closes to me right now. We walk so many times around the city and when Twist challenge me i didn't pick up my shield because of honor. No i did it to protect you. All of you. Because Lothrilla im you guardian." He said with a smile. She begin to tear up:
"Did i not just say you should not cry?" He says with a smile. Lothrilla lean forward hugging him:
"Never do such a thing you dummy." She said laughing and crying. Tojo only laughed. Salthemor would lie in the room next to them and hear it all. Yuki was there with him she smiled:
"They sound so friendly they really care for each other." Yuki said smiling. Salthemor nodded:
"Yes truly well..." Salthemor said and got up from bed. He would stand. Yuki would look at him in surprise:
"Don't stand up recover a bit more." She said. Salthemor shake his head:
"No i need a cup of tea." Salthemor would pass right pass Tojo and Lothrilla who were laughing and talking:
"Take good care of her Tojo..." Salthemor said low to himself before heading down. Everyone from the group would act in chock seeing there leader on feet again:
"What you doing up!" Everyone said. Lothrilla look at the door and saw Yuki holding a fist closer to her heart and smile down the corridor:
"His finally up?" Said Lothrilla. Yuki nodded:
"Yes his fine again. But seems like you two won't go on missions. Soon. Tojo need to recover and you better watch over him Lothrilla." Said Yuki before she happy ran down the corridor and began to yell:
"Get back in bed you dumass!" She yell to Salthemor. Salthemor would scream before get pulled up the stairs and over the corridor. Salthemor gave a smile to Lothrilla before he pass the door. Lothrilla smiled back. She would begin to talk with Tojo to keep him happy.

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