Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


67. Greed versus Furov.

Furov would run at the side of Ariena:
"Is someone following us?" Furov shouted. Ariena looked back behind them ran two people. One of them was thin had a black jacket on. His hands hidden in gloves. The gloves would be jeweled from top to toe. He would have black pants on and black shoes. He had black hair up into a ponytail. He would have a red eye and a pure gold eye. His smile was arrogant and creepy. The other one would be a girl. She would have black hair made into spikes. She would have long green fingers and giant green eyes. Her skin would be green in some places and she would wear green pants with a purple jacket and bare feet. Furov would look back too and see the two freak shows:
"Okay we split here!" Furov shouted and Ariena and Furov dash to each direction. The gold eyed man charge efter Furov while the green fingered girl charge af Ariena. Furov would stumble and fall down into a valley. He would land in a bush and look up. The man with the golden eye look right at him:
"Seems like this is gonna be easy." Said the golden eye man. Furov crack his fist and prepare them. The man took off his gloves showing his pure golden hands:
"Time to show you Greed." Said Greed as he touch the tree at his side. The tree would twist and turn and the bark would turn into spikes firing towards Furov. Furov raise his guard and the spikes broke with contact of his gauntlets. Greed smiled:
"Oh i can see...A fighter this is gonna be fun!" Greed shouted as he jump down and his gold hands glow up as The earth from the valley turn to spikes and shot towards Furov. Furov would break the spikes with his fists:
"You need more then only stone spikes to harm me...Greed!" Furov shouted. Greed eye widen as he would smile:
"I see. You want a proper fight?" Greed said as he place his hand on the ground and a giant dragon of earth. Furov eyes widen:
"Then let me give it to you. Stone dragon!" Greed shouted as it moved towards Furov:
"I can't break that." Furov said and began to run. The dragon would follow him:
"Don't try to escape fighter! The dragon is under my command!" Greed shouted. Furov ran towards the wall:
"My name is not fighter." Furov said as he ran up the wall and jump backwards. He would twist his body around and slam his fist down into the dragon head smashing the head:
"Im Furov!" Greed eye widen as he saw the boy destory the head of the dragon in one punch. Furov arm began to bleed:
"To...Much force." Furov said. Greed ran through the valley touching everything in sight. Plants turn into pods of poison there unleash gas towards Furov. Stones turn into cannon shooting rocks. Trees spears shooting towards Furov. So many things at once turn into Greed weapons. Furov eyes widen as the gas shot towards him. Furov jump back. He would hold up his guard breaking the stones. But the spears impaled his arms and shoulders making him fall back. Greed smiled:
"Gotcha!" Greed said. He look at Furov there was hardly breathing:
"Damn it...." Furov said as he could see his health bar was low. Greed walked towards Furov:
"Seems like i won...Fighter." Greed said. Furov grab the spears and pull them out slowly standing up:
"My not....fighter." Furov said. Furov hand began to glow:
"Im Furov!" Furov shouted as he punch the air. A wave of pure force hit Greed and shot him back. Furov arm would bleed more and more:
"To...much force..." Furov said to himself. Greed slowly go up:
"What...Was that?" Greed said. Furov would gasp for air as he tighten his fist and the hand would glow again. Furov would unleash a wave of force again. It would hit Greed so he flew into the wall of the valley:
" he hitting me with?" Greed asked to himself. Slowly getting up. Furov tighten and loosen his fist again and again:
"Power...Such power...Something in this jungle with a great power." Furov said. Greed got up:
"You can sense him...His name is Zanto. His a program. But no a machine. His a AI with a brain. Its hard to explain but his a machine with though's and felling's. His here in Osiris oasis to protect it. His with us and his hunting you friend with the mace." Greed said. Furov eyes widen:
"Survie! Is something with such power hunting my friend!" Furov said as he tighten his fist:
"Yes...His on the level of power with a Captain. Same level as Captain Skyswiper." Greed said:
"You friends good as dead." Greed said with a smile. Furov eyes widen as he charge forward. Greed would press his hands against the ground:
"Time for my strongest attack. The Earth Hydra!" The earth began to shake as Furov stopped. Three giant snake heads came up from the ground made of earth. They were hissing and looking right down at Furov:
"Bath in the shadows of my colossus." Greed screamed out. Furov eyes widen the giant heads fangs would drop with poison even if they were made of earth. He could see plants wrap around the fangs the poison gas plants. Furov would take a step back as he saw Greed on top of the hydra:
"Now die!" Greed shouted as the three heads flew down towards Furov. Furov would unleash one more force wave but it would not even leave a crack in the hydra head. He would just be fast enough to jump back from the heads. He would slide over the ground looking at the beast:
"What...can i do?" Furov said to himself:
"I need to help Survie. This Zanto. If his so powerful..." Furov said as Greed watch him:
"The only way i survive this...Is if i break greed himself." Furov said as he tighten his fist and got up. His fist began to glow:
"One chance." Furov said as he ran forward with a good speed. The snake heads would charge towards him. Furov jump up. He just set the foot on the first snake head before he jump more up. He dodge the next one and was now midair as he saw Greed right into his eyes:
"Greed!" Furov shouted as he punch the air. The force would shot towards Greed and hit him right on. The third head would move towards Furov. It open its mouth and was about to set it fangs into him. Greed smashed into the ground hard and the moment he did would the hydra break. Furov would land on the ground hard. He would drop down on five procent health. He would break his legs by the fall and was unable to get up:
"Damn it...A bone break effect for thirty minutes...I can't" Furov said before he blackout. 

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