Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


53. Gravedigger.

Salthemor would wake up. He would look around. He was still in the workshop. It was a nice day yesterday. The training with Batt was begun and they had dinner at Koska tavern. After that they said goodbye to Koska and Batt and went home. Salthemor smiled but the smile quickly turn sad. He was thinking about the others in Lotus. He didn't wanna leave but needed to everyone better safety. Salthemor would sigh and lie down into the bed again as he continue his sleep. Somewhere between Lotus and Everdale valley would Burst and Gravedigger meet:
"Hello captain." Said Burst:
"Hello underling. Any news about the cross bane?" Burst shake his head:
"They been quite passive since Salthemor left." Said Burst
"Fine today i will attack Salthemor when his training that failed girl to Batt." Said Gravedigger. He laughed in a evil way. He began to walk:
"By the way. Lead captain blood drinker will come and inspect our mission one of the days." Said Burst:
"Fine then i see forward to see the lead captain again." Said Gravedigger as he left the area. Later would the two of them train in the forest. Salthemor would watch over Batt
"Watch you six!" Salthemor shouted. Batt dodge to the left and whipped the boar with her robe. She would smile and look at Salthemor. Her eyes widen as she screamed out:
"Watch you six!" Salthemor quickly dodge as a shovel would come flying. Salthemor would look behind him. Toya would come walking slowly:
"Seem like i caught myself two players!" Said Toya as he walked up to them:
"Batt stay back." Said Salthemor as he grab his hook blades. Gravedigger walked up and place his hand on the shovel. Salthemor sighed:
"Batt whatever happen you stay back. This is a red sun member you not able to harm him at all." The gravedigger would smile under the bandage:
"This is gonna be fun!" Said he before he dash forward and swung his shovel at Salthemor. Salthemor parried and they would have a cross of blades. Gravedigger laugh as he would smash his fist right into Salthemor face. Salthemor fell back. He would get up fast. Gravedigger would walk closer he would smile under the bandage once more:
"You not using full force." Said gravedigger. Salthemor would appear behind Toya in a blink of an eye:
"No im not." Salthemor slash Toya. He rush forward and kept hitting him. Toya would laugh with a evil tone. He would grab Salthemor head even if he just got slash and smash his head down into the ground. Salthemor would cough out in pain. Gravedigger would grab Salthemor head and force him face down over the ground. Small blood drops came from Salthemor head as he got up:
"Well then." Salthemor said as he look up. Batt had fully fear in her eyes:
"I think you better run off." Said Salthemor looking at Batt. Batt would shiver scared:
"But Salthemor?" She said:
"Get away before its to late." Said Salthemor. Batt ran off. Salthemor breath out in pain as he look at her run away:
"Good. Shes safe. Shes safe." Salthemor said. He would take a hold of his hook blade:
"Well i might die today. But i know she got away safe." Salthemor said as he took a good hold of his blade. Toya would smile under the bandage and slowly walk closer to Salthemor. He would tilt his head:
"Sacrificing himself like a true hero..." Said Toya as he would pull the shovel over the ground. Salthemor would dash towards him and their blades would collide. Toya would hold Salthemor blade back with no trouble. Toya would try to grab Salthemor head again but this time was Salthemor ready and use his other balde to grab Toya side and pull him down unto the ground. The hook of the blade would slash in the already bandage man. He would after stomp down on the man. Toya would growl in pain:
"You kid...You really think you have a chance. Do you!" Said Toya as he grab Salthemor leg and push it away. Salthemor would jump backwards and be ready. Toya stood up. Toya would smile and remove the coffin from his back:
"Im gonna show you why they call me the gravedigger." Said Toya as he would unlock the first lock of the three of them on his coffin. A small glow of darkness swirled around the air. Salthemor eyes widen. Toya would let the darkness consume him. The shovel would vanish into nothing as Toya would slowly begin to levitate. The red cold eye would lock on Salthemor. The red eye would get a dark orb inside it. Salthemor prepared his blades. Toya would hold out his hand. The bandage would loosen up a bit as darkness began to pour out of the bandage. Salthemor would dash towards him. Toya would sling the darkness like slime. The darkness would hit a branch and it would crumble to dust. Salthemor would jump and spin around. Just so he passed through the darkness. Toya would make a giant globe of darkness and toss it forward. Salthemor would try to slide under it. His knee cab would get touch by the darkness. He would pain and grab to his knee cap. It would have become a bit more dark. Like his small knee had withered. Salthemor got up. He looked at the darkness leaking mummy. Salthemor would take a battle positions and breath out. Toya would wave his hand forward and unleash a wave of the darkness towards Salthemor. Salthemor would vanish and  try to come close to Toya with his speed. He appeared behind Toya and slash his back. Toya would grunt in pain and turn around. He would grab Salthemor arm. The darkness would touch his arms. It was burning. Salthemor would scream out in pain and fell back. Salthemor would grab to his arm. Toya would smile:
"Im gonna make a fine grave with you. You useless hero." Said Toya. His voice would echo now and be more dark. Salthemor would sigh and take a good hold of his blade:
"Im not death yet!" Salthemor shouted. Toya would smile:
"Uhh. A fighter." Said Toya satisfied. Salthemor smiled. They dash towards each other. Salthemor would dodge all the darkness and try to get hits in on the man. But Toya would seem fast to. It would be a endless wave of dodge and hits. They would not hit each other at all. Salthemor would jump backwards as Toya would levitate backwards:
"you really are a strong enemy Salthemor." Said Toya:
"You nothing but a fly!" Said Salthemor as he appear in front of Toya and slash right through him. Toya would cough up blood and fell down. Salthemor would take some steps back. He would grab his arm:
"Damn it." Salthemor said as he felt the pain in his arm. Toya would levitate up:
"Damn you!" Said Toya as he levitate towards the coffin. He unlock one more lock. More darkness came out and became one with him. Toya would loosen more of his bandage as most of his body parts was dark skin now. Claws would grow out of his bandage. The bandage would fall a bit of his face. Another pure red eye would be seen. Salthemor would take a few steps back. He was not Ready for this. Such dark powers haven't he ever seen in any person or monster from a game. He would tighten the grib of his hook blade and dash towards Toya. Toya would scream like a demon and unleash a dark wave of pure darkness. Salthemor grab his hook blade and cut through the darkness. Salthemor would breath out and scared move forward. Toya would make a giant ball of darkness and toss it towards him. Salthemor got hit by it and  get shot back. Salthemor would scream in pain:
"!" Salthemor said in pain. Salthemor would get up slowly. Toya would laugh as he would make a giant ball of darkness and prepare to tossed it at Salthemor. Back in Everdale valley would Batt dash towards the workshop. She kick open the door:
"Yuki!" Shouted Batt out. Yuki look at her:
"What?" Yuki asked. Batt would breath heavily as she just ran from the forest into town:
"Salthemor...Danger...Forest...Red sun." She said as she collapse on the ground. Yuki eyes widen. Yuki would grab her katana and charge out. Batt would grab Yuki:
"Don't. Its to dangerous!" Batt said:
"His pure evil. His truly pure evil." Said Batt. Yuki eyes widen:
"I can't...Just sit here and wait." Said Yuki. Yuki would remember what Salthemor told them as he left:
"If anyone have power enough to stand by my side and help me gather info then follow. I won't accept everyone as this need to be done silently. So please only do it if you believe you strong enough to stand by my side!" Repeated Yuki. Yuki would sigh as she sat down:
"Strong enough to follow you." She said. Batt would look at her:
"What?" Batt asked:
"Strong enough to follow him. He wanted someone there was strong enough. But i don't know if im strong enough." Said Yuki. Batt place her metal finger hand on her shoulder:
"Go. Help him if you believe you strong." Said Batt. Yuki look up and charge out of the door. Salthemor would face the darkness. He would try to get around it but there was so much darkness around him. Toya laugh with his psychopathic voice. Salthemor would press his hand on a tree to hold balance. Salthemor was lost of breath and beat up. Toya would wave his hand at Salthemor. The darkness would fly towards him. Salthemor was about to get hit when Yuki jumped in and blocked it:
"What?....Yuki!" Salthemor saw his girlfriend stand in front of him and help him:
"You told me you wanted someone who could help you. Someone who was strong enough to follow. Now im gonna prove it. Sit down. This is my fight now." Salthemor would sit down. Yuki would be ready  with her blade:
"A girl... How fun!" Said Toya:
"Are this you girlfriend Salthemor?" Asked Toya. Salthemor look up:
"I won't tell a thing." Said Salthemor:
"Batt!" Shouted Yuki. Batt came running:
"Y-Yes?" Said Batt:
"Get Salthemor to a healer." Said Yuki. Batt help Salthemor up and got him out of there. Toya would have eye contact with Yuki. Both ready now to fight.


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