Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


42. From Eight to one.

Tojo would lie asleep. He would still be to weak to stand. Fun enough would Tojo recover a bit faster then Salthemor. He would wake up to the door opening into his room. In would Lothrilla walk:
"Morning sleepy." She said smiling. She had a plate of breakfast and a glass of water. Tojo would smile and use his one arm to get up and sit:
"Im not that lazy am i?" Tojo said laughing. Lothrilla handed him the plate. Tojo could move one arm and help himself to the food:
"I still can't use my left arm. Can you hold the water for me again today?" He said. She nodded with a smile:
"Of course." She answer. Tojo would laugh and grab the fork taking some of the eggs on it eating it:
"You know you really been a big help now when i can't move. Like how can you even patience enough to be here?" He asked looking at her:
"Well i gave you power so being with me all the time might make you recover faster?" She said with a smile. Tojo would only smile. He would eat some more eggs and look at her:
"Can i ask a thing Tojo?" Lothrilla would say. Tojo would smile:
"Of course." He answered. Lothrilla would tighten the grab of the glass of water:
"Have you lied to us?" She said. Tojo eyes widen:
"What do you mean?" Tojo said:
Well when you meet us you told that you group threw you out. But the other day when Twist show those cards to us. He told that you were the only one there survived in you group." Tojo eyes widen:
"Maybe...I did lie." Tojo said tighten the grib on the fork. Lothrilla eyes soften up:
"What did make you do that?" Lothrilla asked softly:
"Because...They died. We were adventures and when they died i lost hope. Took up the roll as a blacksmith in town. When Salthemor announce the tournament i knew it was my chance for redemption." Tojo said as he would place the fork down and look at her:
"Redemption from what?" Lothrilla asked:
"Its my fault my team died." Tojo said. Lothrilla eyes widen:
"It all happen that day...It was a strange encounter because we were a group of i don't know how many. Like thirty two. We group up like four groups and was gonna try the spider boss. But we weren't strong enough and for some weird reason would the death buzz not pop. Like...It was meant to happen." Tojo said tighten his fist. 


Screams would come from everywhere as slowly the players would be overrun by spiders. Tojo and his group of friends would hold their ground up the wall. Slowly players would die around them:
"Why isen't there a death buzz!" One of the kids scream out. Tojo shake his head:
"I don't know keep up fighting!" The giant brood mother would come closer and swing its legs. Tojo would fast move to the side but his friend would take their time. All of his friend would get hit by the shock wave of the spiders leg. They would all fall around and get overrun by spiders. One by one they died:
"Why didn't you move!" Tojo scream out. Suddenly he realise what happen. He was the only one who read Salthemor update on the stone about the spider legs moving faster closer to the ground. He was the last one to check the stone and forgot to update the others on it. Tojo grab his teleport stone fast now he had time:
"Everdale valley!" Tojo would teleport out. He would land in town falling to his knees. He was shaking the lost of his friends:
"They died...." Tojo would cry. He would not be alone people would look at him at the main street. All would just pass him ignore him. One girl would walk up to him:
"Are you okay?" Tojo would rush off before knowing the girl. He would only just look back seeing the face of Lothrilla. Tojo would become a blacksmith and begin to make many weapons grow in level fast hitting master blacksmith quick. He would make his own shield:
"I don't need armor...I only need to defend those i care for." Tojo said. He would train in the lower forests to use his shield perfectly:
"Code of the shield..." He said swinging his shield at a boar:
"Code of the shield." He repeated to himself as he smash a eagle:
"CODE OF THE SHIELD!" Tojo scream out as he kill a dire wolf:
"THE CODE OF THE SHIELD. TO PROTECT THOSE YOU CARE FOR!" Tojo scream out as he kill all around him. He would bring back his loot make it to metal begin to craft on his shield. He would only start with a wooden shield but soon after it would become metal then steel and at last his titanium metal shield with spikes. He would keep training and keep reforge his shield to grow in strenge. One day he was walking in the main street as he would hear the main bell ring. He would walk over and see Salthemor on the bell. His eyes would lock on someone else do. Lothrilla. The girl who ask if he was okay.


"Wait so you were the kid back there." Said Lothrilla. Tojo nod:
"Im sorry i ran off. I just could not bare one more second in sadness. So i wanted to grow stronger." Tojo answer:
"I have the burden of my teammates and twenty five other players life. So i bare the code of the shield. To protect those you care for." He smiled to her. He pick up his fork again and begin to eat:
"So when Twist was bugging us. You chose to sacrifice yourself because of that code?" Lothrilla asked. Tojo gave a small nod finish his plate of food:
"Truly yes. Im in debt that you guys took me in." Tojo said. Suddenly would someone walk into the room:
"Your not in any debt. You join because you were strong enough to pick up whats left and fight. Don't come here think that you own me...No us anything. You here because you a cross bane not because we accept it. You one of us." Salthemor said as he would smile to him. Tojo eyes would water up:
"S-Salthemor?" Tojo said softly. Lothrilla smiled. Salthemor walked forward:
"Im Salth Hijikunu. Im seventeen years old and from central Japan." Salthemor hold out his palm. Tojo would smile grab his hand and with sob and tears say:
"Im Jasper Hanse. Fifteen year old German boy." Tojo would smile. Salthemor would leave again:
"Welcome to our group Jasper:" Said Salthemor before leaving:
"Im Jal Andersen. Nineteen year old danish girl." Lothrilla would say smiling at Tojo. Tojo would keep sobbing:
"Pl-Ple-PLeas-Pleasure to meet you." Tojo said bursting into tears. Lothrilla just hug him. 

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