Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


18. Fear of spiders

The others finally came down all smiling. Salthemor looked at them with a smile:
"Are we ready for today briefing?" All of them nodded:
"Yes i think we are dude!" Said Alexn. Salthemor nodded and look worried at Lothrilla:
"Are you ready to go in there again. With you Arachnophobia?" Lothrilla nodded softly:
"Ma-maybe. Its still scary but i can't let you guys down!" Salthemor nodded:
"Fine then let us begin. Today we go back and kill some monsters in the darker woods so we can become stronger and more prepared for the boss. An other we face now is the third monster. We haven't found it yet. We know there these lizards of illusion and the spiders but we missing something. So today's mission is to find the last monster and to find out what it is and what it can do. That's our mission for today!" The others nodded as they pick up there weapon and prepare to leave city. They were walking down the hills all ready. They just went through the first forest with ease. They all grow so much stronger. They walked through the portal into the dark forest there they finally prepared for good. They walk slowly through the dark forest. No monster seem to spawn around them. They lower their guard. The moment they did that would spiders jump down from the trees. Lothrilla scream and ran over to Salthemor. Salthemor impaled the spider from above:
"Easy now." Said Salthemor:
"Its a ambush!" Scream Furov out smashing a spider. Spiders came from all side:
"I see. The woods spawn rate is made to ambush!" Said Greyben as he fling a fireball at a spider killing it. Salthemor slash a spider. After that a ice bolt hit it and send it flying. Lothrilla nervous shot the spider down killing it. Furov and Survie had there usually challenge and kill spiders at each other side to count how many they killed. Lothar slash a spider down as Alexn would stab it from the air:
"Woo!" Mirrei laugh at Alexn and waved a healing spell around. It would hit Salthemor who just got bitten. Spiders keep coming. Salthemor would focus his slashes so it would always hit it critically. Greyben would focus for those there fall from the air. A enemy is more vulnerable in the air so he took the time to hit it there. Lothrilla would be slower then usually and shot slow as she was shaking from fear. Furov would smash spiders fast. He slammed his fist down crushing a spider head. Survie smash his mace into the side of a spider. He then got jump on by a spider. He lost his mace. Survie grab his axe in his belt and began to swing it at the spider. He killed it garb his mace and kept fighting. Alexn would kinda fly around the air. He upgraded his agility and jump ability. So he was like flying around slashing them. Mirrei would keep an eye on her friends health bar every time it drop a bit she would heal them.Lothar would hold some of them back with his shield and when time was right would force his blade into it. More and more spiders was coming:
"There so many chief!" Scream Lothar out:
"Keep fighting until i say so." Say Salthemor:
"I can't keep this up chief!" Scream Greyben out:
"Fine Alexn use you Moon slash." Alexn nodded:
"Okay dude!" Alexn backflip up into the air as his sword glow. He smile to Mirrei as he flew down fast:
"Moon slash!" The blade hit a spider. The light nova shot out to all sides and killed the spiders around them:
"Dude...that was...awesome!" Alexn fall to his knees:
"Im okay...just tired dudes." Alexn would laugh. It takes much mana to use a skill and he already had fought for a bit. Mirrei ran over to him and handed him a mana potion:
"Drink up then you might fell better." She said letting Alexn drink from the mana potion. Alexn slowly felt better. The friends relaxed for a few minutes. They could suddenly see spiders coming:
"Spiders!" Scream Furov out. The friend prepared there weapons but then they hear a sound from above. Slime fell from the skies capturing the friends:
"Slimes!" The slime his every one. Lothrilla pointed her hand at a tree:
"Hookshot!" A rope bind around the tree. Lothrilla would pull herself to safety. Lothrilla grab her bow but she freeze the moment she saw the spiders. All his friend was getting held back by the slime monsters:
"Lothrilla help!" Furov scream out. They lost one procent health every five seconds. Lothrilla would shot her bow but the arrow would miss the spider. Salthemor sat still inside the slime watching Lothrilla. She would get more scared as the spiders came closer:
"Focus!" Salthemor scream out. Lothrilla eyes widen she look at Salthemor witch was smiling to her. Lothrilla nodded softly and closer her eyes:
"She focus on the sound around her." Salthemor hold up his hand inside the slime so the others would go silent. Lothrilla shot a bow hitting a spider perfectly for a one shot kill. She continue to do that on the three spiders there were left. Lothrilla look as the spiders was gone. Salthemor nodded grab his weapon and broke free from the slime by slashing it:
"Just kill it already guys!" Salthemor said the others would kill the slime they were stuck in. They all walked up to Salthemor and look at Lothrilla witch was shivering in fear she was on her knees nearly crying. Salthemor move his hand down and place it on Lothrilla head. She look up:
"Im proud of face you fear today..." Lothrilla nodded:
"My fear of spiders." Salthemor nodded:
"You are stronger then them. We all could free us self at any time...but i wanted you to win over you fear." Lothrilla smiled but shiver even more crying a bit:
"You...did this to me?" Salthemor shake his head.
"No the spider came by them self but i knew we could escape the slime when we wanted to but i wanted you to try to focus and win over this damn fear of yours." Salthemor move his other hand down helping her up. They all slowly returned. Salthemor walked in town later that evening. People began to return from the forest exhausted. Salthemor smiled and walk into a shop. He look at the vares. He began to buy a small amount of vegetables. He bought it and slowly return home. It was late. Salthemor look at the stone at the town bell. He place his finger on it and began to write in the stone. He wrote:
"Slime spawn in the darker forest. You can break free just hit the brain inside the slime and it should die. Be fast it drains one procent of you health every five seconds." Salthemor ended what he write with a dot and smiled. He could see his inn from where he was he slowly walked over to it. He look to some players walking towards him. It was the Dark hand. They draw there weapons and look at Salthemor:
"Hand over the bag!" They said. Salthemor smiled:
"Okotori?" Okotori point his katana at Salthemor who was unarmed:
"Hand over the bag or die!" Salthemor laugh Dumass we are in a safe zone. Okotori lower his weapon:
"Safe zone?" Salthemor laugh as he walked pass them:
"Inside a village you safe." Okotori run over and slam the katana down on Salthemor shoulder. The sword broke once more:
"Damn it! Why won't you just die!" Salthemor turn around:
"Fine." Salthemor place down his bag and turn around looking at Okotori:
"I go back and tell my friends we here and i come back. But this time is no mercy." Salthemor red eyes glow up. The eight others ran away scared. Salthemor laugh and grab his bag going into the inn.

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