Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


38. Dark duel

Salthemor would lied in bed for four days now. He still lie there unable to move his arms. Yuki would watch over him while the others try to find this necromancer and try to stay alive training. Not only do they watch out for monster but also for Twist and his gang. They know they have no chance without Salthemor. Lothrilla and Tojo would walk down the street:
"God damnit! I hate we capture here and can't train because of that man to Twist!" Said Tojo angry. Lothrilla laugh:
"Well then just win over him!" Said Lothrilla. Tojo would look scared:
"That guy creepy to the way he smile...its like...he stab my soul with those eyes." Said Tojo trying to act tough but fail:
"So im annoying?" Said Twist walking out a side street. Tojo would shiver and look at him. Tojo would look at Lothrilla then Twist:
"Yeah you annoying you stupid player killer!" Said Tojo trying to act tough again. Twist tilted his head:
"Fine...We can make a deal...Tojo!" Said Twist. Tojo eyes widen:
"We duel...not a normal duel...a dark duel....if you win....i will die and my group will stop hunting you...if you lose...we continue and you die!" Tojo eyes widen. He look at Lothrilla who look at him concern:
"Don't do it Tojo..." Said Lothrilla softly. Tojo would tighten his fist:
"Fine i accept one hour on the main street!" Said Tojo. Lothrilla eyes widen and Twist would smile:
"Fine...See ya there then." Lothrilla look at him:
"You know what a dark duel is right!" Scream Lothrilla at him. Tojo gave a small nod:
"Yes...a duel to the death...But if i have a slight chance to one versus one that bastard and win...So you guys could go free i will do it." Lothrilla eyes widen:
"But you so young Tojo...What if he win!" Said Lothrilla looking at him. Tojo grab his shield and look at her:
"Then i just win...That whats the plan is!" Said Tojo. Lothrilla eyes widen more at the child:
"That....We need to tell the others." Said Lothrilla. Tojo nodded to it. They headed back. All of them would collected in Salthemor room. Tojo would stand up:
"I gather you announce a big decision i did today." Salthemor look at him:
"What is it Tojo?" Said Salthemor. Tojo took a big breath and look at Lothrilla:
"I accept a dark duel today." Salthemor eyes widen all of them would cough and get a chock:
"What!" Said Salthemor:
"I accept a dark duel with Twist...If i win his guild will stop hunting us...If i lose i die.." Salthemor would look at him mad and concern:
"Why!" Said Salthemor. Tojo would smile:
"To protect guys...I just want to win. Its in a hour on the main street." Salthemor sighed:
"Fine..we will be there to see." Said Salthemor. Time would pass Tojo would be in his blacksmith working on his armor. Lothrilla would sit on his anvil while he was melting metal:
"You kinda reckless you know that?" Said Lothrilla:
"If you here to mock me...then leave...I need to prepare!" Said Tojo serious. Lothrilla eyes widen. She never seen Tojo so serious:
"Sorry...I just try to cheer you up." Said Lothrilla sad. Tojo smile to her:
"Its okay...Im just...Not in the mood." Tojo would keep working. People would gather up at the main street. Twist would stand their in his already creepy outfit. Twist would wear his skeleton mask there cover all of his face but the mouth. He would have bare stomach with paint all over it. His pants was long and free. He had bare feet and at last his weapon. He had deck of cards in his belt and nothing else. All of Cross bane would be there. Even Salthemor sitting on a chair his arms just hanging. His legs finally would work again. Tojo would come walking. His usually outfit. Orange shirt orange pants with orange boots. His giant orange eyes and orange short hair. But this time his shield would be change. It would glow and would be orange with spikes on it. The two enemy would look at each other:
"You are late..." Said Twist. Tojo would grab his shield:
"And you half naked...My excuse is that i need to make my shield. Whats yours excuse?" Said Tojo confident. Twist smile got bigger:
"Well. Confident are we? Well not for long." Twist open the menu and click the duel button he change setting to dark duel. He then send the invitation to Tojo. Tojo would look at Lothrilla then smile before he press accept. The area would turn darker and more creepy. Tojo place his shield in front of him. Twist smiled more creepy and the paint on his stomach start glow in the dark. The fight was now about to begin. 

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