Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


52. Courage and kindness.

Salthemor woke up he looked around. A icon showed in front of his eyes:
"You have mail." Salthemor said. He got up from bed and began to walk. He walked up to the mailbox and open it. He grab a letter:
"Thanks for the warning Salthemor. Hope you and Yuki doing fine down there. Greyben is still mad and didn't wanna read this so im answering. Im gonna tell the others about this Burst guy later. Good luck on you mission...Lothrilla." Salthemor read out. He nodded and tossed the paper to the ground there just vanished at the touch of the ground. He was on his way home as something made him stop. He tighten his fist and turn around. He walked up to a shop and bought some food and place it into a basket. He walked towards the junkyard. He knocked on the door:
"Batt! Its Salthemor!" Salthemor said. The door got open up weakly. She looked at him:
"What now?" She said. Salthemor smiled and hold out the basket. She looked at it:
"Whats this?!" She looked surprised. Salthemor smiled and let her take a hold of it:
"Its a gift. For the danger i put you in. So please take it." Salthemor said. Batt looked at all the tasty food in the basket. She smiled and then let her finger go over one of the potatoes:
"I don't know...What to say." Batt said. Salthemor sighed:
"Just now." Salthemor place down his hands on her shoulder:
"Can i ask some questions?" Salthemor asked. She nodded and they walked in. Salthemor sat down and look at her:
"Well first question. Do you wield a weapon?" Salthemor asked. Batt place the basket on her desk and smiled. She turned around and pointed towards the rope in the corner:
"Yes i wield rope." She answered. Salthemor nodded:
"You fingers. You lost them in here didn't you?" She nodded once more:
"First day i was here. I went into the forest to train. The dire wolfs found me and took my fingers. That why i hide in here. Im to scared. I can't fight its to dangerous." She said. Salthemor got flashbacks to the first day he was her:
"I don't know how to fight. Im not a fighter and then i choose this profession. Alchemy. Its a bad profession because not many use it. But at least i can help does who need a alchemist." Salthemor look at her as he began to smile:
"You scared. You remind me of me when i first came in here." Salthemor said. Batt look at him her eyes widen:
"When you first came in here? You not a new player like us...You one of them from Lotus!" Salthemor nodded:
"Names Dark Flash Salthemor. Leader of the Cross bane guild. One of the lead fighters of the monsters." Salthemor said. Batt eyes widen once more:
"That why i knew you name. They talk about you in town. You the hope giver!" She said. Salthemor nodded:
"Or that what they call me." Salthemor said laughing a bit. He got up from his chair:
"Follow me." Salthemor said. Batt look at him and walked with him. They walked around the streets. Batt was dusty and oiled stained. Her hair was not treated well. She walked with Salthemor as they walked up to the outskirts of town. Salthemor open his inventory and place down iron and a lot of string and fiber:
"Make a spiked robe." Salthemor said. She looked at him. She bite her finger and whispered:
"From stiring, Iron and fiber to spike robe." the blood drop down and made the rune. The rune sucked up the materials and out of the black hole came a spiked rope. Salthemor took it up and twisted the rope around his arm. The part there was not spiked:
"Now watch." Salthemor said as he walked in the forest. Boars spawned around him and charged at him. Salthemor swung his arm forward the spike rope twisted around the boars killing them. Salthemor use the spike rope badly but could still kill:
"As you can see. I don't use a spiked rope or even rope. But im still able to kill them aren't i?" Salthemor said. Batt nodded. Salthemor walked up to her and handed her the rope:
"Now. I will train you. Train you to fight. So you finally can be able to get the courage you need. I was scared as you but got my group behind me. That how i still could stand up to the challenge. So now i will stand behind you ready to help at all times. So will you pick up that weapon for me and walk out there?" She smiled a bit and the nodded. They trained all day. She was really rusty and when she was about to get attack Salthemor use his lightning speed to kill the monster. Batt was surprised by his amazing strenge. It would begin to be sunset. As Yuki found them:
"There you are. You been gone all day!" Yuki said hitting Salthemor back head. Salthemor would laugh:
"Sorry. I been helping her." Salthemor said. He pointed at Batt. Who was swinging her rope around killing off the monsters with ease now. Salthemor smiled:
"Im gonna teach her to fight." Salthemor said. Yuki smiled at Salthemor and hug his arm:
"You such a good man. Well should we head for Koska tavern for dinner today?" Yuki asked. Salthemor nodded:
"Is it okay she come?" Salthemor said:
"We trained all day. She need a good dinner?" Salthemor said. Yuki gave a small nod:
"Sure lets go." Yuki kissed his cheek and began to walk:
"Hey Batt!" Salthemor shouted. Batt turned her attention to Salthemor and ran up to him:
"Yes?" She asked:
"Me and Yuki is gonna go get dinner at Koska tavern. Wanna come?" Salthemor asked. Batt tighten her fist:
"But... I don't have that much gold yet." She said. Salthemor smiled:
"Then i better pay for you." Salthemor said smiling before he began to walk. Batt eyes widen. She tilted her head. A tear rolling down her cheek:
"A tear...Im not a crier. But his so kind. Why is he so kind. Its like he know what i go through." Batt moved her metal fingers:
"Thanks Salthemor. For the courage and kindness you have. Its inspired me to moving forward. To one day stand at you side at the battlefield. To help you fight against the red sun." She said to herself:
"Are you coming?!" Salthemor shouted. Batt nodded and wiped away the tear with her metal finger before running up to him:
"Yeah shut up! Im on my way. Easy!" She giggle and they walked off into the town again. 

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