Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


28. Code of the Shield

The next morning would the tournament be held in the city. Salthemor would have prepared a arena area the last couple of days as he knew he need to find someone by this. Nearly everyone from town would be there. Salthemor and his group would sit in front of everyone else to see the fight perfectly. They could see all the players. The big warrior would speak with each other. Tojo would sit for himself. Salthemor got up from his seat. The other from Cross bane would look at him. As he walked towards the warriors. The warriors look at Salthemor and smiled. Salthemor walk past them all and sat down next to Tojo who just smiled:
"Are you ready for today?" Tojo nodded:
"Thanks Salthemor." The other knights look at Salthemor:
"Hey Salthemor do you have a moment?" Said one of the knights. Salthemor raise his hand in the air to make him be silent:
"Can't you see im talking with this boy?" Said Salthemor. The cross bane smiled to Salthemor. The knight look angry at the Tojo and left. Salthemor got up and place a hand on the boys head:
"Go out there and destory them." Said Salthemor leaving. Salthemor would sit down in his chair. Lothrilla smile to Salthemor:
"You a good man chief." Said Lothrilla smiling:
"Could not let him sit alone." Said Salthemor. Salthemor stand up and begin to speak:
"Welcome challengers! To the tournament of shields! You all come here today to prove you strong enough to join us on the front line. So today we have sixteen battlers! Are you ready!" The player cheered around the arena. Salthemor would look up:
"First round. Tojojinto versus Bastka!" Tojo got up and grab his shield. The knight would walk forward laughing:
"So i need to face the little boy huh. Sorry kid im gonna do this quick!" Tojo smiled:
"Don't be to hard on me!" Said Tojo. Salthemor smiled:
"Okay duel begins in 3...2....1....go!" The knight charge at Tojo. Tojo hold up his shield. The knight slam his sword down into Tojo shield. Tojo would move a inch. The knight eyes would widen:
"Kid...Little...Nothing....Am i all that to you!" Bastka eyes would widen. Tojo would slam the sword back. Tojo would move forward fast slamming the spikes on the shield into the knight:
"Im not a kid...IM A BLACKSMITH!" Bastka would fly back. He would take a hold of his sword and charge at Tojo. Tojo would hold up the shield:
"You don't know the durability of anything do you?" Bastka would raise a eyebrow but still smash the sword down into Tojo shield. The sword would break. Tojo Would smile:
"There always five procent chance you weapon break when you hit a shield hard. You sword was really bad." Tojo took a step forward. The man would step back a bit:
"You sword had only five swings left did you ever consider taking it to a blacksmith." Said Tojo while walking towards the knight who slowly walk backwards:
"It was easy to see you sword would break to my shield. We all made of stats. Maybe im thirteen years old. But im ten times stronger then you!" Tojo charge forward hitting the knight with his shield. The knight would drop down and lose the duel. The crowd would cheer at Tojo:
"A maybe powerful. But nothing beats a shield remember that." Said Tojo as he turn around and walked away from the knight. The rest of the tournament would go the same. Until the finals:
"Okay last round. Tojo versus Kaspern!" Kaspern would be a divine knight with a giant shield and Tojo would be Tojo. A little boy with no armor but he have a shield. Tojo would smile to Kaspern:
"Really a honor to fight you. You a true shield wielder like me." Said Tojo:
"You to kiddo. You really impressed me today." Answer Kaspern. Salthemor would hold up his hands:
"3...2...1...GO!" The two of them charge at each other. Kaspern would swing his sword at Tojo. Tojo would hold up his shield and guard from the sword. Tojo would hold the shield back with ease. Kaspern would swing his sword again and again. Tojo eyes would follow the sword perfectly and protect himself every time. Kaspern would take the chance now Tojo would focus on his sword to launch forward and smash him with the shield. Tojo would fly back. Kaspern would take the time to go back to battle stance. Tojo would get up laughing a bit:
"I was not prepared for that." Tojo eyes turn serious:
"But now i am." Tojo would get up and charge at Kaspern. Kaspern would swing his sword at Tojo. Tojo would place his shield to the sword would get knocked back. Kaspern eyes widen as he try to move his shield in front of him. Tojo would smash Kaspern shield to the side. Kaspern eyes widen as his now fully exposed. Tojo would smash his shield into Kaspern. Kaspern would fly back. Kaspern would get up:
"You quick boy..." Said Kaspern:
"Not quick. I just know what you gonna do before you do it." Answer Tojo. Kaspern eyes widen:
"How?!" Asked Kaspern:
"Its easy. I just think what would i do. People with shield usually do the same." Tojo would raise his shield:
"Lie down you sword Kaspern...and battle me with you shield." Kaspern would nod and throw his sword down. The two of them would look at each other. Tojo would charge forward and slam his shield against Kaspern shield. The two shield would collide making a sound of metal clashing. Salthemor would watch with a smile. Lothrilla would look at Salthemor:
"Why you smiling?" Ask Lothrilla:
"Because the boy already won." Answer Salthemor. Lothrilla look at the two fighters. Tojo would smile:
"Its been nice battling you Kaspern. But i better win now." Kaspern eyes widen:
"What?" Tojo eyes glow up:
"I go under one code. The code of the shield." Tojo took a step forward. Making a bulge in Kaspern shield. Kaspern eyes widen:
"Wh-what?" Tojo smiled:
"And i promise Salthemor something so...i need to win okay." Tojo said smiling. He would take one more step forward. Kaspern shield would bend a bit backwards. Kaspern would try to push but could not move his shield a bit. Tojo would smile and say:
"Unbreakable!" Tojo shield would glow as he would break Kaspern shield in two. He would then push forward smashing Kaspern into the ground winning the duel. The crowd would go wild. Fifteen teenage and adults lost to a kid. Tojo would look at Salthemor. Salthemor would smile to Tojo and give a nod of approve. Salthemor would then get up and walk up to Tojo:
"Well we have our new tank. I now declare the tournament lost. By this simple act." Salthemor open his friend menu and invite Tojo to join his party. Tojo would click accept and smile. Tojo would now be a part of Cross bane. The people would be around the inn a bit after. They all would party. Tojo would relax in the corner. Salthemor would sit at his side:
"What do you think then?" Said Salthemor and pointed at the gang. Ariena Furov and Survie would challenge each other to different things. Lothrilla would eat with Lothar and Greyben. Alexn and Mirrei would sit at the window talking. Tojo would smile and look at Salthemor:
"You all seem to have so much fun!" Said Tojo. Salthemor smiled and said:
"Why not go join them then?" Tojo would smile and run over to Ariena Furov and Survie who would being in a strenge Challenge. Tojo would win that for sure as he would lift them all three up on his shield. Salthemor would lean back and look outside as Yuki would come going. She would enter the inn and smile:
"I see we have a new member?" Said Yuki as she saw Tojo:
"Yes that's Tojo our new tank and shield user." Answer Salthemor. Yuki would walk up to him and rest:
"You spend more time here then with you group." Said Salthemor would a smile. Yuki nodded:
"Well they always plan and stuff. I just do what i get shouted to do under combat. So i can just spend time here with you guys." She said and smiled. Salthemor nodded and sighed:
"Tomorrow we gonna try the next boss." Said Salthemor with a sigh. Yuki would look at him:
"Really already?" Said Yuki surprised. Salthemor just gave a nod:
"Yes better do it now then never." Answer Salthemor. Yuki would smile and kiss his cheek:
"As long as you come back." She said happy. Salthemor smiled back:
"Don't worry we have a promise." Answer Salthemor. Salthemor would look at Tojo who happy would play around with the others. Salthemor would nod happy at the boy. 

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