Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


21. Broodmother

They were standing in front of the giant gate. They were planing:
"Okay Survie and Lothar are the tanks. Furov me and Alexn are the damage dealers. Mirrei you the healer. If you need help Alexn can jump of damage and heal with you. Greyben and Lothrilla you are our ranged. Keep you distance from whatever in there and shot it down!" Salthemor place his hand on the giant gate and push it open. They walked into the darkness. Touches start lighting around them. Showing the Gateway at the end. It was close. The gate would slam behind them. The walls of the cave would glow purple:
"Welcome players. You are now in the wave zone." The voice was no doubt Sitradoreh's:
"The wave zone is where you need to kill a large monster wave before the gateway will open. If you kill the wave but refuse to walk into the gateway it will close again. Leaving you to do the wave zone once again. Good luck and remember have fun." The gate locked behind them as monster start spawning. It was boar and dire wolfs at first. The friends grab their weapons and charge at the monsters. Furov Slam his fist on a dire wolf. Killing it in one hit. Greyben look up into the sky and point his hand at the rocks:
"Shatter!" The rocks would break and stones would fall down on a lot of boars. The dire wolf jump at Survie and Lothar:
"Combo with me Survie!" Lothar slam his sword down on a wolf. Survie then slam his mace at the beast killing it. Lothrilla shot her arrow. It travel between all her friends hitting a wolf about to jump at Alexn. Alexn would slide around the battlefield killing monsters. Alexn jump and spirral around as he would slam his knifes down into two dire wolfs. Salthemor would dash around slashing Boars. Furov would dash at his side slamming Dire wolfs. They kept fighting suddenly the boars and dire wolfs stop spawn and a lot of spiders start spawn. Lothrilla would react and scream:
"Spiders!" Lothrilla grab her bow and began to shot fast. Salthemor and the others would hold back the spiders. They were fighting with all their might as they could not use items or take damage. To save mana and health. After some time would they have defeated the wave and the gateway would shine and open:
"Congratulations players. You did go." Said the voice as they walked into the portal. They landed on a giant white line. They look around. The white lines had more liens connected to each other in a giant spider web. They look down there was only darkness:
"Don't fall!" Said Salthemor as he walked over to the ready button:
"Ready?" All of them nod and he pressed the button. All turn silent. A giant screech could be heard. Lothrilla look at the white lines they were standing on this:
"This is a..." She said right before a giant spider landed on the web. It had eggs on its back and toxic dripping from its mouth. It had giant hairy leg. Lothrilla fall down on her back:
"I can't..." She said. Salthemor look at her and acted in a split second:
"Lothar keep close to Lothrilla and protect her Survie you tank alone. Everyone lets finish this spider fast!" Greyben threw a fireball at the spider. The spider scream and its health bar drop a bit:
"It only have two health bars?" The spider already had drop five procent of the first. It scream and the eggs on its back crack as many of the spider means came out of the one egg. There was around ten. Salthemor eyes widen:
"We gonna fight spiders on these small lines. Enough split up. Have a person to guard Mirrei. Alexn you do it. We other scatter!" They ran to all sides. Lothar grab Lothrilla witch was paralyzed by fear. He ran with her on his shoulder. The giant spiders name flash in front of there eyes:
"The Broodmother." Salthemor read out loud. He grab his Hook swords and cut right trough a spider. He continue to run. The broodmother would unleash a wave of Toxic from her mouth. Salthemor dodge it. But the poison would burn through the floor removing the floor behind him:
"The toxic remove the ground beneath you. So we have only a matter of time before the spider remove our ground." There were pillars sticking up from the underground all around the web:
"Greyben get unto a pillar and prepare the strongest Force push you ever made. We can't win by moving from the spiders. So we gonna push the broodmother into the abyss." Greyben jump unto a pillar and start charging his spell:
"Everyone else protect Greyben." Salthemor shouted. The others began to kill the Spider minions. Salthemor friends were quite silent as Salthemor focus on the battle. Survie slam his mace down on a spider. He look up the needles hit him. He fell down on the ground:
"Shit guys..the needles have paralyze!" Shouted Survie who could not move:
"Mirrei antidote spell." Mirrei look at Salthemor who shouted it:
"It need to charge for fifteen seconds!" She replied:
"Alexn can you hold them off for fifteen seconds." Alexn scream out:
"Woo yeah dude!" Mirrei start charging her antidote spell. The broodmother eyes focus on Mirrei. Salthemor eyes widen:
"Mirrei Alexn watch out!" The two look up as the spider lift up his legs. The spiky feet was pointed at them. Mirrei cast her spell and Survie got up and run. Alexn grab his daggers and jump in front of Mirrei. He block the leg but only so he hold it back:
"Run Dudette." Mirrei ran as the leg smash down on Alexn dropping his health with fifty procent. Mirrei heal him again. The spider look at Mirrei. She was about to get hit. Salthemor scream out:
"NO!" Salthemor begin to glow dark:
"Darkness!" Salthemor was suddenly in front of Mirrei:
"Slash!" Salthemor hit the leg of the spider The darkness of the slash move up the spider and exploded. Mirrei look at Salthemor who just smiled:
"Its okay." Salthemor fall to the ground the leg had impaled his side:
"Salthemor no!" Lothrilla look up. Everyone from the group looked over as Salthemor health drop quickly. Mirrei heal him up. His health kept still but still was going down:
"Someone get a bleed antidote!" Scream out Mirrei. Alexn gave it to him. His bleeding stop but he was blackout. Greyben throw out his spell:
"Almighty force push!" He shot it at the broodmother who fell down. The spider leg caught the web and crawl up again. It had now fifty procent health on last health bar. Furov charge at it:
"Survie back me up!" Furov scream. Survie run with him:
"Whats the plan." Ask Survie:
"Okay guys Furov and Survie will hold the boss at bay. Someone wake up Salthemor!" Furov ran fast around the Broodmother look at him. Survie kill the minions witch come close. Mirrei and Alexn try to wake him up. Lothrilla came running:
"Salthemor!" Salthemor had twenty procent and a blackout effect:
"Lothar protect us!" Lothar step up and hold up his shield. Lothrilla would look at the spider and grab her bow. She though back to all Salthemor done for her and was there for her:
"Focus!" She scream out. her eyes turn pure green no white in it. She scan the beast for the weak point. It had many weak points:
"Windstrider!" She scream out as she unleash a green arrow witch pierce three weak points at once. A hundred procent pierce arrow. The broodmother health drop zero as it vanished. The floor under them vanished to and a platform of earth emerged from the darkness. Everyone gather around Salthemor:
"He tried to save me." Said Mirrei as she remember his speed to help her:
"Yeah dudette...he save you....i own much now." He smiled. Salthemor was brought back to the inn. Yuki came into the inn:
"Where Salthemor?" Greyben pointed upstairs:
"Thanks." Yuki was about to go up but Greyben grab her arm:
"Don't....his under treatment." Yuki eyes widen:
"What happen?" Greyben sighed:
"He nearly died." Yuki eyes widen as she look at the stairs to the next floor. Everyone was sitting down. Alexn Mirrei and Salthemor was upstairs. Alexn and Mirrei heal Salthemor. Alexn hold the healing spell while Mirrei did all advance removing spell to try wake him up. Yuki look at them:
"Anyone of you need to update the stone in town?" Lothrilla got up and walked out:
"I do it." She walked up to the stone place a finger on it and begin to draw on the stone:
"The second boss is a giant house sized spider. It have eggs there keep spawning and cracking with spiders. Toxic spit witch burn the ground under you so keep moving and paralyzing needles on its leg. If you have a focus on fifteen you can use you focus to see one of its many weak spots. You can't push it off the web the game won't allow you. The boss have two health bars so some strong skills would kill it fast if you hit the right spots." She stop drawing smiling to herself and returned.  

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