Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


73. Ariena versus Envy

Ariena would look back as her and Furov part ways. Envy would still follow her:
"Come back here!" Envy shouted. Ariena would sigh and keep running. Ariena would turn around and unleash the cone of fire from her fists. Envy hair would begin to move as her spiky hair shot forward and block the fire. Envy would laugh and run up close to Ariena. She would make her hair whip Ariena so she would fall back. Ariena would fall to the ground then get up. She tighten the grib of her claws and ran forward with amazing speed. Ariena would shot fire towards Envy once again. Envy would laugh and unleash a wave of her hair towards Ariena. Ariena fire would hold back the hair. Envy would look more mad as she ran forward and shot down her hair towards Ariena once again. Ariena would run on the hair up towards Envy. Ariena would kick Envy when she finally was close enough. Envy would fall to the ground:
"Enough...You know why they call me Envy?" Envy said. Ariena look at her:
"What?" Ariena said:
"Because i Envy all powers." Envy said as the hair would begin to be on fire and faster. Her hair would shot towards Ariena. Ariena was not prepared for it and hit her. She would fall into the ground and get impaled. The fire would burn Ariena skin:
"Ah!" Ariena screamed. Envy would laugh and make more spikes out of her hair unleashing the wave of hair towards Ariena. Ariena hold up her claws and cut her hair and began to run. Envy eyes was locked on Ariena:
"Die!" Envy screamed as the hair would fly with amazing speed towards Ariena. Ariena would jump to the side:
"I can't run up the hair now as its on fire...What can i do?" Ariena though to herself before she look around:
"Trees!" She said out loud and ran up the log of a tree. She hide in a tree the distance smell of fire was there. Envy came walking looking around carefully:
"Where are you girl?" Envy asked as she smiled. Ariena launch down the tree and smash her foot down into the girl. Envy would fall to the ground as Ariena would laugh and punch her clawed fist into the girls back. Envy screamed in pain. Envy hair wave around trying to smash Ariena away. Ariena forced the claw a bit more down as after she moved back. Envy would get up and look with anger at Ariena:
"You such a dumass!" Envy shouted as she unleashed a wave of hair towards Ariena. Ariena would hold up her claws blocking the massive wave of hair. The force would be to powerful and Ariena would be shot back into a tree and the hair would impale her into the tree. The flaming hair would leave marks on her. Ariena would slowly get up:
"You..." Ariena said. as she slowly got up. Envy would laugh:
"I what?" Envy asked:
"You are so dead!" Ariena said as she ran up to Envy and began to hit her:
"I learn it back then and now i show it once again. Its only a matter of seconds!" Ariena said as she vanish from sight and again and again slashed the girl. Ariena would keep slashing Envy. Envy would scream in pain as she slowly would be pushed back. Ariena would punch more and more. The red ruby being her claws eyes would begin to glow so only two dragons could be seen fly back and forward. The two dragons would both fly up into the sky and circle around the girl. Ariena would suddenly be visible. She would slowly spin around and look down on Envy:
"Die..." Ariena said low as she smash her leg on Envy and Envy would hit the ground and bounce up into the air where the claws would hit her and force her down into the ground. Ariena would breath slowly before she pull the bloody claws out of Envy. Ariena would begin to walk away but the moment she got a few meters away would she hear something. Envy would slowly get up:
"Im...Im gonna kill you." Envy said low:
"Im gonna destory you. You slim dumass!" Envy said as all of her hair would begin to shake:
"Hair of medusa!" Envy shouted as the hair would become snake and charge towards Ariena. Ariena would take a step back but before she could get one more step back would the snake set it fangs in her. More and more snakes came flying and set it fangs in her. Blood would shoot out to the sides as more snakes would be form off her hair and shot towards Ariena. Ariena would try to cut them before more hit her but there were just to many. She would get smash up a tree. Ariena would still cut some of them as her life drop quickly:
"No...No...No..." Ariena kept repeat as she would be close to death. There would suddenly stop with the snakes. Ariena would look up. Envy would not have more hair to shot out:
"Damn it." Envy said and pull her snake her back. Ariena took this chance and ran up towards Envy. Ariena ran past the hair:
"If i get there before your hair then you dead." Ariena said. Envy start pull her hair back faster. Ariena ran even faster the moment Envy hair came back would Ariena begin to hit her quickly once again and after a few seconds would her claws red as the dragon claws would move up her arms and Ariena arms would become snake dragons as it would bite into Envy. Envy would fall to the ground dead. Ariena would sit down and turn normal again. She grabbed a healing potion from her back and heal. She would run over to Furov and see him:
"FUROV!" Ariena shouted and slide down. She grab him and heal him with a potion. He would open his eyes:
"Damn...That hurt." Furov said. Ariena looked at him:
"We must see if the others need help." The two of them ran into the forest after a few minutes would they hear fighting:
"In there!" Furov said and ran into a bush only to see Lothar nearly dead on the ground calling for help:
"Hold watch." Furov said and ran too Lothar. After a few minutes would Furov shout:
"Come Ariena." She ran over to him and they help him up. She had no more potions.

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