Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


76. Alexn and Mirrei versus Wrath

Alexn kept running with Mirrei behind him. The black knight would follow:
"Keep running dudette." Alexn said as he grab his knives and jump backwards trying to hit Wrath. Wrath would grab one of his swords and block it. Alexn would jump backwards away from the knight. The knight grab one more sword and jump forward. Alexn would parry and they would have their blades together small sparks was flying out to the sides. Mirrei grab her staff and look at them:
"Please be safe Alexn!" Mirrei shouted. Alexn and Wrath would keep trading blows with the knives. Wrath would suddenly kick one more blade up into the air from his back. He would throw the one in his left arm at Alexn. Alexn would parry it so the blade would fly up into the air. Wrath fighting would become faster as he would grab a blade throw it at him and then grab the  next one keep fighting. He would kinda juggle his blades while fighting. This fighting style would improve his speed amazingly and Alexn would have a hard time keeping up:
"Your...faster!" Alexn said. Wrath would laugh as he would keep going. Alexn would jump backwards but before he could get distance would a blade come flying. Alexn just get to parry it before landing down. The blade would fly into the air and Wrath would make a flip gabbing the flying blades in mid air and place them on his back having only one blade in his hand again. Alexn would breath out a bit scared as he hold up his daggers. Mirrei would watch from afar a bit scared what to do. She could not fight she only knew healing spells. Wrath charge forward and the two men began to trade blows again. Alexn would kick Wrath blade to the side and try to slash him but the moment Alexn blade would come close would Wrath draw one more blade in a inhuman fast way and stab Alexn arm so he fell back. Mirrei would shot a healing spell on Alexn healing his arm. Alexn would wink to Mirrei before he flip backwards throwing some throwing knives at Wrath. Wrath would break them with one big swing. Alexn would smile and twist around fast:
"Moon beam!" Alexn shouted and unleash a wave of light towards Wrath. Wrath would jump up. Even if he wear heavy armor he can jump like he had springs under his feet. Now both of them would be in the air. Wrath would point his hand towards Alexn:
"Die..." Wrath said as a giant powerful impact would hit him. Alexn would unleash a giant wave of blood from his mouth. He would be push with inhuman speed down into the ground. Mirrei scream in fear. Alexn would lie completely still. Mirrei would wave her hands and heal Alexn before he was a goner. Wrath would land on the ground. His palm would unleash small waves of steam. Mirrei looked confused as she didn't know what to do at all. Alexn would be blackout unable to fight more. Wrath would twist his hand a bit then walk up to Alexn placing both palms at Alexn head:
"No!" Mirrei screamed as she threw a rock at Wrath. Wrath would get hit and then look at her. Wrath would run towards Mirrei grabbing her by the neck and look at her with his red glowing eyes behind the helmet:
"Interfere and die...What am i saying you gonna die anyway." Wrath said. Wrath palm would be warm. Like a lot of heat just was unleash from his palm. Alexn slowly got up and grab his knife. He would silently walk towards Wrath from behind. he would place a finger over his mouth to make Mirrei be silent. Mirrei would shiver in fear. Wrath would run up and stab the knife right between the armor and helmet. Blood would flow out from the neck of the knight as he turn around and smack Alexn. He grab Alexn by the neck and unleash a giant impact. Alexn would scream and fly back. Mirrei would shot healing at him quickly. Alexn would land on his legs and look at Wrath:
"...Such force." Alexn said as he juggle his knife in his hands. Wrath would hold to his neck:
"You actually landed a hit on me boy...How amusing." Wrath answer. He threw all nine blades up into the air and ran towards Alexn. Alexn breath out slowly his eyes focus. For the first time would Alexn be serious. Wrath would move with inhuman speed and use all nine blades at once fighting amazingly. All nine blades would be used even sometimes would he he a blade with his elbow or knee. Alexn would parry all the hits trying to keep up. Alexn would get some distance and hold his hands up into the air towards Wrath. Wrath would jump up into the air and look at Alexn. He place his hold body around the blades:
"Moons eye!" Alexn screamed as the a giant light would shot towards wrath:
"Impact bladestorm!" Wrath shouted as he unleash a impact from his hold body shooting all nine blades towards Alexn. The blades would break the moment they hit the beam. Wrath eyes widen:
"Such...power." Wrath said as he would get hit by the beam and get obliterated. Alexn would kneel down breathing out scared as his survived the encounter with such beast. They began to run through the forest towards some fighting in the distance. 

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