Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


62. Al'arah

Salthemor got up from bed. He grab to his hook blades and began to head down. He walked around Lotus. He looked around. He knew that today they were gonna head down through the mines into the next wilderness and see what massive monsters and people they find there. Salthemor walked up to the teleport stone and place his hand on it. The menu appear and he could see the levels. Level 1-3 and level 4-6 it says. Salthemor press the button that said level 4-6. He looked at the three names:
"Lotus Valley...Lotus mines...And the last one named ???." Salthemor said. He looked at the three question marks. He walked back the inn when he came back was someone already awake. Salthemor smiled seeing his friends again. Batt would talk with Ariena. Ariena was hyperactive as always. Batt would laugh she seem to have fun not being alone in the hut anymore. Salthemor step up and said out loud:
"Friends we now united again. So today we shall continue and unlock one more city for our people. We gonna assault the third and last of the wilderness. So are you with me!" Salthemor shouted:
"Yes!" They said together. Salthemor and them headed for the teleport stone and click the ??? mark. They appear on the other side of a mountain and in front of them was a large stone area with stone buildings:
"A town?" Salthemor said tilting his head. The friend took a good hold of their weapons. Monster start spawning. It was coated men. Some of them had swords some of them had bows and the last had staff and earth magic. It was named:
"Al'arah sword man. Al'arah bow man. Al'arah earth mage." Tojo read out. The coated men charge at them and begin to fight. Tojo and Lothar block the first wave of arrows. Salthemor begin to charge at the swords men with Ariena at toe. They slash the men down and they vanished at touch. The men kept charging at them. Some of them would be more strong then others like normal people. Salthemor slash one man in two and fast run towards a new one. Lothrilla took down the archers from a distance. Alexn laugh as he flew through the air and threw his daggers after them. Mirrei would heal from a distance. Salthemor unleash a wave of pure force at them. Batt grab her spiked rope and swung it around as it would twist around people and make them bleed. A man arrow come towards Batt. she hold up her hand and the arrow would turn to water at contact with her hand. Batt would smile as she would push the water in the air as the water turn to needles and shot towards the men. The men would fall down to the ground and die to the storm of needles. Salthemor would finally have pushed through and came into the village where the portal would be at a totem. The totem was a tall stone pillar with a eagle on top. Salthemor and the friends charge into the portal and the world change around them. They were in the village but it was empty. The eagle on the totem begin to glow and break. The moment it break a giant screech could be heard in the sky. A giant stone eagle landed on a building. Its talon made of magma:
"Al'arah." Salthemor read out as the boss name was that. Salthemor eyes widen as he took a hold of his hook blades. The eagle screech and flap its giant stone wings flying towards Salthemor. Salthemor crossed his blades and block the magma talon. The heat would be strong and Salthemor would jump back. The giant bird would screech once again. Salthemor would look at his friends:
"Everyone split up!" Salthemor shouted out. The friends split up. Al'arah would lock its eyes on Tojo and fly towards him:
"Tojo watch out!" Shouted Salthemor. Tojo hold up his shield and protect from its talons. Tojo would fly back and land on the ground. Lothrilla stood up and unleash a wave of arrows towards the bird. The arrows would break on contact. Furov charge up with Ariena right behind him. Ariena jump unto his fist and Furov unleash a powerful punch sending her flying towards it. Ariena twisted around and slash the bird five times before falling. The bird would take a bit of damage showing two health bars. One of them blue one would be red. The blue one would go down a bit. Salthemor charge up and try to block the talons of the bird. The bird would unleash a wave of pure magma towards the man. Batt ran up and press her hands on the ground she turn the earth under Salthemor to a pillar and it would be hit by the magma. Salthemor would disappear from sight as he would move amazingly fast:
"Time for some fun!" Salthemor said as he would stop up twist his blade around and send a dark wind towards the bird:
"Winds from the shadows!" Shouted Salthemor as the wind would move with amazing speed. The wind would hit Al'arah and bring it down:
"Now our chance. Storm it!" Salthemor shouted as all of them moved forward. Lothar would jump forward and impale the birds wing to the ground. Alexn jump up and levitated above the bird:
"Focus moon beam!" Alexn shouted as pure moonlight shot down from the air and hit the bird. Survie would sit in the background and protect Mirrei if the bird got up. Tojo charge forward and smiled as he jump up:
"This is gonna hurt!" Shouted Tojo as he would fly a amazing amount up into the sky:
"Guardians shield!" Shouted Tojo as he flew down with amazing speed and smash the spiked shield down into the bird. The bird screech out as its health bar drops. Lothrilla jump up grab her bow string the bow string would glow as she screamed out:
"Natures arrow!" The arrow shot down towards the bird and hit it. The moment it hit it would vines begin to spawn around it forcing it down:
"Ariena now!" Screamed Furov as they both would jump up:
"Combo ability Fire fist!" Screamed they both at the same time. Ariena would set fire to the fist of Furov and he would fly down smashing fire fist down into the bird. The bird blue health bar would drop to zero. As its stone skin would break and a full molten bird would show. Lava dropping from it. Its red health bar drop per second. It got a buff:
"Power increased with fife thousand procent!" Salthemor screamed out. The bird broke free from the captive:
"Run!" Screamed Salthemor as they split out. The bird would screech and fly after them. Salthemor would move up on a building in a matter of seconds and look over the village as he saw his friends getting chased by the molten bird. His friends would split up and the bird would focus on Mirrei. Mirrei would have a hard time running in her dress. The bird got closer and closer as Alexn would jump up:
"No!" Alexn took a direct hit as Mirrei got to safety. Alexn fell to the side and landed on the ground. Salthemor would use dark flash to get over there and get him and back again:
"What was that?" Salthemor asked with a backtone of anger. Alexn would have ten procent health. If it was a critical hit would Alexn have been dead. The bird would finally drop to zero. Its molten body would drop down and vanish. Mirrei would charge to Alexn:
"You dumass what was that for!" Mirrei shouted as she began to heal him. Alexn health grew again as he got up:
"Im sorry. I could not let you fall Dudette." Said Alexn before he laughed. Mirrei hug him. Salthemor got up and walked up to the portal he step through it and on the other side was a small dessart village in the middle of a oasis. The name pop up in front of his eyes:
"Osiris." Said Salthemor. The beautiful village would be amazing. Salthemor would smile as he would sit down in the grass and see the pure beauty. Yuki sat down at his side and grab Salthemor hand:
"Finally back...Finally one step closer." Said Salthemor.

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