Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


22. A promise of love

Salthemor woke up next morning. Bandage once again:
"Damn it...the spider was a bit to fast i could have dodge if it didn't move like that it was just..funny." Salthemor think back to when he move that fast. The spiders leg move faster when it came closer to the ground that why Salthemor got hit in the side. Salthemor look at his cloth. There was hole trough it:
"I need new cloth huh." It was evening. Salthemor got up and took his pierce cloth on. He walked downstairs. The other was not around. He smiled:
"Must be out training." Salthemor walk up to the stone and added to Lothrilla message:
"The legs move faster the closer it is to the ground." Salthemor smiled walking into town:
"Need some new cloth." He walked into a item shop and look at some cloth:
"Hmm i think i take this." Salthemor change cloth. He had a white shirt on still but his west was black with red outlines. He still had his gloves and his pants and shoes. But he added a had a small little hat to his head. It was the size of a straw hat but was made of hide. There where a pair of goggles on it. The hat was black and the goggle leans was red. Salthemor walked back slowly as Yuki walked out of a shop seeing him. Her eyes widen. Salthemor look at her with a smile.
"Hey Yu..." He could not say more before Yuki hug him:
"Moron you had me so worried!" Salthemor place his hand on her head:
"Im sorry i got you so worried. But the team come before me." She smiled:
"Salthemor..?" She said nervous. Salthemor nodded:
"Yes what is it?" Salthemor said:
"Wanna...go on a date with me today?" Salthemor look serious for a second before smiling:
"Yeah why not." Yuki eyes widen as she smile:
"Really you want to?" Salthemor nodded:
"I got a lot of gold from that boss. So what about i treat you to a fine dinner?" He said with a smile. She nodded:
"I need to be ready first!" Yuki bursted out:
"Meet me in front of your inn in a hour or so." Salthemor nodded. Salthemor went home:
"I can't see her like this in fully armor? Hmm." Salthemor adventure out bought some cloth and returned. He change to his new cloth and went downstairs. The others had return by now and saw Salthemor in his fine cloth:
"Wow actually look human now!" Lothrilla walk in and saw Salthemor. Her eyes widen as he never really look so fine. Salthemor smiled and walk outside waiting:
"Where you going tonight?" Said Greyben:
"Im going on a date...with Yuki." Said Salthemor with a slight blush. The others smiled even Lothrilla:
"Don't be home to early." Said Lothrilla. Salthemor laughed and they other went inside. Salthemor saw Yuki come walking. She was in some relax cloth. A small white shirt with some jeans and normal shoes She still had her weapon at her side. She saw Salthemor and blush. Salthemor was standing in a white shirt with a black tie. Long fine black pants and his normal shoes. He had a hat on but not the hide hat. A white hat with a black stribe around the middle. He had a chain on his fine white shirts pocket. The chain was off gold. Salthemor brought a cane to:
"You look lovely." Said Salthemor:
"" Salthemor laugh:
"do i look so fancy." She nodded:
"But why the cane." Salthemor smiled:
"Its a weapon. Inside it is hidden a Hook sword if needed." She smiled:
"Prepared and fancy looking." She said with a smile. They venture into the city. They ended in a fine restaurant. Salthemor smiled to her:
"This place so fancy. I really need to give Sitradoreh props. Such fine cloth and fine food. Its like he didn't want us to suffer." Yuki smiled:
"Salthemor. I really hope we get out." Salthemor look at her:
"We all do. We all have our goal." Yuki hand grab Salthemor:
"When i get out...i want to find you Salthemor." Salthemor look at her and place a hand on his face laughing:
"Trust me you don't. Maybe im fine looking in here. But not in the real world. There im a lazy loser." Yuki look at him chocked:
"Don't say that...a lazy loser would not visit they sister as you do." Salthemor nodded:
"Maybe you right. Well me and the guys will get out of here and when we get out the game restart. So there will go some time before you get free Yuki." Yuki nodded:
"I know but i will come out." Yuki said with a smile. they food came and they began to eat. Yuki smiled to Salthemor. Salthemor smiled back:
"I really do enjoy you company Yuki." Salthemor said. Yuki blushed:
"Sorry." She said. Salthemor tilted his head:
"Why you sorry?" Asked Salthemor:
"Im still so shy around you...Even after all there happen." Salthemor smiled at her words:
"Its natural to be shy around the one you love. Im shy right now but just try to have a nice evening." Salthemor took a bite of his food. It was late nearly twelve pm when the sound could be heard. Seven quick buzz. Salthemor drop his fork and Yuki eyes widen. Seven players just got killed. After a few minuets the last buzz could be heard. Salthemor folded his hand into a fist shaking:
"Salthemor?" Salthemor shake his head:
"Im okay...just seven could have been one of our groups...but it was lucky a other team...or more like unlucky as i don't like people dying." Yuki look down realising it:
"You are right. Should we pay and get home?" Salthemor look up and smiled:
"No lets...not head home...i got a little surprise for you." She smiled. A few minutes later would they walk to the outskirts of the village on the hill. There he sat down and place a crystal in front of them:
"Whats that?" She asked. Salthemor smiled:
"He poke it the crystal name was "Moonlight absorb crystal." Salthemor active it and moonlight shine down on them. Yuki eyes widen:
"Wow...this is...amazing." Salthemor smiled and look up into the sky. He pointed at the sky. Yuki look up her eyes widen. The moon shine perfectly down on them. Yuki smile to Salthemor happy. They sat talking all night and Salthemor escorted her home:
"So tomorrow we gonna relax and just get over the first boss fight." Said Yuki. Salthemor smiled:
"Yeah that sounds good. Me and my friends always take a day off when someone died to...think." Yuki nodded they stand in front of the inn the Death claw group was sleeping in. Salthemor smiled to her:
"Thanks for a lovely...night." Salthemor smiled. Yuki walk up and hug him:
"Thank you to Salthemor." She was about to go in as Salthemor suddenly said:
"Stop!" Yuki stop and look at him curious:
"I really enjoy our evening Yuki. You so nice and pretty and im just...Me...a boy who leads a group. But soon im gonna be in the next city and im gonna wait on you there....hopefully there teleports stone in this game so you can soon teleport from city to city. But...i here by give you the promise." Salthemor smile at her poking his hat a bit up so she could see the red eyes:
"I give you the promise of my love....that...i love you...and want be safe" Salthemor sighed:
"I never been good at this...but i just ask you...if you be mine...not in marriage...but in love?" Yuki eyes widen as she blush:
"Salthemor?.." Salthemor smiled as he turn around. He place the cane to the ground:
"I wanted you to know...that i love you...Yuki." Salthemor said before he took a step forward. Yuki grab his arm. Salthemor stop making a smile:
"Salthemor..i accept..." She said. Salthemor turn around seeing a shy little blushing Yuki. She hug him tight. Salthemor hug back softly:
"I better get going Yuki. So the others guys would not..." Salthemor could not end his sentence as he got kiss. Salthemor kiss back before breaking it:
"I better get going." Salthemor smiled begin to walk home. Salthemor on his way back look into the forest. He look at his inn and then to the forest. Salthemor charge into the woods. He train for a hour in the woods versus the boars and dire wolfs. Salthemor slash angry at the boars:
"WHY!" Salthemor scream:
"WHY EIGHT MORE!" Salthemor scream out in rage. He return into his inn. He walked upstairs and into bed...Sleeping.

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