Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


54. A light in the nightmare.

Yuki would stand in front of her enemy. Toya would look at her:
"You no match for me girl." Said Toya. Yuki would not answer but just charge at him. She would slash him right over the stomach. His blood would be more dark red now. Toya would scream. Toya blood would slowly flow down his chest. He would look at Yuki:
"You can maybe make me bleed but you sword dosen't hit me at all." Said Toya as he would shot a small flow of darkness at her burning her arm. She would scream and fall back. Toya would smile with a evil glimt in his eye:
"You nothing but a pest in my way of my target!" Said Toya. Yuki would grab her blade:
"I won't let you win or let you PAST!" Yuki shouted and charged towards him. She would swing her katana senseless at the man. The man would make a fist and hit her right on the forehead. The force of strenge would make her fly into a tree. Yuki would slowly get up:
"I won't let you pass. I won't let you pass. I won't let you pass." She kept repeat her words. Toya would sigh:
"Im here for Salthemor. Not you. So just let me pass already." Said Toya. Yuki would grab her katana. She jumped forward and try to hit him again. Toya would sit down on the ground to dodge the high slashing blade. Toya would hit her jaw. Yuki would scream painfully. She would fall backwards. She would try to get up and then cough up some blood:
"Damn it." Yuki said. Toya would levitate up again:
"You waste of my time. I should get burst to deal with you. You nothing but a..." More did he not get to say before she dash towards him. Yuki eyes shiver as she scream out:
"Deadly second!" The past Toya. After a second would Toya burst into blood. Toya would growl in pain. Yuki would spin around and backflip so her foot would stomp down the Red sun members head into the ground:
"Im not so weak now huh!" Yuki said before jumping away. Toya would slowly get up:
"My stomach." Said Toya as he hold to one of the many wounds he got on his stomach:
"I must say. Im impressed by such power you wield. You seem so weak and soft and." Toya would look up with his red eyes:
"So easy to break!" Toya finished. Toya would walk up to his coffin and smash the last seal of the coffin. The coffin burst open fully and a large amount of darkness came out of it. Toya would smile with a glimt of no return as the darkness would cloud the sky. Salthemor sat at a window. He was brought back to the town:
"Batt come here!" Salthemor shouted. Batt ran up to him:
"Yes what is it?" She asked. Salthemor pointed out the window:
"Look." Salthemor said. Batt looked out and in the middle of a forest would a giant pillar of darkness shot up and smooth out the sky in a cold dark colour. Salthemor would look at Batt:
"I need you to do something." Salthemor said. Batt look at him. Yuki would look scared at the pure darkness in the air. Toya would smile to her:
"Welcome to my NIGHTMARE!" Toya shouted with a evil voice. Yuki took a hold of her blade she shivered. The bandage broke at his mouth and a pure psychopathic grin was on the man face. The bandage would fall off his arms showing there pipe holes from his arms. The darkness leaked out of it. Yuki would take a step back and scared look at him:
"Hirikari Fifty procent." Said Toya. Yuki eyes widen:
"Only fifty." Said Yuki low as she saw this pure monster in front of her eyes. Yuki would breath out and try to calm down. Toya would force his arm forward with amazing speed. The darkness from his arm shoot out like snakes. Yuki cut one in half and dash to the side to dodge one. The darkness stop when she dodge and turned. The snake bite into her arm. The pain where unbearable. She screamed out:
"You can't make me do this Salthemor! I don't think i can do it!" Shouted Batt. Salthemor sighed and stood up:
"Just try! I want to save her." Salthemor said. His eyes was fully focus with anger. Batt would swallow her pride and honor as she said:
"Fine. I will do it." Salthemor nodded. Yuki jump around the forest dodging all of the darkness. Yuki would breath out scared as a wave of darkness was shooting towards her. She only barely got to cut it in half:
"His...So fast." Yuki said. Toya would still have the same grin:
"You fast aren't you." His voice was more darkness then human now and there was more then one voice. It was like there was hundred of him talking at the same time:
"You like Salthemor. The speed. You danger to us too. That means. I don't need to hesitate to kill you anymore!" Said Toya. Yuki would take a hold of her blade and shout out:
"Hirikari!" Nothing happen doe. Toya break into laughter:
"Hirikari?! You not strong enough to use that power." Said Toya. Yuki eyes widen. In fear she drop her blade. Toya would move closer slowly. He move his hand forward and grab her by the neck. He force her up a tree. Even his touch was painful:
"Sa to no kora. Ibi tana." Toya said. Yuki eyes widen:
"Wh-what?" Yuki asked:
"Or in english tongue. You grave have been....Prepared." He said. The coffin levitate under Yuki. The coffin open and inside was screams of terror a true nightmare. Yuki look down into the darkness of the coffin and saw a nightmare. A nightmare where Salthemor was killed and all of Cross bane blamed her. She would scream in terror:
"What a nightmare. Guilty huh. That what you fear. What a reality. A reality there could been true if you didn't interfere with my fight." Said Toya. Yuki would cry:
"At least i got to fell love...Fell safety in this nightmare...!" She realise something. She look up at him no fear in her eyes:
"There a nightmare worst then that and that this game." Said Yuki. Toya shrug and let loose of her neck. She would slowly fall down into the coffin. Toya look down and the girl was gone. Blood dripping on the ground in the other end of the forest. Salthemor on his knees had caught Yuki. Yuki look at him. Salthemor was bleeding from his ears and nose but all of his other wounds would been healed. Yuki eyes widen:
"Its okay. Im here now. Relax. Thanks for everything." Salthemor said with a smile. Yuki would break into tears. Batt would come and pick her up:
"Go with Batt." Salthemor said. Batt would run a bit but then stop:
"Salthemor you new body might not be the best one. So be prepared for hard injuries!" Batt said before running off:
"New body?! what!" Yuki asked. Batt would smile:
"You boyfriend there have guts." Earlier in the hospital:
"I need you to do something." Batt looked at him:
"What is it?" Batt asked:
"Is it possible to use your Alchemy powers to create a host body and transfer my soul as a material into the new body?" Batt eyes widen:
You can't make me do this Salthemor! I don't think i can do it!" Shouted Batt. Salthemor sighed and stood up:
"Just try! I want to save her." Salthemor said. His eyes was fully focus with anger. Batt would swallow her pride and honor as she said:
"Fine. I will do it." Salthemor nodded. She would gather many materials and make the rune:
"From nature to man!" She shouted as she bite her finger. The blood would drop down:
"I need more blood." Batt said. She look at Salthemor as she place all of her finger inside her mouth and in one quick movement she bite off her finger. The blood flowed and made the rune. It all would glow as a perfect replica of Salthemor would be created lifeless. Batt scream in pain over the finger. Salthemor eyes widen:
"Batt!" She smiled:
"Now to the transfer." She said as she bite her finger as blood drip and made a rune:
"From body to body." The rune made:
"Step on to the run." Batt said. Salthemor nodded and step on to it. The rune began to glow as the soul would get suck out of Salthemor and become a item in Batt inventory. Salthemor real body drop lifeless on the floor. Batt place the soul in the new body as Salthemor would wake up. He would bleed from ears and nose:
"Seem like we need a bit more material. The veins in my nose and ears are leaking." Salthemor said:
"No matter. Thanks for saving me!" Salthemor said as he dash off. Batt would follow:
"That how he ended in a fully restored body." Batt explained. Yuki would be lied in bed in town as she saw the lifeless body of Salthemor:
"Thanks. For saving me Batt." Yuki said. Batt smiled:
"No i should say thanks for Salthemor. He really like what you did back there." Batt explained. Salthemor would stand in front of Toya:
"Fifty procent Hirikari." Salthemor said as his eyes was locked on Toya. Salthemor eye pupil was small and angry it was locked on Toya:
"So now tell me. Genral red sun member. What made you think. You could sacrifice my girlfriend to you damn coffin!" Salthemor said as he was at the side of Toya already slashing the man down. 

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