Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


49. A duel among friends.

Salthemor would pack his bag:
"What are you doing?" Asked Yuki when she saw him:
"Im going to be at Everdale Valley for some time. I want to set up a thing in the town and yeah will take some time." Salthemor answered. Yuki eyes widen:
"You just gonna leave like that?!" Yuki said surprised. Salthemor gave a small nod:
"Truly i do. But i won't go alone." Salthemor said. He would head downstairs. His friends would do there thing around the inn:
"Everyone lets have a meeting!" Salthemor shouted. Everyone game into the room and look at him:
"As you know we got a problem. The problem known at the red sun." Salthemor said. The friends would nod and sit down around the room. Yuki would stand at the stairs looking at him:
"I will go to Everdale Valley and set up a bounty board where people can see and know the ability's of the red sun. As i already know one of them. Kitinaka the particle manipulator. I want people to know them so i will head to the village. I will be gone but i won't hold you back from follow me. But from now until im done with collect info on some of the red sun i won't lead the Cross bane." All of their eyes widen. Greyben lost grib of his cup and it crash unto the floor and vanished:
"What?" Ariena said. Salthemor eyes would be cold as he grab his bag:
"I will be back. But for now i can't lead you as i know there massiv serial killers out there in the woods ready to kill of any new players or old players. So i need to do this. If anyone have power enough to stand by my side and help me gather info then follow. I won't accept everyone as this need to be done silently. So please only do it if you believe you strong enough to stand by my side!" Salthemor said. Everyone was about to get up to join him but all just sat back down. All of them knew that they didn't have power to fight back a red sun and properly just get in the way. Yuki step forward:
"Well im going!" Yuki said. Salthemor look at her:
"Why?" Salthemor asked. Yuki eyes widen:
"We have a promise and i won't let you do such reckless thing alone. Im gonna be at you side until!" Yuki said. Salthemor nodded:
"Fine then. Anyone else?" Salthemor asked. No one would step forward:
"Fine then." Salthemor said. He open the party menu gave leadership to Greyben and then left the party. Greyben eyes widen:
"You can't do this Salthemor!" Greyben said. Greyben slammed his fist into the table:
"What do you think you doing!" Greyben shouted mad. Salthemor sighed. Greyben would walk up to him and grab his shirt:
"How can you bring yourself to forsake us!" Shouted Greyben. Salthemor would place a hand on Greyben hand and remove it from his shirt:
"Well no one wanna to join. Then im off." Salthemor said and open the door. Yuki would walk up to his side:
"Salthemor?" Yuki said confused. Salthemor began to walk. He didn't even look back:
"Salthemor!!!" Greyben shouted angry:
"I challenge you to a duel!" Salthemor stopped. Greyben walk out and grab his staff:
"A duel?" Salthemor asked. Greyben walk up to him:
"Yes a damn duel! Fight me Salthemor!" Greyben said:
"You two can't do this!" Shouted Lothrilla:
"Stop it dudes!" Shouted Alexn:
"Yeah stop!" Shouted Furov. Salthemor turn around. He look at Greyben:
"Don't be a fool. You know you can't win over me." Salthemor said. Greyben open a menu and invited Salthemor to a duel. Salthemor look at the invitation in front of him. Yuki walk up to him:
"Don't do it!" She shouted. Salthemor hover his finger in front of the menu:
"Come on you fool. Fight me. Show me how weak i am. Show me that you ready enough to beat me to leave!" Greyben shouted. Salthemor sighed and press accept. All the others of cross banes eyes would widen. Yuki would step back in chock. Greyben would grab his staff:
"Im gonna show you were strong enough to follow you anywhere you go." Greyben said preparing a fire ball in his hand. Salthemor breath out softly and took a hold of one of his hook blade. The countdown would begin:
"3...2...1...FIGHT!" Greyben tossed the fire at Salthemor. Salthemor would dodge it with ease:
"One." Salthemor said. Greyben pointed his hands into the air as the ice would begin to rain around Salthemor. Salthemor quickly step out of the ice range:
"Two." Salthemor said. Greyben got angry:
"Pyro orb!" Shouted Greyben and unleash the giant fire ball. Salthemor would take a step forward:
"Three..." Salthemor suddenly was on the other side of Greyben. A giant cut would open in Greyben arm blood flowing out. The duel was over. All of cross bane would be in chock:
"Don't do a duel you can't win. That what i just prove. So while im gone don't fight any of the Red sun. Please be safe while im gone and never ask how serious i am with things. This is to save many players so i need to do this. So please take care of the others while im gone." Salthemor said. Greyben grab to his wound in pain. Salthemor turn around and began to walk away. Yuki ran up to his side:
"You...Damage him." Yuki said still a bit in chock. She look at him. Her eyes widen even more as she saw tears roll down his face:
"Just...Keep walking." Salthemor said. Greyben would cry hardly:
"You done Salthemor! You so done! I will find you and bring you back!" Greyben shouted. Mirrei would heal his wound:
"Lie still please Greyben." Mirrei said. Greyben would slam his fist into the ground. They would all walk into the building and Salthemor and Yuki was already gone. Two men would stand on a roof top:
"Salthemor really is something genreal." Said one of them:
"Yes now we know his gone. We can pick off the Cross bane without trouble." Said the other one. The man to the left would wear a red hood and have red tattoos down over his left eye. His arms would be filled with the same red tattoos. He would wear a red coat and boots. The other one would don't have shirt on and be fully bandage from top to toe. Only one red eye would be showing. He would wear long black loose pants around his legs and have a coffin on his bag. Both of them would have a thing in common. Both of them would have a red sun glowing from their shoulder:
"So genreal what now?" Said the one with the tattoos:
"You will stay here and take care of the cross bane with particle manipulator." Said the mummy:
"What about you sir?" Said the tattooed man:
"I will go after Salthemor himself. You dismissed Burst." Said the mummy:
"Thanks Gravedigger." Said the Tattooed man. They would suddenly be gone both of them. 

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