Perfectly Imperfect

A young girl named Alyssa has lived her whole life in a secrete facility. Although she doesn't know that she is a human lab rat, she soon learns that things aren't as they seem. After the arrival of a new kid who has actually seen the world beyond the glass prison that she calls home.


2. Chapter 2

      After breakfast we normally get started on our chore list but today things were going to be done a little differently. Our oppressor took us back to our bunks because we had to show Jason around and get him settled. Sally and Brick pulled a bed out of storage, Milo and Caron helped him put away his few belongings, Gerald and I tried our best to tell him that he had to change his clothes. Which didn't go well for us because all the clothes he owned were black. After fifteen minutes of arguing we gave up and just decided to let him where what he wanted. Our group then spent a good half-hour trying our best to explain the rules. But Jason didn't seem to be paying any attention. Our oppressor came in after that and escorted us to the fields where the other three groups were working. We split up and each headed in a different direction. I walked past the rows of corn and knelt in the strawberry fields. I began picking berries as the sun rose in the sky. My mind began to wander. First thing I thought about was the new kid, Jason. Where did he come from? Why did he join our group? Why is he so dark? The guy was just a total mystery. To be fair I had only known him a few hours but he seemed so strange. 

      As the sun rose in the sky I noticed that my legs were getting stiff from squatting so long. I set down my basket and stood to stretch. I turned around and nearly jumped out of my skin. He was standing there. I jumped and tripped over my basket spilling strawberries everywhere. "You startled me." I said trying to calm my nerves. He knelt down, "Sorry," he said, "I didn't mean to scare you." He held out a hand and helped me to my feet. I dusted myself off and looked around at all of the berries that I had spilled. "It's okay," I told him."I should have heard you." He smiled and helped me gather up the split strawberries. "So, is there a reason you came over here?" I asked him. He looked a little nervous, "I was wondering if you could show me how to pick corn?"

      "Sure, I'd be happy too." I told him. Then grabbed my basket and lead the way to the cornfields. It must have been noon by now. The sun was blazing hot. I wondered how Jason could survive this heat, he was the one wearing leather. We walked through the stalks of corn until I couldn't hear anyone. I set down my basket and looked at Jason. "Alright, so to pick corn you want to feel it first to make sure that there are kernels are ripe." I said taking one in my hand and feeling the corn. "Then what you want to do is grab the ear," I said pointing to the ear on the corn. "and pull down on the corn slightly. Then twist and pull." I pulled down on the corn as hard as I could. There was a small crack and the corn fell off. "There," I said. "easy. Now you try." He reached for an ear of corn and did as I instructed. The corn came off easily. "Thanks." He said. I smiled, "No problem."

      I decided to stay with him and help him pick corn because it looked as if he hadn't even started. After a while I asked him. "Why didn't you ask sooner how to pick corn?" He looked at me with those intense blue eyes. "Because I didn't need to know then." That made no sense. He had been here all day hadn't he? Now that I was thinking about it I didn't see him when we split up or when we arrived at the fields. "Where were you this morning?" I asked nervously.


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