Perfectly Imperfect

A young girl named Alyssa has lived her whole life in a secrete facility. Although she doesn't know that she is a human lab rat, she soon learns that things aren't as they seem. After the arrival of a new kid who has actually seen the world beyond the glass prison that she calls home.


1. Chapter 1

       Alyssa May has lived a perfect life for as long as she can remember. She was told how to dress, how to act, and how to speak. But that was all about to change. One Monday morning as she was making her bed along with the other people in her group she caught word of a new recruit. "I overheard the oppressors talking about him and this new kid sounds like trouble." Sally whispered. "They don't even know which group to put him in."

      "I think your over reacting a bit." Milo said. Our group nodded in agreement as our oppressor came into the room. We stood at attention as he inspected our bunks. When he was satisfied with what he saw he led us down to the dining hall calming that he had a surprise for all of us. When we were all seated the oppressor announced that Mr. Cade was coming to speak to us. Our group looked around at one another in shock. Mr. Cade was the leader of all of the oppressors. No one ever saw him unless something very important was happening. So that means that no one ever saw him. Sure we've all been warned that if we didn't behave Mr. Cade would come and take us away. So when this muscular man stepped on stage we knew we were done for. "Ladies and gentlemen may I please have your attention? My name is Mr. Cade, I'm quite certain you all know who I am." His voice was rough like nails and vibrated off of the walls. "I am here to announce that your group has been chosen to host a newcomer. So please welcome, with open arms, your newest group member." We all clapped politely as a rough looking boy walked out on stage. His clothes were torn black leather and his black hair looked like it had never seen a comb. His skin was pale and covered in soot. But the thing that stuck out about him the most was his eyes. His sapphire blue eyes. They didn't seem to match the rest of his appearance at all.

      The new kid stood with his hands in his pockets looking bored as our quiet applause died down. Mr. Cade spoke up again, "Welcome Jason. These are your new brothers and sisters." He said waving his hand in our direction. "They will show you how we do things here and teach you everything that they know." Mr. Cade smiled and patted Jason hard on the back. Then handed him over to the oppressor to be escorted to our table. Mr. Cade left after that and we were left to enjoy our cold breakfast with the new kid. He sat as far away from us as possible and starred blankly at the wall across the table. We didn't talk as much as usual during breakfast, we mostly stole looks at the new kid. Who didn't even glance at the food on his plate. After a small while I thought to myself I've never meet anyone new and this was the perfect opportunity. I debated how I should introduce myself until finally I thought I would wing it. I got up and sat down next to the new kid. He didn't even look over. "Hi," I said. Still nothing. "My name is Alyssa." I wasn't even sure if he was listening or not. "Your name is Jason, right?" He turned his head and looked at me with those bright blue eyes. He nodded slowly searching my face for something. I felt myself grow warm under his gaze and wished he would stop. When he looked away he muttered something that sounded like "can't be." I didn't have much time to think about it because our oppressor called that breakfast was over.

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