The next generation

Hi my name is lily potter, I'm 12 and This is the horror story of my first year in hogwarts.


1. Sunday

Hi my name is lily potter, I'm 12 and This is my family. My dad is called Harry, he's like a king to us wizards, and this is my mother ginny. She's the sweetest person ever. And finally these are my two brothers James and Albus. James is starting 5th year and Albus is starting 3ed year and I'm just about to start 2nd year. But I can't go back to school. Not after what happened last year. I'll tell you about that later, for now let me tell you about the dinner party we had a few days back.

I woke up on Sunday, like I usually did when my mum called me and my brothers down for breakfast. As I ran down the stairs James shoved me at the wall. He wanted the head seat, but I crawled under his legs when mum was talking to him about his exams this year, so like always I got the head seat. Albus stumbled down the steps still half asleep. Mum always made us waffles on Sunday. James handed me a toffee under the table. I glared at him and shouted " MUM!!! JAMES MADE MORE OF HIS NOSEBLEED SWEETS THINGS!!!!!" Mum scolded him. Last time he gave one to Hugo my cousin, his nose blood just poured all over the new table. My uncle George clapped, Hugo ran off and mum wiped the table. I wondered why everyone was round but I just went with the flow and enjoyed the party.

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