The World Unknown (5sos fanfiction)

When Ember Rollings joins Tolan (Luke Hemmings), Yates (Michael Clifford), Holtzman (Ashton Irwin), and Gilbert (Calum Hood) team of ghostbusters she is in for more than just ghouls. Somehow falling in love with one of her new team members seems more shocking than the ghouls running rampant around New York City. When the ghosts come a knocking who ya gonna call?


2. Chapter 1


  I wrap my jacket tighter around myself as I run across a city street trying desperately not to get hit by a taxi. I shiver as rain falls mixing with the crisp New York October air. I glance at my phone screen to see I have ten minutes to get to my job interview. The original ghostbusters have know retired and they have hired a new generation to take their place. I still remember the day the giant marsh mellow man had been walking through the city. I knew that day that I wanted to be a ghostbuster. I was only ten then but still, eight years later my dream hasn't changed. I wanted to help keep the world safe.


 I sigh in relief as I see the neon green sign that says who you gonna call and quickly run inside and out of the cold air. When the door closes behind me the receptionist, a woman looking to be in her 70's calls me over.


  "You must be Ember. Follow me" She says getting up from her desk and guiding me down a hallway. The front of the building had seemed like a hotel but the further we travel back the more it reminds me of a boiler room and a underground tunnel system. She stops in front of a door that says conference room and steps inside for a minute to let them know I'm here. I take a few more deep breaths to calm myself before she comes back out of the room.


  "They're ready to see you now"


  "Thank you" I say giving her a friendly smile as she walks me into the conference room. She mouths good luck to me before she leaves. Four guys are squished on one side on a round table.  They all glance at a folder and back at me and I try very hard not to think of how much it reminds me of a interrogation. The all are dressed in there work uniform and I glance at there name tags. The one with hazel eyes and dyed white hair's name is Yates, next to him is a guy with dark brown hair and brown eyes is Gilbert, then the one holding my folder with blonde hair and blue eyes is Tolan, and the one on the other side of him with wavy brown hair and green eyes is Holtzman.


  "So Ember Rollings, 18, Daughter of Edward Rollings, Chief inspector on the NYPD police force and Omelia Rollings, Philosophy teacher at Columbia University College. What is your reason for wanting to join the ghostbusters" says Tolan closing my folder and turning his attention fully on me along with the three other guys sitting across from me.


  "Well I have always wanted to help people. I grew up watching my father head out at all hours of the night trying to keep this city safe. My father always does everything he can to help others, even in the most dangerous of situations and I want to do the same. Plus I have always wandered what it would be like to work with the supernatural. To learn about ghost and where they come from and why they're here. I admired the old ghostbusters and this last year that you guys have been in charge you have been keeping up their legacy and I want to do that to"


  "You are aware of the risks right? You can die. Each day we go out for a job we each are at a 50% chance or sometimes even higher, of dying. In fact if you get this position you will be replacing the guy before you Tommen. He had been a friend of ours for many years growing up and a month ago he died right in front of us on the job. If you take this job you need to be ready to do whatever it takes to keep the city safe. Even if that means paying with your life" Holtzman says his face very serious.


 I take a minute to let what he says sink in along with their solemn faces at their friends name being mentioned. I remember hearing about that guy on the news. The ghost had thrown him so hard into an ally wall that it broke over a fourth of the bones in his body and split his head clean open. He had bled to death before the police could even arrive. It was a very tragic day and I remember saying a prayer for him that night. Could I really handle being in that sort of situation. What about my parents. Would they pray for me after it happened just like I did for him Would they be able to go on without me.


  "Truthfully I don't know what I would do in that sort of situation. I have never been in a do or die situation like that before but I have to try. This is the job I have wanted since I was ten years old. If I were to die on the job then that is how it is. There wouldn't be anything I could do about it and I would just have to hope that my parents would understand why I had to put myself in that situation. I want to help the people in this city. I want to protect them. And if I am not ready to put my life on the line then an innocent civilian could be hurt and killed like your friend. So yes if it means getting this job and helping you keep the city safe than yes I'm ready for whatever it takes" I say my voice firm.


  "How good is your aim?" Asks Yates.


  "Perfect shot" I say proudly. 


  "Oh really care to prove that?" He says raising his eyebrow at me in suspicion. 


  "I'd love to"


 With that we all get up and I follow them deeper into the building glancing at all the different things I'll have to remember. We stop at a ladder that travels down and I follow them down to a room that is the size of a high school basketball court. There are targets set up on one side of the room while the other side They have a few guns lined against the wall to fire at them with. 


  "If you can get five perfect headshots in a row we'll hire you right here on the spot" Gilbert says glancing at the others while he hands me a rifle. I can tell by the look on their faces that they don't think I can do it.


 I let the biggest smirk ever spread on my face as I aim at the targets because unlike them I know for a fact I can get a perfect shot on all these targets. I take a deep breath and one by one I fire a perfect shot hitting them all one shot each. I glance at them as I finish and they're all staring at the targets in shock.


  "How the hell did you do that!"


  "My dads a cop and he wanted to be able to protect myself if I had to so he started teaching me when I was 13. He also had me start taking self defense classes when I was 14.This is New York after all" I say with a shrug and hand Gilbert the gun back.


  "Alright deals a deal you can join the team. Just know this is an everyday job and we could be called in at any hour. We all have to live here. The elevator at the front of the building by the reception desk is the one we take to the seventh floor where we all have our own rooms and bathroom. You will have to move in tomorrow morning and be ready for training at 8 am sharp do you understand?"


  "Yes I understand" I say fighting the urge to cheer happily.



 I hurry out of the building and back out into the rain. I smile as I make my way home ready to pack my things and move out of my parents home and into the ghostbusters building to start training for my new job.


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