Someone like you

a story where Ashton meets the love of his Life

Ashton is 30 years old in this fanfic

{{love you angels dont be scared to like and comment}}


1. Prologue

Ashton's POV:

-Hi my name is Winter and I'm a paleontologist I'm here with my crew about some fossiles you say you may have found in your backyard... Are you Ashton Fletcher Irwin?

(I was in awe in front of her I had Never seen someone as beautiful as her)

-Uuumm, I am indeed...?

-I just wanted to make sure we were at the right house... because you didnt specify your adress so we had to knock at every door on the street. I'm sorry I'm just tired...

-Okay well--

-We will be in contact with you, here's my card, we will be back tomorrow at 8/7 AM to look at your backyard ok? Have a Nice evening!

-"See you tomorrow, I guess, "I said to myself as she was already walking towards her car.

And that's how I met Winter Sparksdale.

{hey guys tell me what you think , xoxx, some more to come)

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