Someone like you

a story where Ashton meets the love of his Life

Ashton is 30 years old in this fanfic

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2. Chapter 1 (unamed)

//Winter's POV//

[a year before Winter met Ashton Irwin]

"Don't stop digging! You! Be careful with the fossils! 😰 This is a very important dig! I want everybody doing what they should be doing! Please people we need this for the museum!"

This is pretty much what my life looked like for the past year..

I'm Dr.Sparksdale, a 28 year old Canadian graduate from the paleontology department of Harvard and single and I live in a little apartment with my best friend Rebecca.

We are presently located for the next 10 months in Alberta, Canada to dig some more fossils from the Mesozoic period.

Rebecca and I have been best friends for 23 years now and we always wanted to explore the world together. My job gave us the possibility to do that. Plus she documents our trips (she's a photographer and an amazing surfer).

So here I am in Alberta trying to find these fossils so that we can go identify them and do experiments in the lab.

My life is pretty dull even though I love my job. I think that I need to commit. I'm still single and my parents think I need to marry someone and have kids soon. I'm ready for that I just haven't found my ideal man yet...

{hey guys sorry if this is shitty but it's 1 AM and I'm really tired so I hope you can suggest me for what'a coming next... dont worry ash will come in in a chapter or 2 😋 thanks guys i will write some more soon! xoxx}

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