Someone like you

a story where Ashton meets the love of his Life

Ashton is 30 years old in this fanfic

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3. A new beginning

Winter's POV

//I walked torwards Harry and slapped his face angrily.

"How could you do something like that? How could you run around telling your friends that we are a couple when we both know that's not true!?"

"Babe, please calm down...people are staring"

"You know what I don't care! You were just a one time fling anyway!" I said as I ran away from the venue.

I was all dressed and I just wanted one, one night out having fun with my friends while I was in town before flying out back to Alberta😔

But then fucking Harry Styles runs into me like wtf?? and I had sex with him, but just once! Aargh, I'm so mad!

Well he definitly isnt the man of my dreams...//

//"Winter you can come in". My boss was expecting me. We had finished the dig in Alberta and I was now going to know where I'll go next.

"Please sit.. look Winter, you'll Never be as young as you are now and you need to take every oppotunity when it comes to you .. that's why we are sending you to Australia!!

I was shocked..

"What?" I said in an arrogant tone

"YOU.ARE.GOING.TO.AUSTRALIA.. you need to live a little bit and I heard you want to meet someone..australians are cute!" he said with a blink ;)

"Okay fine I'll take the job"

"Yeaah, you are leaving with a new team in a week get them ready"

"Yes sir"I said, and then I left to go tell Rebecca and the team the good news.

It's only when we landed That I thought this was à good idea. Sydney looked rad! I'm sure I'll meet someone :)

TO BE CONTINUED...(love yall readers please comment what you think xoxx)

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