Someone like you

a story where Ashton meets the love of his Life

Ashton is 30 years old in this fanfic

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6. 1 week later

Winter's POV

I had made plans to stay in Australia, bought a car, rented a room in someone's house  (*not ashton's lolz,,,yet), bought a bike and a city map. My "date" with Ashton, if you want to call it that, was in 2 hours and I had to get ready. I went shopping the day before and felt as confident as ever. I put on a bit of mascara, dressed, took my phone and looked at the clock. I had to run! Ashton was to meet me in 20 minutes, at Hyde Park (some park in Sydney) while my apartment was on the other side of Rushcutters bay. So I hoped on my bike with my fancy outfit on and biked all the way to the park, but not long before getting there I fell off my bike while trying to avoid a car. I scratched my knees and fell hard on my elbow, I was fine but my outfit wasn't.  I decided to go to the park anyways, what harm can it do, right?


When I arrived at the park, Ashton was sitting there, surprisingly, there was no one else in the park. He looked up to me and at that point I was almost in tears and my knees were bleeding and on fire. I came up to him and asked "Where are we going?" I wanted to ask him what we'd visit, I was v excited but also in lots of pain from the fall. He run up to me with a concerned look in his eyes, he threw away the flowers I think he might have bought for me, he picked me up and took me away from the park. "Ashton Irwin what the hell are you fdoing~~?~~?"

"I'm taking to my house gosh Winter what happened to you~~? I'll take you home and we'll get rid of that blood"

"But, my bike..."

"We'll come back for it tomorrow, don't worry it'll still be here, if not I'll buy you a knew one"

"Okay then"

He took me back to his house, and laid me on his perfectly clean bed, in a beautiful room with pictures of him drumming, and a drum kit in the corner of the bedroom. I wore jeans and a t-shirt that day. My jeans were ripped as well as my knees. As a gentlemen, he took of my pants and threw them in the garbage while he took out a medicine kit and washed my knees, without saying a word. When he was done, I told him that I could take care of my elbow myself. He said ok and he left the room saying he would be back in an hour or so. I waited and banded my elbow and took found some black skinny jeans -probably his- and put them on. When I got out of his room I went to look around and found the kitchen where I found Ashton cooking (*laughs*) wearing cooking gloves, he looked ridiculous, but cute though.

"Ashton what are you doing~~?"

"I'm cooking... uumm spaghetti, it's my specialty, with chocolate milk to drink it with!"

"Great I'm starving, thank you for your hospitality"

"It's no problem. Since we couldn't go around town to visit I thought we might get to know each other"

"Okay :) "

 So I sat down at the table while we enjoyed our spaghetti and got to know each other.


~~HI angels the next chapter will come in the next 2-3 days :) ~~

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