The nerds secret

Avery Cameron.
Typical nerd with big glasses, baggy clothes, top grades, no friends and of course, as cliché as it is, is always bullied.

But what if this is all just a front?

A project and an overly curious guy might get the better of this situation and take the time to learn what she is really about.


1. chapter 1

Hi this is my first story. Please leave constructive criticism in the comments :)


Hi my name is Avery Cameron. I'm seventeen, about 5"4, have a curvy yet fit body, chocolate brown eyes and long, wavy light brown hair that reaches my mid back.

I'm the stereotypical nerd so you know, big thick black glasses, retainer, baggy, out of style clothes. No friends. That's not me though. Well, the no friends part is but anyway. That's my appearance I put on for show, as well as well as my ratty, black wig. I have to keep my secret. I'm a street fighter. And a pretty good one if I do say so myself.

I don't have to put on the nerd get up but I choose to. To see who wants to meet the real me not just because of my appearance or fame and protection of being friends with the fighter. Being the nerd means I get bullied though, I've got thick skin so I'm fine but I want to fight back for those who don't and can't fight back coz they've been pushed down so much. I hate to see those who can't help themselves and the things they're teased about hurt. It's just not right.

I've seen some stories where the street fighter is undefeated and the absolute best. That's not how it works you start from the bottom and work yourself up. You win some, you lose some. It's all the same but you've got to strive and that's what I did and still do. I workout at the gym two hours everyday, train one hour twice a week professionally, train how ever long, whenever I want personally to and have a fight twice a week.

I have lived by myself ever since the age of ten. My parents and both older and younger sisters, as well as my younger brother were murdered when I was that age. No one else in my family wanted me, and I didn't want to be put up for adoption or foster care because I don't want a family that isn't mine or to intrude in someone else's life. So I put my inheritance money towards an apartment with the help of an uncle that felt bad he couldn't take me at the time. I started fighting at 12 to help pay bills and so I wasn't reliant on anyone. It all took off from there I guess.




I lazily swung my arm around to hit the snooze button on my alarm. Groaning, I slid out of bed and fell right into the floor. Graceful, I know. Pushing myself up I shuffled across my one room apartment to the bathroom.

I did my business before stripping down to hop into the shower. I did the regular shower things. Wash everything, shampoo and condition my hair and shave everything since I could be bothered. I put my towel on and since I live by myself, I left the bathroom drying off and heading to my wardrobe. I just pulled out old, baggy black trackies and slipped on an oversized and weird looking jumper on as a shirt. Not before my underwear and bra of course, both of which are black. I brushed my hair into a bun and put the ratty black wig on, fake retainer and glasses then slid on some white worn down home brand target shoes, grabbing an apple, my bag and heading out the door.

Since I live, and always have, in the sketchier part of town, I make sure the door is locked before heading off. It took about half an hour of walking towards the city before seeing the gates of school. I mean, I'm a "nerd" and all but seriously math does my head in. And practically every other subject apart from gym. Oh fudge I forgot my gym clothes today. To late to go back now though. The teacher will understand, yeah?

Anyway, I walk in with my head slightly down so it looks like I'm shy, yet I can still observe my surroundings and check for any threats. I'm not stupid and like to be prepared for any "surprises" . I make it to my locker with only a few pushes and taunts before grabbing the books needed and head to first period. I sit in the middle on the side like usual and get ready for class. It carries on like this through all my lessons up till lunch, since I skip break to do all my homework from the days before and the lessons I've had.

Lunch time comes around and I head to the canteen to get a sandwich, apple and water so u can go sit behind the gym under the tree I usually sit under. As I'm on my way to the tree, the popular group are by the lockers near the doors I head out of. They see me coming and keep taunting me and I begin to act hurt by there words and force myself to bring tears to my eyes so they'll back off. This is the most humiliating thing considering I like having pride in myself and resilience. As soon as I was out the doors, I absorbed the fake tears and go over to my spot with my head held in its natural, confident manner as no one comes out here besides me.

I plopped down under the tree and begin to eat my lunch. I look around, just observing as I noticed that the stoners had moved there spot to behind the gym. Looks like their usual place of the disabled toilets was found out when they didn't realise there was a new disabled relief teacher. Haha that would have been so funny with them all high and then getting yelled at by a grumpy, bald and overweight old man. Oh I could just imagine their reactions. Well looks like I'm not out here completely by myself then.

I find the bin on the side of the building and head back in just as the bell goes. I head to the front of the gym since that was my next and last lesson for the day. Everyone heads to the locker room to change into there gym clothes whereas I head up to the teacher to explain that I forgot mine.

" Excuse me sir, but I forgot my gym clothes today. Is it alright if I just wear what I am currently?" I said politely.

"Nonsense! I'll give you some gym clothes so you can participate properly!" Walking off towards the sports office and gesturing me to follow after barking at me.

Oh no. I've seen the spare gym clothes and they're are very tight and, in my opinion, a bit skimpy. Even my gym clothes were baggy to hide my figure.

"Here" he said tossing me some shirts and a top he thought would fit.

Reluctantly I headed to the locker rooms where no one was any more and changed into the clothes I was given. I went back into the gym in the tight, navy blue shorts and red stretchy shorts that barely covered my behind and crept up as I walked since I have thick thighs.

I felt some eyes on me and whispering as I walked towards the class. I got there just in time to hear the teacher tell us that we will be running laps of the track today. At this, I got excited. I loved to run and did it often after my workouts to get home fast and also cool down to make sure I stretch my muscles properly.

We all head outside after the role was taken and did a few stretches to warm up before lining up along the track. We were all going together as the aim was to see who could do the most laps in 45 minutes. You had to get ten laps at least and go at whatever pace you want and drop out whenever. I plan on running the whole time, I'm not to worried about how many laps but I want to relax a bit in today's workout so I'm going to push myself hard with the running to makeup for it.

Sir blows the whistle and we're all off. Some are at a jog, some at a medium pace conserving energy and some are sprinting trying to show off. I'm in between the medium pace and sprinting because I don't want to much attention but I do want to push myself hard. Everyone is sweating hard and breathing heavily by the seventh lap whereas my breathing is even and barely sweating since I'm used to this. I increase my sped bit by bit and end up finding myself in the lead. Others have stopped and now it's just me and a few guys and girls from the sporting clubs such as the football and soccer guys, hockey and soccer girls and unisex track team. For the track team they really need to improve their endurance because I was literally running laps around them.

Pretty soon it was just me and a few football and soccer guys with good endurance. The guys slowed down to a jog, evidentially getting tired. I sped up though. I had to push hard. I knew there were only a few minutes left since the teacher blew the whistle to signal that there would only be five minutes until the end. I was sprinting to try and get as many laps in as possible before the laps were to cease. Just as I crossed the line the last time, I was sweating a bit more and my breathing wasn't as steady as it was before.

I walked to grab my drink bottle to cool down my hoarse throughly from the running. The people who dropped out at the start were looking at me in shock, probably thinking I couldn't run because I'm a nerd and I haven't been here the days we've had track so no one has seen me run. Just as I was about to walk back into the gym to change back into my clothes as the bell had signalled the end of the day, the teacher walked up to me shouting my name.

" Avery! That was fantastic, you literally ran laps around everyone, including my best athletes. How did you do it, with your usual attire it looked like you couldn't even complete one. I didn't know you were fit, let alone professional level fit!" Flinging his hands around exasperatedly.

"Thank you sir and I workout hard and often." I reply, trying not to give to much away.

"What would you workout hard for?" He said with a curious look on his face.

I looked around and saw a few people still hanging around and pretending to be in conversation, but I saw them stealing glances at us so I knew they were eaves dropping. No ones asked before so I haven't needed an excuse but teachers are supposed to be trusted and plus, I've kinda have been wanting to tell someone. It's my passion and want to move out of street fighting into professional boxing so it's safer and also pays better. He could help me with that.

"Could we talk in the sports office I don't want other people finding out and need to ask some questions and perhaps some favours." I replied, deciding what I wanted.

"No problem, come right through and ask away."

And with that, I walked into what might change my lifestyle for the better.


Hope that was alright! Sorry if it seems short but I'm really tired and have school tomorrow. Carry on reading if you enjoyed in the next chapter if you enjoyed, I should update often. :)

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