Calums +babe😉

Alejandra never could have imagined that heartbreaker Calum Hood would come running into her arms. "Oh how the tables have turned."


6. sorry ; I ain't sorry 👠

Calums P.O.V

I stood there shocked by what I said I know I could be mean but I didn't think it would affect her that much.

I did mean my apology. I regret making her cry that was horrible. I feel like a major jerk.

"Hey Mikey. It's Calum umm I need to talk to you could I go over?" I heard Michael mumble. The said "sure hurry up tho I need help dyeing my hair red." I chuckle "alright I'll be there in a little bit."

~*michaels house*~

"So you made Alejandra cry?" He said adding more dye on his head.

"I-I don't know what came over me, yeah no one likes her but...I felt terrible." I said looking at my hands.

I think you should let her cool down & apologize. But don't you have to go everyday all day? If you want me and the boys could go so you don't feel alone." I smiled "thanks Michael."

A/N : *when sorry by Beyoncé is stuck in your head* Sooorrryyyy I ain't sorry🤗 🖕🏼 up put them 🙌🏽 high wave it in his👦🏽 tellem boy bye🏃

Stay Gorgeous- Eileen💋

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