Calums +babe😉

Alejandra never could have imagined that heartbreaker Calum Hood would come running into her arms. "Oh how the tables have turned."


14. papi 😛

Alejandra's P.O.V

He kissed me and I felt sparks fly. Why? I'm so confused right now? He deepened the kiss, then breaking it when the boys came in. "Um." I said looking at them with wide eyes.

"Um hey alee. How are you doing?" The tall blonde said. Making everything 100% more awkward.

"I'm ok." I say turning to look at Calum who has a smirk on his face. "When do I go home."

"Well the doctor said you lost a lot of blood but you might be able to go tomorrow." Said Calum looking at me how every girl wants to be looked at. Then someone rudely interrupted my daze.

"Sooooo are you two a couple now?" Said Mike or Micheal. I look at Calum and blush.

"Maybe. Is that any business of yours mate." He said smiling.

~ skips to house~

"Hello love birds it's time to get a movin!" Said Ashton in a baby voice. I barely realized I had Fallen asleep in Calums arms. He kissed my forehead and with the sexiest voice ever said "GoodMorning baby."

Yep he's officially my mannnnn!

A/N: well here we gooooo aggggaaaiiiinnnn! (*sings One Direction music very loudly*) lol hope you guys like this btw anyone else think unicorns are really?!?!🦄🦄🦄💓 if so comment and like😛💅🏼

Stay sexy mamacitas Hermosas!😛✨(yes I'm Hispanic) -Eileen🌩

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