Calums +babe😉

Alejandra never could have imagined that heartbreaker Calum Hood would come running into her arms. "Oh how the tables have turned."


7. eggplant 🍆

Alejandra's P.O.V

How could someone be so mean. You know what whatever I feel like going out.

"Hey annabeth, do you wanna go party tonight." I smirked.

"Yass Girl , I'll pick you up at 8 be ready."

Annabeth is my one of my only two friends the other one is Erick. Which is gay but he's the greatest person ever! I met them when I moved too Sydney , they were the only people I talked to and are still the only people I talk too.

~at the club ~

"Hey annnnneeeeee." I slurred because I think I had a lot to drink.

"Alejandra that guy is looking at you." She pointed toward a guy in the corner of the room. He looked so familiar but I was tooooo drunk to tell. I realize he's suddenly walking towards me.

"Hey." He says smirking down at me. He looks just as drunk as I do so I smile. "Hello there stranger." He smiles.

"Wanna dance baby." I looked up at him .

"Surreee." I say walking into the crowd of people grinding on each other. So we start dancing but then I felt him get a bulge in his pants, while I grind on him. I look down at it and smirk.

"Do you want to take this somewhere else." He looked at me with passion in his eyes. I couldn't say anything but nod.

He takes me into a room around the back, immediately connecting his lips with mine. They felt amazing, soft and puffy. He pushes me onto the couch with him falling on me he started kissing my neck leave hickeys for sure. He takes off his shirt then takes mine off. I start playing with his zipper and mouth the bulge in his underwear. His head arches back and he moans loudly. He then takes my pants and bra off so I'm felt in my black lace panties. I take his pants off the his boxers revealing the penis.

He takes my underwear off and puts a condom on quickly thrusting into me causing me to moan and cuss and moan more.

We finally hit our peak. He kept thrusting into me making me cum and scream. He sat there sweating and we fell asleep.

A/N: Who do you think the sleeping boy is? Hmmm find out in the next chapter. 👅

Stay Hawwt! - Eileen✍🏽

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