Calums +babe😉

Alejandra never could have imagined that heartbreaker Calum Hood would come running into her arms. "Oh how the tables have turned."


11. dance dance revolution 💩

Calums P.O.V

Some friends of mine are coming over to help "babysit" you." He said smiling at me.

"No I'm gonna go out and you don't have to go." He suddenly walks so close to me are lips are almost touching. "Don't try and forget what we did." He said grabbing my ass and smashed his lips on to mine. I pull away.

"What the fuck Calum!?" He became amused and kissed my neck making me moan.

"See baby I know what you like." He started pushing me down on the couch and kissed me and for some damn reason I went with the flow. "Cal-Calum stop." I said in almost a whisper realizing what was really happening. I get up run to my room, ignoring Calums calls I close the door & cry. Why cry you might ask? Well he was using me. Him and his friends probably planned this out, wanting everyone to hate me more than they already do. Why do I keep going? Why can't I just do what everyone wants. Me dead.

A/N: are they playing with her or not?🌱 btw I'm soooo sorry I didn't update. I wasn't in my usual mood. 💔 but now I'm back bishhhessss!💩

Stay Lovely- Eileen🚨

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