Calums +babe😉

Alejandra never could have imagined that heartbreaker Calum Hood would come running into her arms. "Oh how the tables have turned."


3. Cutie Pie 👾

Alejandra's P.O.V

I get up in the morning doing my daily routine. Wash my teeth, straighten my hair, do my makeup, and put on the clothes o the day.

I choose a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, that fit nicely on my body, a dark green tee shirt and my black converse.

"Ale!" I hear my mum call. "Are you ready honey?"

"Yeah just let me get my keys." I say rushing down the stairs.

"Honey I have some umm, news." She said looking at my outfit.


"I'm going to be out of town for about a week or so & I hired someone to take care of you, you probably know him fro-" she didn't even finish her sentence as I interrupted.

"Umm mum no why would you hire anyone! A guy? From where?" I say feeling a huge headache forming.

"I don't feel right leaving you alone , after all your my only daughter, the only thing I have left of your father." I calmed down a little after she said the last words in almost a whisper. "His name is Calum, his mom works with me and he heard me saying I didn't want to leave you so he said he would take care of you isn't that sweet honey." I couldn't even breathe was she serious?!? Him of all people!

"Mum. I can take care of myself just please don't do this." I wanted to cry having him around would be horrible!

"Enough nonsense! I have already made my decision and that's final!" I just ran out and drove off to school I had two days to convince her not to do this.

A/N: Hello Honey Bunnies! I hope you like this chapter, btw Calum is just a little cutie that would hurt a fly. *smirks* 😏

Stay Gorgeous 💗 - Eileen

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