♢ Drag Me Down ♢

"It's too much to handle Ni." I said and sobbed into his shoulder.
"I understand, but you can't let them drag you down."

✕ Skye is bullied, a lot. And without Niall, she would be dead. Literally. He saved her, and now, she's all he has ✕


5. Chapter 5

Skye's Point Of View 

We were all sitting on the balcony together, but Lucy had left for her family dinner. Niall had finished writing my assignments for me, and was finishing his own work now. 

"So guys... winter break is coming up." I said and they nodded. "What are you guys doing?" 

"Nothing really. Our family decided to go somewhere during summer, not winter." Jay said.

"Yeah... and I'm not going anywhere either. Stupid older cousins are coming." Ethan said and groaned.

"Don't worry bud, we got you." Niall said and smacked him on the back. I laughed and looked at Niall. 

"Yeah, I'm not doing anything either. I mean, my family is in Ireland, and I can't go back... so yeah, nothing really." 

"Guys we should do something together." I said and their eyes widened. 
"Yeah... we could go on a road trip or something." Jay said and I agreed. 

"Let's drive to Paris!" Jay yelled. 

"Hey Jay, let's go to geography class!" I yelled back and they laughed. 

"We could fly though..." I said and they nodded. 

"Tickets are quite cheap right now." Ethan said, showing us the tickets. 

"Well, I have some savings... enough to buy a ticket. What about you guys?" I asked and they all nodded. 

"Then it's settled. We are going to Paris!" Jay said and we all cheered. 

*1 week later -- 2 days till Winter Break-- *

I had finally gotten my cast off and I felt much better. We had booked our tickets and Lucy was coming along too. Our flight was tomorrow, after school. So we were missing one day of school before winter break, and planned to be there for 5 days.

It was now lunch time, and I was waiting for the other guys to come. Niall brought me a sandwich and some fruit and I shook my head.

"No thanks." I didn't have an eating problem, I just never felt like eating. 

"Ok, seriously Skye. Eat the freakin sandwich before you die of hunger." He said and held it up. I groaned and threw it back on the tray.

"It's your favorite!" He said and I rolled my eyes.

"You can't make me eat anything." I said and he raised his eyebrows.

"Skye! Eat it! It's really bad for you when you don't eat. Just have one bite! It gets pretty annoying and I worry!" He yelled and threw his hands in the air. 

"Niall! Just stop! I'm not eating it! I'm not hungry and I'm not in the mood! Just leave me alone!" I yelled back and everyone looked at me. I stormed out with tears streaming down my face and ran outside of the school.

I had realized I left my jacket and was wearing elbow length sleeves and it was below freezing outside. I wasn't going back inside and I just sat on the bench, arms wrapped around myself. Tears were still coming, some from the cold and some because of what happened. 

I wiped my tears but couldn't stop them, so I just sat there. I heard someone come outside and sit down next to me. It was Niall, of course. 

"Can you not leave me alone Niall?" I asked, with quite a small voice, which was breaking too. 

"No. I can't." He said and took off his jacket. He put it on my shoulders and wrapped his bare arms around me. I tried moving away but he had a very tight hold on me. I decided to just let it go, and leaned my head on his shoulder. 

"Take your jacket, you'll get sick." I said and he shook his head. 

"I'd rather be sick than you being hurt at all." He said and I wiped my eyes from the loose tears. 

"I'm sorry. I can't believe I made you cry." He said and pulled me in a hug. His jacket was extremely big on me. Especially the arms. Niall was extremely nice, and it would break his heart to see anyone cry, even if he didn't do anything. "I... I just don't want anything happening to you Skye. You're my world, I love you, so much, and I hardly say that to people. I made you upset, and I feel terrible. I just wanted you to eat something so you would stay healthy, because if you don't, I don't know what I'd do." He said and I saw tears coming out of his eyes.

"Listen Ni. Don't feel bad. I'm sorry. Don't cry, please." I said and now I felt bad. I wiped his tears and looked him in the eyes. "Don't ever worry about me. Ever. I'll eat whatever you want me to. I promise." I said and he nodded. 

"Forget all of this shit, we're going to Paris." I said and saw the smile creep onto his face. 

"Let's go." He said and held my hand while we walked back inside the school.



Who's excited to read about their trip to PARIS! Also just remember. Jacob is also Jay and Jack. Those are his nicknames. I just don't want any confusion. WELL COMMENT, LIKE, AND FAVORITE FOR MORE!  



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