♢ Drag Me Down ♢

"It's too much to handle Ni." I said and sobbed into his shoulder.
"I understand, but you can't let them drag you down."

✕ Skye is bullied, a lot. And without Niall, she would be dead. Literally. He saved her, and now, she's all he has ✕


4. Chapter 4

Skye's Point Of View


I went back to school the next day with all the guys and Lucy. They didn't want to leave me alone, and they were going to apparently find the guy who pushed me. I honestly feel bad for him, because Niall, Ethan, and Jack are really big guys. And they could hurt him really badly. 

We all walked down the halls together, with Jack holding my hand and Ethan and Niall In front of us. Lucy was behind. 

"Oh there goes Skye. Poor little Skye." I heard Olivia say. I sighed and looked down. 

"Ay, leave her alone." Lucy said as all of the guys glared at her. 

They all walked up to her and Niall looked at her angrily. 

"Where is he?"


"The guy who pushed Skye. Where is he?" Niall said louder.

"Oh I'm not sure... But I'm sure Jacob can find him for you." She said and twirled her hair around her finger. 

"Oh yeah. What's his name?" Niall asked.

"Uh... It was Andrew Mason. I think, he wasn't even hot I just found him to help me out." She said and I groaned. 

"You're sick." Niall said and we all started walking again. It felt like everyone was watching us. Our every move. But it was true. Everyone was watching our little group walk down the halls. Suddenly the bell rang. 

"Guys it's ok. Let's go to class." I said and pulled Jack away.

"No! It's not!" Ethan said and I sighed. 

"Ok. We'll find him at lunch. It's ok. Let's just go to class." I said and they all sighed. 

Jack, Ethan, and I had 1 class together. And I had 2 classes with Lucy, and 1 with Niall. The others I was alone. 

I walked with Ethan and Jack, not letting go of Jack's hand. We eventually reached the class and thank god Olivia wasn't in this one. 

I sat next to Jack and behind us was Ethan. I'd say after Niall, I was the closest to Jack. 

The lesson went by quickly, and soon I was with Niall. He smiled and hugged me once he saw me, and walked me to my class. I felt it was a bit extreme that they were this protective. But it wasn't bad.

Sadly, Olivia was in my social studies class, the one I had with Niall. But at least he was in it with me. 

I walked in and sat next to Niall, and Olivia sat all the way in the front. Of course. I don't know why, but all the teachers loved her, a lot. But she wasn't even that good. She hardly get's A's and the teachers just boost her grade for no reason. Which is very unfair. But I never said anything about it. 

She kept on whispering into people's ears, all through out the class, and they looked at me, snickering, after every whisper. She was probably telling them lies about me. Some could even be true. I looked down and tried to ignore the laughs and whispers around me. Niall rolled his eyes at the people and put his arm around me. He also had to write for me because I was a righty, and my right arm was in the cast. This sucked, a lot. 

After the class was over Niall went to turn in our papers as I waited at the desk. 

"Ooh look at your cast. It must hurt!" She said as she smacked my arm. The sling ripped as I moved my arm away and squeezed my eyes shut in pain. She walked away with her friends, laughing. Niall came back and looked at me and he hugged me. 

"Oh gosh. Come on, we're going home." He said and took me to his car. He texted the guys and Lucy as he drove me back to his house. 


I sat on the couch as he gave me some Tylenol to reduce the pain. I took the pill and he sat down next to me. He wrapped his arm around me as I put my head on his shoulder. 

"Why me?" 

He looked at me sadly and shrugged. 

"Olivia... she doesn't have a perfect life. She's just letting it all out on you and making you upset, makes her so much happier. That's why you have to show them. Show them you're better than that. Show her that no matter what she does, you're never going to let her drag you down." He said. I sighed and he kissed my cheek. 

"I'm here for you. No matter what. Even if I'm not directly beside you, I am always here." He said and I hugged him. 

"Thank you Ni." I whispered and he smiled at me. 

"I love you. A lot." He said

​"I love you too." I said. 

​We started watching Spongebob to pass the time. 

Soon, the door burst open and in came 3 very worried people. 

"SKYE!" Jack yelled and hugged me. He put his arm around my head and kissed my forehead. "Are you ok?!" 

"I'm fine Jay." I said and looked at them. 

"Are you ok?" Lucy asked as she hugged me.

"I hope so." I said and Ethan put his arm around me.

"Can we start doing homework?" I asked.

"Yeah. I got your assignments." Lucy said and I nodded, thanking her. 

We all sat down and started reading our papers. 

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