♢ Drag Me Down ♢

"It's too much to handle Ni." I said and sobbed into his shoulder.
"I understand, but you can't let them drag you down."

✕ Skye is bullied, a lot. And without Niall, she would be dead. Literally. He saved her, and now, she's all he has ✕


3. Chapter 3

Skye's Point Of View


I sat in the library next to Jacob, laughing quietly at something he said. I smiled as I wrote down an equation and he tried not to laugh.

"Ok solve this." I said handing him the paper. He wrote some things down and handed me the paper

"Jay did you even try?" I asked.

"I don't think so..." He said and I sighed.

"Come on, Jacob. You're not going to get into a college like this!" I said and explained the concept. "Got it?"



"Yeah!" He said and smiled.

"Well then, good job." I said and looked at the time.

"Well, our time is over so.."

"OH THANK THE LORD!" He yelled and everyone in the library looked at him.

"Jacob! Shut up!" I said and he covered his mouth.

"Young man, be quiet. You are being disrespectful to those who are trying to work!" The librarian explained.

"Sorry ma'am." He said as she walked away, shaking her head.

"Wow Jay."

"Oh be quiet. Let's go." He said and I grabbed my bag as we exited the library.

"Hey Jacob. Why are you with the whore? Don't you have anything better to do?" Olivia said, as she walked towards us. She was with some guy from our grade. He probably worshipped her.

"Be quiet Olivia. It's my choice." Jacob said as I looked down.

"Aw, Skye what's wrong? Did I say something?" She said sarcastically and Jay put his arms around my shoulder.

"Let's go." He said and we started walking. Then all of a sudden I felt a push, as my face hit the concrete. It wasn't her, it was the guy.

"You son of a b*tch!" Jacob said as he punched the guy. "Who the hell told you to ever touch a girl!"

He picked me up and glared at Olivia. My nose was bleeding and I had a huge scratch on my cheek, also bleeding. My arm was aching with pain. When I fell I hit my arm. Jacob took a tissue from his pocket and put it at my nose as he ran to the nearby hospital.

I was soon in a hospital room and was in surgery.


Niall's Point Of View

My phone rang in the middle of practice and it was Jacob. I was wondering why he wasn't at practice today.

I picked up and the news wasn't so good.

"She has a broken arm, but her nose is ok... She's in surgery right now. Hurry up and get here." He said and I was mad. Very mad. A guy pushed her. So I could beat the shit out of him. I told the coach what was going no on and Ethan and I took off our gear. I didn't have time to change so I drove there with my jersey and football pants on.

Ethan and I waited in the hospital with Jay. Lucy eventually showed up and sat with us.

"Um anyone here for Skylar Downs?" The doctor said and all of us jumped up. We ran up to him and he told us we could visit her. 

"She can go home today." The nurse said and we nodded. 

"Hey Skye." I said and kneeled beside her. Jacob was on the other side. 

"Oh, hey Niall." She said weakly and I shook my head thinking of what she'd been through. 

"I'm sorry about what happened. But we are gonna get that guy and beat the sh-" Jacob got cut off. 

​"It's ok. It'll only make it worse. You know how Olivia is. She gets people to do what she wants, and they have no control over it." She said.

"Yeah but it was a GUY! A male person. There is never a right time to hit a girl." I said and she sighed. 

"Hey Eth." She said and Ethan hugged her. 

"Hey Skye" 

"Skye oh my gosh that b*tch. I'll get her. I'm so done with her and her attitude." Lucy said and hugged her.

"Luce, she'll pick on you if you do that. It's ok."

"Only one person can be here now." The doctor said when he walked in. 

"Niall you can stay." Jay said and I nodded. They all walked out as I still sat next to her. 

"Niall, I don't know if I can do this anymore." she said and I kissed her hand.

"No. babe. You're ok. It's ok." I said and she ran her hands through my hair.

"Niall! Every freaking day! You just had to save me!" She said, angrily. 

"Hey, you are too good to kill yourself! All of us wouldn't have you as our best friend. And that would've sucked." I said and looked at her in the eyes. "Most importantly, I wouldn't have you."

She looked down, and then back at me. 

"I love you Niall."

"I love you, Skye."

AUTHORS NOTE: I'm very happy right now! ALREADY got 4 likes and 5 favorites! AMAZING! Thank You! x



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