Lucifer, Hades, the Devil, or Satan whatever you want to call him. I'm his daughter, named after him and everything. I got everything from him, even his pleasure for making the mortals lives hell. Now it's my turn to have some fun with them.


1. Beginning with a fall.

From the beginning my father was his favorite. But then God had an idea, and awful idea at that too. He wanted to create the humans, someone who could love and worship him. He created them in the image of him, at first it was couple who he called Adam and Eve. God became obsessed with his creation instead, calling them perfect and his children.

After a while some of the angels became angry and jealous of the humans because of the attention God was showing them. What made it all worse was that these humans had souls which made the even more fragile then the angels and showing how special they really were to God. So my father finally get tired of him. Deciding to speak to God about his obsession with his pet humans.

"Father, What are you doing with these humans? They aren't worth the time, soon they will die and you won't have anymore of them to have." My father begged with God.

"Get rid of them. You have us the angels to worship and love you. Your our father." But God didn't listen he cared for the humans to much to care about what my father thought of the whole situation. Soon God got tired of my fathers begging so he demanded he leave heaven with other angels like him and find a new home. "Leave my place of heaven son and whoever believes you about my children." Sending my father and the other angels out of the heavens abandoning them. They didn't take long to find a new home below the surface of earth called the underworld. My dad made a home near the lake of fire. 
Not long after they found a home my father wanted to take revenge on God and the humans. So he devised a plan against the human couple. Changing into a Serpent his favorite animal. He went to the female human and played on her insecurities. Surprising that she was even insecure about anything with God calling her perfect. But she was the first move. 
"Take this fruit and eat it. You shall then be as powerful as God." Pushing her towards the idea. She gave in and took a bite. She began to realize that she was naked and ugly just like all humans. You could see the look of concentration on her face. She called to her mate and had him eat the fruit as well. Lying to him about what it would do to him when he ate it. My father was delighted at the ending of his plan. Leaving the place of the humans he sat back and watched the results of the plan unfold infront of God. 
"My children where are you? Why are you hiding from me?" His humans were embarrassed and naked. They didn't want to speak with God thinking that he was angry with them but he wasn't. He only got angry when they thought that they were ugly and plain. He was disappointed in them.
"Go my children and leave my garden. You shall worship me as a lord. You will not remember me as a father." Succeeding in his plan my father went back to the underworld and found a wife. An angel named Persephone she was his wife and my mother. She left to be with her mother not long ago knowing that I was old enough to take care of myself. When I was born they were happy but my father named me after him expecting me to take over the underworld for him. I was even named after him, my name is Lucy.

Today is my 21st birthday and I'm about to have to time of my life on earth creating mayhem amongst the humans. This should be fun.

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