The Edge

Heather Meza was perfect. She had a perfect family, perfect friends, a perfect house, a perfect life.
She was known for her brains and beauty, and her long, brunette hair, sharp blue eyes, and slim figure never hesitated to turn the heads of male or female.
But Heather Meza wasn't happy.
Soon, she met Nathan at a very unexpected time and location. Her heart beats faster when she's around him, and she has never felt this way about anyone before.
What is this feeling she has?


4. Chapter 4

I suddenly felt a hard, cold, wrinkly hand wrap itself around my mouth. An arm covered in leather did the same to my throat. I tried to scream, but the arm pushed itself up against my windpipe, and the hand pushed harder against my mouth. I tried to cry, but all that came out was a weird gagging noise.

I couldn't breathe. Was this how I was going to die? Murdered, but not knowing who killed me?

I tried to make any sound possible to attract attention, but looking around, there wasn't any attention to attract. There were no people on the streets anymore. It was a Saturday night! Why wouldn't people be out and about?

I kicked and punched and moved all I could, but the cold, hard hands wouldn't release me.

I felt that I was beginning to be dragged backwards. I tried to stop, but my white converse wouldn't do anything for me. I began to feel light-headed. I really couldn't breathe now. My head flopped to the side.

I was released but grabbed by the hair by two familiar hands. I took a deep breath and tried to run, but the arm wrapped itself around my throat once again. The hand did the same.

I was dragged backwards much quicker now, and I saw where I was going.

The doors to the white van were open. Before I knew it, I was right outside them.

All I remember was being tossed in and hit hard against something. Then everything went dark.

(A.N. Sorry I haven't updated for two days. I haven't abandoned Movellas! My computer was updating. It took two days! ARGH. But now I'm back. Also, sorry this was so short. I wanted to cut it short, to kind have people hanging on. The next chapter will be much, much, longer. I promise!xx)

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